Students Freddie Gray March – Police Repression Escalates to Riots


Scene at Mondawmin Mall, North Baltimore, students had circulated a meme to organize a march after Freddie Gray’s funeral. Students were met at the origination point by a horde of Riot Police who had the intent on dispersing the students. Police had found out about the event via twitter. Situation is still escalating. Just hours after Freddie Gray’s funeral.

Maryland Governor Hogan has signed executive order declaring a state of emergency and has activated the National Guard. Baltimore’s Mayor has now instituted a citywide curfew for adults and juveniles from 10pm to 5am.

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Video: Baltimore Officers hurling rocks and bricks at the protesters.

Another video of Baltimore Police officers throwing rocks at student protesters before they are overwhelmed.

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Ongoing Resistance to Baltimore Police

Ongoing Resistance to Baltimore Police

One of several smashed police vehicles. Scene at Mondawmin Mall, North Baltimore – Students had circulated a meme to…

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