Chile: Police Repress 150,000 Marching for Free Education and Against Corruption


Chilean students mobilized on Thursday in Santiago against corruption and for a free, quality public education accessible to all in the South American country. The Chilean police repressed the demonstrators using tear gas and water cannons. According to latest figures more than 150,000 people took to the streets of the Chilean capital to demand their right to education as a legislative proposal they support is currently being discussed in Congress.

Telesur reports that the government of Michelle Bachelet has committed to providing universal higher education by 2016 in response to massive student protests over the last few years demanding serious reforms to the country’s education system. The demonstrations, organized by the Confederation of Chilean Students (FECH), also marched against the recent corruption scandals that have rocked the nation.

“We need to protest against this caste of corrupt politicians and businessmen who are involved and who are not ruling for a majority, and instead they’re cooking up the reforms behind four walls,” said Aurora Isidora, a spokeswoman for the coordinating assembly of high school students.

Students waved banners demanding changes in an education system characterized by poor public schools, expensive private universities and unprepared teachers.


Police repression after massive march in #Santiago. pics via @MegafonoPopular



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