China: Thousands of Yue Yuen (Nike Adidas) Factory Workers Strike Over Unpaid Pensions



Thousands of workers at Yue Yuen, a major shoe factory in China, at three separate plants which supply brands including Nike and Adidas, are striking over 10 years of the company’s neglect in paying into the social security for workers. Leaving pensions for workers at only 400 Yuan a month or 64 USD.

‘Tricking us’

Worker Cui Tiangang said that the company had not paid sufficient workplace insurance coverage for years – something he learned after he had injured himself at work.

“The factory has been tricking us for 10 years,” another worker said.

“The [local]government, labour bureau, social security bureau and the company were all tricking us together.”

China Labor Watch, a US-based non-governmental organisation, said the strike was “likely one of the largest Chinese worker strikes in recent history”.

“Among the more than 400 factory investigations that China Labor Watch has conducted over the past decade, not one factory bought for its workers all of the social insurance items required by Chinese law,” it saidin a statement.

Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings Limited describes itself as the world’s largest branded footwear maker. It employs more than 40,000 workers in Dongguan.

Factory conditions in China have come under increasing scrutiny in recent years, with more workers striking or rioting over low pay and poor conditions.

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4.15 Third Wave rights, the government dispatched a large number of police, riot police.

黄娟107 幽兰image寸心:因为社保,一次又一次的罢工,闹腾到封锁高步大桥,最后上CCTV的焦点访谈,至此厂方没有给出正面的答复,今天下午三厂,六厂 ,八厂,加元一厂罢工又开始了,@南都深度 @南都广州 黑了心肝的奸商,居然骗了几万工友同胞们整整十年

东莞最大鞋厂——裕元鞋业罢工! 因公司欺瞒员工社保工厂/员工各出半,后去社保局查询发现帐户里面只有自己出的那部分厂方未付!后经交涉答应4/14给答复。此新闻腾讯己报道但也是不了 了之04/14-04/15己出现大规模的罢工及请愿导致4名员工被打@南都广州 @南都深度 我在:|石美二路

Orchids imageCunxin: Because social security, strike again and again, naughty steps to block high bridge, and finally focus on the CCTV interview, bringing the factory did not give a positive answer, the three plants this afternoon, Liu Chang, eight plants, the Canadian dollar a factory strike began, @ Southern depth  @ Southern Guangzhou dark darling profiteers, actually cheated tens of thousands of fellow workers a full decade.
 Dongguan’s largest shoe – Yue Yuen Shoes strike! Social Security employees because of the company fool plant / staff from each of the half, after which the account to IESS inquiry found out that only their unpaid portion of the factory! After negotiations promised to 4/14 to reply. This news Tencent has been reported but it is nothing 04/14-04/15 massive strikes and petitions resulted in four employees were playing


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