Call For Help Leads to Murder when Officer Slams Innocent Woman to Pavement



CLEVELAND, Ohio – On Wednesday Nov. 12th, Tanisha Anderson, a 37-year-old mother died after a police officer used a take down move and slammed her to the pavement outside her family’s home as they stood and watched.  Adding insult to this horrible tragedy the Cleveland PD ‘statement of events’ to the press is vastly different from the eye-witness accounts of Tanisha’s daughter, brother and nephew, indicating an attempt to cover up the crime. 

Tanisha experienced a long-going battle with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and diabetes. On the night she was killed, Tanisha began to act uncontrollably hyper following an argument. A family member made two calls to 911 a half an hour apart requesting an ambulance come transport Tanisha to a mental health facility where she had been in and out of in previous weeks, instead the police arrived. The officers that showed up were given the impression the call was for “disturbing the peace” and based on first witness accounts, there’s indication that the police operated with hostility as soon as they arrived. After a discussion everyone agreed Tanesha should undergo an evaluation at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center.

In the official police statement “As the officers escorted Anderson to the police vehicle, she began actively resisting the officers,” police spokesman Sgt. Ali Pillow said in a press release. Yet family members say this is not true.  The police statement continues “The woman began to kick at officers,” he said. “A short time later the woman stopped struggling and appeared to go limp. Officers found a faint pulse on the victim and immediately called EMS.” Yet her family members adamantly deny that Tanisha ever kicked towards the officer AT ALL.

Just tonight the Official Police Report filed by the officers involved  and the partial recording of one of the 911 calls were released. The police report clearly states that Tanisha was non-violent.
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During this partial 911 call recording the request for an ambulance is clear.

Joell Anderson her brother gave his account. “She was more of a danger to herself than others,” he said. “Two male officers escorted Tanesha Anderson, who was prescribed medication for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, to the police cruiser. She sat herself in the backseat but became nervous about the confined space and tried to get out, Anderson said”. Police struggled to keep her in the car and an officer eventually drew a Taser. Joell Anderson said he begged the officer not to use the weapon on his sister.

Tanesha Anderson called out for her brother and mother while an officer repeatedly pressed down on her head to get her into the backseat. After several attempts, the officer used a takedown move to force her to the pavement, Joell Anderson said. The officer placed his knee on Tanesha Anderson’s back and handcuffed her. She never opened her eyes or spoke another word, her brother said.

In a statement in the Facebook group ran by family members who are demanding justice, the following summary is written.

When the police arrived, the family asked if they could take Tanisha to the Hospital for a mental health evaluation, but as they attempted to put Tanisha in the police car, she did not want to go. She begged and pleaded not to be taken to the hospital where she had been before and avoided getting in the car. She was then restrained by a male police officer using excessive force, tackled down to the ground using the “Take Down” move, then put into hand cuffs .The police officer then called over a second officer who assisted in pinning Tanisha face down on the ground with his knee pressed down heavily into the back for 6 to 7 minutes, until her body went completely limp. When witnesses asked was she OK after noticing she stopped moving, the officers replied by saying she was fine, SHES JUST SLEEPING; ATTEMPTING TO COVER UP THE FACT THE HE JUST COMMITTED MURDER. The officer allowed my sister to lie faced down on the blistering cold ground, handcuffed, for over 20 minutes until the ambulance finally arrive. They never attempted to resuscitate her at any point before EMT arrived. Instead they continued to cover up the fact that she was dead by saying she was sleeping while she lie there Life-Less!!

Tanisha’s Nephew Jacob and Mauvion, her 16yr old daughter have also written eyewitness accounts of the tragic incident describing what happened in the final moments of Tanishas life.  

In an excerpt “He put his body weight on her and put his knee in her back. Then put hand-cuffs on her. As she was on the ground she began to say The Lord’s Prayer.” Our Father Who Art In Heaven. Hallowed Be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done.” and that’s all I remember hearing her say. By that time BOTH officers were on her. Why, I’m not sure because she did not fight and she wasn’t resisting. After that she stopped talking.” 

The full statements:

On Wednesday night my aunt Tanisha Anderson died at the hands of the Cleveland Police Department.
She was a woman who had health issues of the mind and body such as Bipolar Schizophrenia and Sugar Diabetes. On Wednesday prior to her death, she wasn’t in her Right State Of Mind. She wasn’t violent in any way, but she wasn’t herself.
The police were called twice. The first time they were called they said that they couldn’t do anything because she wasn’t “Acting Out”. But the police were called again not too long after that. When they arrived again, but with different police officers this time. She is very scared of police and they were talking to her and they could tell that something was wrong. They wanted her to come with them. She didn’t want to because she knew that if she did, they would put her in that same hospital that she was in before. And according to her ” it was a Living Hell ” ! So they got her down the steps going into the police car. As they were trying to put her into the car, she didn’t want to get in. So one of the officers tried to forcefully put her in the car. But it didn’t work. She did not fight, she just didn’t want to get in the car. As the officer continued, she said, “1-2-3-4-5-6,1-2-3-4-5-6”. He was about to use a Taser Gun on her but my Uncle asked him to please not do that, so he didn’t. She told the police officer to stop, but he didn’t listen. She called her mother for help, but there was nothing that she could do. The same officer decided to put her on the ground by force. Basically using a “Take Down” move on her. She landed on her back. She moved her legs around to keep the police from grabbing her. And she did NOT kick any of the police. But the same police officer rolled her over. Making her faced-down on the cold, hard concrete. He put his body weight on her and put his knee in her back. Then put hand-cuffs on her. As she was on the ground she began to say The Lord’s Prayer.” Our Father Who Art In Heaven. Hallowed Be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done.” and that’s all I remember hearing her say. By that time BOTH officers were on her. Why, I’m not sure because she did not fight and she wasn’t resisting. After that she stopped talking.About 6/7 minutes later the police finally decide to get off of her. When they got off of her she was not moving. One of the officers checked her pulse and said ‘Oh she’s fine, she’s just sleeping”. Again, she was not moving. The police let her stay on the cold, hard concrete for about 20 minutes until the Ambulance came.
When they arrived, they put her on a stretcher. As they lifted her up, her arms dangled. as they rolled her to the Ambulance truck, they tried using chest compressions.
Later I arrived at the hospital and they me and some of my family wait in a Family Room. The Doctor came in and said ” She had no heart beat coming to the hospital. And we spent some time trying to revive her. We are sorry to tell you this, but she’s dead”. Right in front of her only child. Now she has to grow up without a mother. I Love You and I am Truly Going to miss you Auntie Nee-Nee ! I am going to miss your smile, your jokes your knowledge and your CRAZY LAUGH ! You have brought so much joy into my life.

Jacob Original Johnson

Tanisha’s daughter Mauvion 16yr’s old, offers her account.

My mother was a strong women she was a very giving person wat ever u needed or wanted u had it n she never asked for anything I luv her soooo much.

My mother was not crazy she just she was just put under a lot of stress n it took her mind a lil. She was sent to a very horrible place for that. They stole everything she had. Clothes, money, shoes, etc. The ppl there did nothing about it. They all thought she was crazy when she wasn’t. My grama would go up there n see her things being worn by other ppl n she told n they still did nothing about it. After coming back home, she still was not well n had to go back. She came home again and had to back. This last time she came home was her last time. She was fine for a week n a half. She became a lil not herself. We couldn’t do it any longer with keeping her here so we had to try n get her help some where else but doing that is very hard cuz the places r so full with ppl that its hard to find at least one spot. We had to call the police twice. She didn’t like the cops cuz years ago she had a bad experience with them. When they got her I was in the window n watched her scream for somebody to help her get them away from her. I watched them throw my mother down on the ground n put their knee in her back n handcuffed her too. I watched as my mother did not move after they got off her after 10 mins. They said she feel out n went to sleep. They said she was sleep doe. really. Ok so if she pasted out or something y didn’t yall give her CPR den if she ”passed out”. They couldn’t do that because they knew she was dead n that they had killed her. With all that on her, she could died. A mans weight on her back. She can barely breath after she been screaming for them to get off her n pulling away from them n with her weight yes she gon be out of breath so y would u put even more weight on her tf. They told us she was fine. My mother laid on the COLD HARD GROUND for 20MINS BRUHH. AND IT TOOK FOREVER FOR THE AMBULANCE TO GET HERE TO MY HOUSE REALLY BRUHH REALLY!!! My mother would still be here rite now smiling n laughing her crazy laugh n having me cook for her n she would be lighting her ”smell guds” as she would call it. She would be still calling me to do things for her n to do her hair n her nails n to hug me n kiss me gud nite n wake up to say gud morning. She luved life. I remember when me n her was just walking to the store n she said ”Awwwww look at the butterflies aint they pretty n look at those flowers they r beautiful. Wow look wat god can do. He can make the world look so pretty n rite. The sky is so blue and the trees r green. Thnx u god for just letting me see all this.” I smiled at my mommy n we kept walking. She was the best person in the world I swear. She never hated anyone or anything. She was done wrong by so many ppl n when they would ask she for something she still would do it for them. She would give her last n would never look back. She was a great person n not to luv her is beyond crazy. U have to luv nee-nee u just have to. She would always keep u laughing. I love you mommy n always will. I will let ur voice be heard mommy I will no matter wat n ima make u proud with my life. Ik u will always be looking down on me guiding me the rite way n ima help grama the best way I can. I hope n pray I can be just like u. Kind n loving to all.

The last words my mom said to me was mama u going to sleep this early. N I said yes. N she said Ok I luv u mama gud nite see u in the morning. N after she said that she gave me a kiss gud nite turned off the light n left out the door.
R.I.P mommy

Tanisha’s family requires financial support for her funeral expenses, please consider making a donation.

In addition to the Go Fund Me campaign, a local community trust fund account has been set at “KEY BANK” under the name “THE TANISHA NICOLE ANDERSON MEMORIAL FUND” to better allow family and members of the local community to donate. If you would like to contribute, please Visit Key Bank. Every dollar will go to help fund Tanisha’s Burial and funeral expenses. Any amount is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

A Vigil For Tanisha will be held on Saturday November 22 at the family’s home. 1374 Ansel road, Cleveland Ohio.

The tragic reality that her family now has to live with. Watching this senseless killing by an officer who was too impatient and incompetent to do anything but use deadly force is an injustice that can not go un-served. Our hearts go out to the Anderson family.

We implore you to take action now to bring Tanishas story into the light of day and join us in demanding JUSTICE FOR TANISHA!

JOIN the Justice for Tanisha FB group to get involved and follow the Justice for Tanisha page for current updates.


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