Four Nights of Resistance to Save Can Vies Social Center Halts Demolition


Barcelona- On 26 May, the historic Can Vies social center, located in the district of Sants was violently evicted. A busy place since 1997 the building has been the epicenter and cradle of all great struggles in the Catalan capital.


The police stormed the house about 13:00 h, during which 12 people resisted the regional police force for more than six hours. One of the activists was chained inside the Social Centre. The activist constructed a concrete walled off area with large bottles of butane built into the walls, risking their lives to defend this collective space, that for the past 17 years has been the back bone of life in the popular district of Sants.


The huge police presence cut off all streets adjacent to Can Vies to prevent anyone’s approach to the building, which did not prevent the protest of several hundred people in the vicinity while the assault occurred.

The possibility that the building was to be evicted had been harshly criticized by the Nominations Popular Unity (CUP, ERC and the Federation of Neighborhood Associations). Both groups joined the demonstration of rejection that left that afternoon from the Plaza Joan Peiro Santos, during which there were violent police charges.

A look inside Can Vies social center.  

Police using baton blows on members of the community to try and get the solidarity protest to disperse. It was actions such as these that helped spur the next nights of protests and resistance to police aggression.

Video from the 27th(demolition day)in Sants when hundreds of the social centers supporters gathered in solidarity. An excavator that was destroying the Can Vies social center was set on fire.

The third night of solidarity protests saw around 7000 people out in support of Can vies and against the prior nights excessive police violence.

7,000 people come together on the third night of protests in Sants showing solidarity for #CanVies center.

7,000 people come together on the third night of protests in Sants showing solidarity for #CanVies center.

Police attacked people again with tear gas, sound grenades and rubber bullets. People resisted by building barricades in the streets to stop the advancing police, some of the barricades were set on fire. BorMk3gCEAAkZPi (1)   Image the ‘less lethal’ rounds fired on people

Sants neighborhood for 3rd night of resistance in a row

Sants neighborhood for 3rd night of resistance in a row

VIDEO Catalan police beating protesters indoors. 28th

Wednesday evening, people came from different neighborhoods and places that supported change and the struggle in Sants.

During the night of 28th, on the other hand, has been marked by the large police presence deployed in the streets of Sants, when columns arrive from different districts that have been developed to the event resulting in platstic bullets, baton beatings, injuries and ​​29 arrests.

People gathering in Sants for the 4th day in a row, about to start the pot-banging rally.


p/v @EnfanTerrible17

People singing “Whoever sows poverty, will reap anger”

Police charges in Sants, shooting and chasing protesters #EfecteCanVies p/v @punsix

Police charges in Sants, shooting and chasing protesters
p/v @punsix

Cuarto dia de protestas consecutivas en #Sants. #CanViesNoEsToca from GroundPress on Vimeo.

61 people have been detained over the four nights.



Today the municipal government of Barcelona announced in a statement that it has interrupted Friday’s plan to continue the demolition of the Can Vies social center and reiterated its willingness to dialogue with groups in the center.

The council has stopped the demolition works to promote dialogue and at the request of the Social Center Sants made ​​at the meeting on Thursday, which was not attended by representatives of the group of Can Vies despite being invited.

A Call to rebuild the Can Vies social center came soon after!

A call to rebuild on the 31st

A call to rebuild on the 31st

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