Police Raid Activists’ Homes, Arrest 8 (anarchists, BB, antifa) On Eve Of FIFA’s World Cup – Updates


UPDATE 9: in response to yesterday’s police repression, today there will be 21 protests just in Brazil;we’ll live blog them all. via AnonOpsBrazil: “Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. Protests today in the city: Candelária Church: 10 am (GPS: -22.9012 ; -43.1782 ); Copacabana: 4 pm (GPS: -22.964939 ; -43.180279) and remember: 

#fuckfifa #naovaitercopa“. Also #NaoWorldCup 

Midia Ninja: “Literally on the eve of the FIFA World Cup, the State anticipates and holds for “future crimes” in an attempt to intimidate protesters. 

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro has recently run a series of arrests.This morning activists Elisa Frames (known as Tinkerbell), the lawyer Eloisa Samy and cameraman Thiago Ramos, were arrested at home, and are being taken to research in DRCI – Police Repression of Crimes Informatics. Last week in Goiania, search warrants and seizure had already been used as a means of curtailing the right to protest and tactics of coercion against the population that wishes to express their outrage over the FIFA event.

The police station where the arrested are interrogated and detained. pic via Midia Ninja

In the seven years that have passed since the announcement of the World Cup in Brazil, the lack of dialogue with civil society, submission laws imposed by FIFA, removals, high costs and genocide in the periphery appear to be the practical results that mostly affect the population.

In a context where many movements are willing to extend the possibilities of our democracy, government bows to corporate interests who profit from the World Cup and just promoting situations that evoke the darkest memories of the time we live under a dictatorship.

The Media Ninja repudiates any form of veto freedom of expression and the constitutional right to demonstrate. We are already in the field watching the activists back soon with more information.” Source

Also, click for UPDATES on Airport workers’s strike in Rio de Janeiro.

World Cup 2014. The real game FIFA plays now in Brazil: police repression. This is their team. photo by Coletivo Mariachi

UPDATE 8: Number of search warrants for social activists increased to 20; activists having trouble using their Facebook accounts.  State repression report by coletivo vinhetando:

”On the week before the world cup starts, there has been a wide number of violations of fundamental constitutional rights. Basic rights, such as freedom of information and manifestation, have been openly disrespected by the Brazilian government, in a clear attempt to hold back popular mobilization taking place all over the country. All of this in defense of Fifa´s (and its partners) billionaire interests.
On June 9th, during a demonstration in support of São Paulo subway workers´ strike, around 15 people were detained, including Murilo, a law student who was detained and tortured by military police.
On Tuesday, the 10th, several people linked either to social movements or to the Brasilia World Cup Popular Committe were approached, either by phone or at home, by alleged electoral court members of Brasilia, and were asked about their routines. Congressman Chico Alencar concluded in his own investigations that these phone calls were not made by electoral court members, but an intimidation/investigation attempt led by the police force.
In Rio de Janeiro, activists had their homes searched, computers, mobile phones and other equipment confiscated, and were referred to the Repression of Internet Crimes Police (DRCI), located at the Police City, to provide clarification. There are still about twenty search warrants and confiscations to be met. 
Today, several mediactivist facebook fanpages are having troubles in updating their timelines.
And yet, they keep saying we live in a democratic state of law.”

UPDATE 7: Military police and internet police also searched the home of a journalist- while she was at work – because they accused her of “defaming a politician on social network“. Police searched the houses and issued arrest warrants for anyone who talked about this senator, named Aetius, of being involved in drug trafficking. The police claim “a gang” of internet trolls were hired by some political rivals of this senator to attack “his honor“. They say the operation is conducted in secrecy, “because investigations are ongoing”. The military police ransacked activists homes and confiscated their computers, sticks, pens maybe too – the weapons of the freedom of expression. They seem to be using this pretext – of defending “the honor” of this politician – to track down anyone who might in fact be daring to say a word against the mighty kingdom of FIFA, which is their real concern. “A group of seven officers ransacked my whole house. They took a computer chip camera, a pen drive and two external hard drives, all working material,” the journalist says; she even denies writing any line against this senator or even talking to him on social media. Police devastated her house, after they broke into it, while she was not present; they did this to other people they terrorized on the eve of the World Cup.

“BBC Brazil had access to a warrant for search and seizure and also to the lawsuit filed by Senator. The text of the case signed by prosecutor Luis Otavio Lopes Figueira, calls for investigation of alleged crimes against honor Senator “by placing reader comments on news sites.” Also according to the process, the authors of the alleged comments would have intended to “alter the results of search engines on the Internet (eg, Google site), making such pages – albeit substantially irrelevant – achieve prominence in results the electronic searches. ” According to the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo , the justice also ordered the seizure of computers from a building in Rio de Janeiro Eletrobras, under allegations of use of equipment in profiling offenses with the pre-presidential candidate for the PSDB. The same would occur with computers Prefecture Guarulhos (SP).” Source 

More and more activists report that they have trouble with their social media accounts, and one page was even used by cops to track down people who searched information about anti-World Cup protests. 

“Police have used phone wiretaps and social media to gather information on protesters’ movements.” Source

UPDATE 6: On June 12th, during the opening of the World Cup in Brazil, activists from 24 cities around the world are going to project messages about the dreadful impact this mega-event is generating in the Brazilian population’s rights. We invite you to dust off your projector, get a couple of people together and join us in this collective, simultaneous PROJECTION BOMBING! It’s going to be even larger than the last two we participated in! (take a look at how they went down -> http://projetacao.org/acao/projetaco-1-registro/)” by Coletivo Projetação


This is Elisa Sanzio, one of the social activists arrested this morning from her bed, hours before she was supposed to be a witness in the trial of the 2 military police. Cops are on trial for faking evidence to frame demonstrators. Propaganda organs of FIFA in Brazil are trying to discredit her by inventing stories that she might be connected to the death of a cameraman during the protests of February 6th, when protestors threw firecrackers at the police and hit a cameraman without intent. Cameraman died. Police were the ones who created the terror by tear-gasing people inside the central station of Rio and by attacking them with all sorts of grenades; the police is not investigated for scaring a street vendor so badly that, when he tried to escape, he was hit by a bus and killed. Pic if form her FB page.

UPDATE 5: In total 8 have been arrested by the police in repeated raids of their homes, hours before World Cup starts. FIFA and Brazil’s propaganda organs are saying that 10 were taken for interrogation to police stations. 17 search warrants have just been issued. Military police broke into homes even if nobody was home, searching and likely looting. The police who investigated them are from the internet police, a department which has been created to track down and suppress social activists who can only communicate with the public through social networks. Their “crime“? They did not want the World Cup – for reasons they explained with facts and arguments – and because of this, under the national security law of Brazil they can be framed, tried and caged in prisons as “terrorists”. This law has been written by the fascist junta who ruled over Brazil for decades and has been maintained even today. It punishes with jail time from 3 to 10 years: “ravage, plunder, extort, steal, kidnap, false imprisonment keep, burn, vandalize, cause an explosion, practicing personal attacks or acts of terrorism on political nonconformity or to obtain funds for maintaining clandestine political organizations or subversive.” Since it’s been written by fascists, it’s assumed that whatever challenges their political monopoly can be framed as “terrorism”; in fact terrorism is what they have been doing during the suppression of peaceful protests, of forced eviction of hundreds of thousands for FIFA’s stadiums and on attacking, spying and intimidating social organizers. Terrorism means imposing a policy or a decision by inflicting terror on the civilian population. This law is made worse by new regulations under which people can be kidnapped by the state if the state suspects them of intent of protest – protest is a crime nowadays in FIFA’s land. 

Photo: #NaoVaiTerCopa #NaoWorldCup

The mass arrests of World Cup dissenters today is another step towards this. It is a full-fledged terror campaign against people who protested the abuses and injustices done by FIFA and the state of Brazil. There is no investigation into why the people who were evicted from their homes were exactly those FIFA needed to get rid of so they can have their new stadiums and parking lots. There is no investigation into why gentrified and militarized favelas engulf worse into violence and crime after the military police “pacifies” them; and into why working people end up unable to pay their rents and are thrown into the streets. There is no investigation into why the costs of this Cup have multiplied several times so far. The mass arrests, political persecution and police revenge have stirred fury world-wide – dozens of sites of the government of Brazil have been hacked and taken down. 

The state’s political repression is made clear as the daylight by their own propaganda against an activist police arrested for the third time today since October. The main engine of their propaganda is a machine called Oglobo. This has been the partner of the capitalist classes and the state in constantly criminalizing dissent and manipulating social, political and economic injustices and abuses against their victims;  even crimes committed by the police. They had the audacity to lie that donations activists received for a christmas event to help homeless in Cinelandia were used to bribe protestors into demonstrating against the World Cup. This is how reckless they are; and this shows just how desperate is FIFA to crush anyone opposing their monster Cup in Brazil.

They had singled out Elisa Sanzio because of her ability to organize and help people in need. 28 years old, born in Porto Alegre, Elisa studied film and worked a couple of years in video production; then she became an activist for social justice.  Last year, in October, during a mad crackdown on protests occupying the steps of a public institution, Elisa was arrested en mass with another 83 people – this mass arrest is considered normal by government’ propaganda organ. She had two residences, one in Copacabana and one in Long River – this is the main factor in Oglobo’s manipulation to frame her as a criminal. When Elisa was arrested again in January she called a military police ”a monkey” – which in fact is an insult to monkeys. She was arrested for ”insulting the officer” – such Lèse-majesté.

She recorded a video, when leaving the arrest in October, where she said: ”I was arrested arbitrarily, my case was closed, but I’m still being investigated.” Apparently, Oglobo is horrified she would do such a thing. In December, she did fund raising and went to Espirito Santo to help the victims of devastating floods, who were ignored by the government and left to despair (Oglobo is not mentioning this).

When two protestors have been arrested, and later put on trial for the death of a journalist during protests, — where police employed the worst violence, — as the result of a huge institutional and media manipulation campaign, a lawyer told lies about her to discredit her among the social activists – but failed.

Today she was supposed to be the main witness in the trial of two military police who framed protestors last year. She did not make it to the court to testify because the internet police and the military police arrested her.


FIFA was here.

The state’s relentless campaign to compromise and crush social resistance to their plans are following the mind-set of witch hunts. This attempt to crush dissenters and social organisers, anarchists, anti-fascists, Black Bloc; to invent devil-stories about them is motivated by one single fact: these people are those who helped the victims of FIFA’s war on poor in Brazil have their voice heard throughout the entire world. This is a dreadful crime in the mighty kingdom of FIFA and in the lands they conquer. The capitalist class of Brazil will be keeping World Cup’s most precious legacy – the ”anti-terrorism” laws as a tool to oppress and smash resistance long after FIFA will be gone with their pockets full of profits, which will be paid with interests by the working class of Brazil. Because in FIFA’s land, when poor people wake up with bulldozers tearing their house down, they must be happy they will sleep under the clear sky.   


UPDATE 4:  Another two were arrested, anarchist, antifascist; one is Black Bloc another one is RASH. First arrests started 3 hours ago; police broke into their houses at 6:30 this morning. This is a clear attempt to intimidate social organizers from protesting the World Cup tomorrow. It is also political police and an abuse by the state of Brazil. It seems that they might be prosecuted under “the national security law” which could mean that they might be accused of “terrorism” . 


UPDATE 3: 2 other activists have been arrested – that makes 6 of them until now – the name of one of them is Eduarda Castro, as it has been announced by Anonymous Rio


UPDATE 2: Elisa is the main witness in the trial of the military police who had been sued for attempting to frame activists during protests last year. The police are Fabio Pinto (mayor) and Tenente Bruno Ferreira (lieutenant). The cops’ first hearing at the trial will take place at 1:30 pm, at the tribunal located at Avenida Erasmo Braga, 115, 13th floor, room no 1304 in Forum. (In Portuguese: Audiência será realizada HOJE, às 13h30, Cartório da Auditoria Civil Militar, que fica na Av. Erasmo Braga, 115, 13º andar, sala 1.304, no Fórum.)


Military police beating a professor during a demonstration in support of their strike.

UPDATE 1: The names of the arrested activists are Elisa Quadros (Sininho), Thiado Rocha and his girl friend Duda, David Paixão (son of Eloisa Samy, who is a lawyer). Anne Josephine was arrested too for being associated with Game Over, who was not at home and was the activist the cops were after in the first place – this looks like a revenge arrest, FIFA’s justice probably. Cops confiscated their computers; it’s likely that anti-FIFA memes are criminalized in Brazil nowadays. All of them were taken to different police stations in Rio; activists are mobilizing to fight the  political persecution in the name of the World Cup. 


#Breaking: A day ahead of the World Cup, militarized police have been unleashed against social activists in Brazil, in a political police campaign aimed at silencing protests against FIFA’s World Cup. Military police are searching the houses of several social activists in Rio de Janeiro, and the home of one of their lawyers. Up to this moment they have arrested 4 of them.

Today is also the first trial of some cops who tried to frame activists last year; they faked evidence in order to jail social justice activists.

200,000 uniformed forces, armed to their teeth have been deployed against the Brazilian people. The state forces – army, and all sorts of police, all armed – have invaded communities and the lives of Brazilians; they even deny people the right to walk their dogs down the street. Police have been terrorizing social activists for a year now; they are allowed to harass, threaten, beat, frame, monitor and preventively arrest anyone they suspect is working to spoil the FIFA’s disaster of a World Cup in Brazil, or counter the government’s propaganda about the benefits of the World Cup.

Yesterday, missiles were installed on apartme nt buildings for FIFA’s World Cup. 


This is the most contested World Cup ever, in Brazil – 70 percent of the population disapprove of it – and in the world, where dozens of events will be organized to boycott FIFA waging class war against working people of Brazil – see them all updated here.

NaoWorldCup. NaoVaiTerCopa. There will be no Cup. 



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