Charleston S.C. to Pay 6.5M for the Police Murder of Walter Scott


South Carolina – The family of Walter Scott, a black South Carolina man shot and killed by a police officer who is now facing murder charges, has reached a $6.5 million settlement with city officials.

The North Charleston, S.C. city council approved the settlement Thursday night at a hearing attended by Scott’s family and their attorneys.

Officer Michael Slager, was arrested and charged with murder after a viral video taken by a bystander showed the officer shooting a fleeing Scott in the back multiple times. Scott died at the scene.

Thursday night, Scott’s family reflected on the settlement and Slager’s fate.

“While nothing can replace having Walter in our lives, the city of North Charleston’s historic actions ensure that he did not die in vain,” Anthony Scott, Walter Scott’s brother said. “This city sent a message, loud and clear, that this kind of reckless behavior exhibited by members of law enforcement will not and shall not be tolerated.”

Anthony Scott added that the family is now hoping that Slager is convicted of murder.

“We will now focus on efforts in the criminal trial of Walter’s killer,” Anthony Scott said. “It is our hope that after a jury of his peers reviews the evidence, they’ll send an equally important message to law enforcement. This is not place for unnecessary violence against unarmed fleeing individuals.”
Michael SLager also fabricated the original police account stating that officers performed CPR and first aid on Scott after he was shot, which the video of the incident below clearly disputes.

After Scott is shot, the video does show Slager picking an object off the ground (his stun gun) and dropping it next to Scott’s body. Slager had reported to dispatch (audio) that Walter Scott had taken his stun gun, again, the video contradicts this claim.

Graphic Warning – the video below may not be suitable for everybody.

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