Citizens of Hamburg Welcome Refugees With Celebration


A neighborhood initiative called Refugees welcome – Karoviertel organized a meal and celebration to welcome refugees to the community of Hamburg, Germany.

Citizens of Hamburg brought food and drinks to celebrate the arrival of what they hope to be, new fellow citizens.

11952991_1647227742227521_8233170121928821120_nMore than 500 refugees from Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Eritrea and other countries participated in the celebration. They are currently living in exhibition halls in Hamburg and most of them have been in Germany for less than two weeks.

In stark contrast to neo-Nazis, as a first experience of Germany and of Germans, for these refugees were people who welcomed them with open arms, hoping that more will come.

No organization founded the event, it was all done by people of the community who want to show their solidarity with those who have lost homes and loved ones in wars. Some brought salad and bread, others meat, cakes or fruit.

During the gathering, one of the refugees asked if he can plug in his smartphone in the loudspeakers. Soon enough, first beets of Arab music came, and locals had a real show of Middle Eastern dances.

Macedonia allowed refugees to pass trough

After two days of trying to control the passage of refugees trough Macedonia, the government decided to let them all pass trough to Serbia. Almost all of the bus companies were hired to transport several thousand refugees from one side of the country to the other.

On Serbian side of the border police are building a new camp for them, where they will stay until moving ahead to EU countries.

They are allowed to stay in the country for 72 hours, which is enough to pass trough. If they don’t leave Serbia before that time expires, they will have to report to the one of the reception centers.

Serbian Minister of defence Bratislav Gašić asked for help from citizens and organizations, stating that more food and water is needed because numbers are increasing. He stated that more than 5000 crossed the border today and that he expects similar numbers of people in the next few days.

Images below of the Hamburg welcome party.


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