Cizre Under Siege: Week Long Curfew Leaves Over 30 Dead


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Grieving families and children of those killed in Cizre

Grieving families and children of those killed in Cizre

At least 30 people have died in the Turkish town of Cizre including at least five children who were killed by Special Forces snipers since the Turkish military operation began there on Friday of last week. The youngest person to die from the curfew was a baby of 35 days old, who was sick yet could not be taken to the hospital.

Deadly attacks between Turkish forces and the Kurdish organisation, the PKK, have intensified causing dozens of deaths since a ceasefire collapsed in July after the Suruç bombing that left 36 activists dead.

A 24-hour curfew was established for Cizre with Turkish tanks sealing off the city completely and rooftop snipers on the lookout for any movement on the streets. Residents have been confined to their homes in fear of sniper attacks that have led to most of the deaths in the past week. People are without water, electricity or bread. Sick people can not be taken to the hospitals. It was also documented with video how police in Cizre have also been firing on ambulance drivers to prevent them from taking the sick to hospitals.

The city of Cizre is also on a digital lockdown with phone and internet communications cut off. The local Turkish authorities announced just hours ago that the curfew may be lifted on Saturday morning.

Matthew Delmas, a French independent journalist, is located within the locality. He described what he saw by phone to RFI.

“The city is under siege for six days now, since Friday. I could see myself tanks which are positioned at each entrance of the city, completely locked down. No one can neither enter nor leave the city.”

“It  is true that for six days, I could see the situation evolve. Residents barricaded themselves in their neighborhoods by building walls of sandbags, covering passages between buildings so as not to be seen moving in the open. You should know that the main threat is primarily snipers. For several days, there are several civilians, including at least five children were killed by Special Forces snipers. This really is a city where people live holed up in their neighborhood.”

Matthiew Delmas did the same: “I am cut off in an area along the road from the town of Nusaybin. You should know that we can not leave the neighborhood because this road is completely deserted. There are snipers on the roofs of the hospital, which is very close, and have orders to shoot on sight civilians.” “Snipers have killed at least nine people.”

Cizre residents sit around the body of Meryem Sune, the mother of seven who died after being hit by shrapnel. credit DIHA

Cizre residents sit around the body of Meryem Sune, the mother of seven who died after being hit by shrapnel. credit DIHA

Meryem Sune, a 53-year-old mother of seven, could not be buried for two days and her body was first kept cold by ice bottles, local reports said.

Ms Sune was hit by shrapnel and died of her injuries because she was not allowed into hospital for treatment.

Since people cannot leave their homes without fear of snipers, families are forced to postpone proper burial of their loved ones. This deep freezer in the image below has been preserving the dead body of a 13-year-old Kurdish girl from rotting in her own house. She was killed by Turkish state forces on September 6th.

I am writing this note for my non-Turkish speaking friends because I don’t think many of you know in what kind of an…

Posted by Aslı Zengin on Monday, September 7, 2015

10-yr-old Selman Ağır is one of at least 5 children who have been killed by sniper fire. Selman, who was shot in the head, was transported to the hospital where he died from his injury.


Tarps were pulled across alleyways to shield the passages from sniper fire.


The cities of Turkey have been experiencing what seems to be a repeat of events from the many pogroms and national-lynching campaigns that the country has witnessed several times in the past century. Nationalist mobs have attacked HDP (pro-Kurdish Party) offices in multiple Turkish cities, setting many on fire for several consecutive nights this past week.

Police did not intervene with the racist groups attacking HDP buildings in İstanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Tekirdağ, Antalya and Mersin. In Tekirdağ and Mersin the groups set the offices on fire while police watched. Kurdish people have been attacked in the streets and in their homes and businesses throughout Turkey.

The Kurdish boy in the images below was beaten and made to hold and wear the Turkish flag while being photographed. In one image, the boy is seen being made to hold his hands in the ‘wolf’ symbol, a common hand gesture among Ülkü Ocakları members/supporters.


Intense explosions took place in Cizre

Intense explosions took place in Cizre











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