Brazil: World Cup Gentrification Carried Out via Gunpoint

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Cops pointed guns at and threatened to shoot protestors as they forcefully and brutally evicted locals from the slums of Rio de Janeiro. Armed and aggressive cops were sent in by the government to destroy these poor people’s dwellings in Mangueira, so they can build parking lots for the upcoming World Cup 2014. This is just the most recent outrageous and racist abuse committed by the government against poor, defenseless people in a country experiencing the highest inequality in the world. At this, Brazil has been a champion for decades.
Cops violently broke in into peoples homes and took them out by force, threatening them with loaded guns. They threatened to kill little children in their mothers’ arms.
Francisco Chaves said such actions by the government are arbitrary and are aimed at poor blacks. Brazil is one of the most racist countries in the world, with the highest inequality.
A resident quoted by Midia Informal said: “We are deprived of everything here. But we do not lack the thug police.”
Midia Informal describes the violence employed by the armed police: “A group of armed cops came from an alley. Everybody screamed in desperation. A crazed policeman pulled his gun and threatened to shoot a handcuffed guy, in the middle of all the other residents.”
“Film this crazy man, look at his gun! That’s all they know: only to kill! Bandits they are. They are evil cowards in uniform, these cops!” said one of the people being evicted from the slum.
“The social context is the prototype of (social) exclusion in Brazil : Black. Poor. People living next to open sewers. Fountains without water. Houses without light. Muddy ground. Low self-esteem. Disquiet. Loneliness. Revolt.”
When he was told not to point his gun at people, an armed cop shouted: “Hold that bitch. I’ll shoot these children. That pregnant girl is the one who threw stones at us.”
“The sadness of seeing a squalid abandoned population as the one from Favela do Metro is chilling. Women. Pregnant girls. Babies crying in convulsion. People unemployed, children who cannot go to school. There is no life here. Nothing,” wrote Francisco Chaves for Midia Informal, where there are more pictures posted.
The World Cup is already a game covered in blood and guilty of the destruction of human lives. At least 3 workers have been killed in the rapid construction of the stadium where multi-millionaire football players will be cheered as they kick a ball.


Two of them were overworked, as this article from libcom.orgBrazil World Cup 2014: workers’ deaths, racism, gentrification, and cultural terrorism” explains.

Apparently, some football players don’t find this offensive, as it was demonstrated by the millionaire football legend Pele who said, “It is now time for people to be quiet because this is a great moment for our country; it is good publicity and good for tourism.”

All paid in the blood of working people.

The World Cup stadiums cost $7,261,000,000, and two thirds of this sum have been borrowed by the government. Football brought by FIFA is a game of poverty as it will increase the debt of Brazil, which will cause even more suffering for poor people.

"They destroyed my community on behalf of the Cup"

“They destroyed my community on behalf of the Cup”

The first victims of the 2014 World Cup were the indigenous people who have been living in an Indian Museum since 2006.


A man wearing a headdress and another wearing a ski mask sit on a windowsill on the site of the old Indian museum, with a view of Maracana Stadium, on January 12, 2013. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

Riot cops were called in who forcefully evicted these peaceful people: their place was destroyed to make way for a planned 10,000-car parking lot, part of the $500 million renovation of Maracana Stadium.


A native man blocks a gate as riot police officers stand guard at the entrance of the old indigenous museum in Rio, on January 12, 2013.(Vanderlei Almeida/AFP/Getty Images)

The indigenous group and their supporters staged numerous protests, trying to halt the planned eviction, but could not stop the hundreds of police officers in riot gear who surrounded the building on March 22, 2013.


A tense 12-hour standoff took place, as supporters outside the building were tear-gassed and arrested. By the end of the day, police were able to forcibly remove all members of the community from inside the building.”

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A native Indian and a supporter react as they observe police officers from the roof of the old Indian Museum, on March 22, 2013.(Reuters/Sergio Moraes)

Indigenous people resisting were arrested. FIFA did not utter a single word about this.


An indigenous man participates in a protest at the old Indian Museum in Rio, during the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, or Rio+20, on June 21, 2012. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

People in Brazil and all over the world are gearing up to boycott the World Cup. Anons have a special announcement for this event:

Actions are organised and twitted under these hashtags: #NãovaiterCOPA #BlackBlocBR #OpBoicoteaCopa #OpStopWorldCupAlso, a facebook event page has been started: Operation World Cup: NÃO VAI TER COPA – ATO NACIONAL

This message is maybe one of the most powerful. It says: “Indigenous people of Brazil, 513 years of genocide and maltreatment. The cup is full.”


It’s been said that football is about fair-play, but the World Cup is clearly just about money. Played in blood and human suffering. Boycott the World Cup. #NãoVaiTerCopa

The Black Bloc anarchists have announced plans for protests of the World Cup.

Of course the government took special measures: “Brazil has given special training for more than 10,000 members of an elite federal security force to help better control demonstrations expected during the World Cup later this year,” the Justice Ministry and a top security official were quoted by the AP as saying.

Black Bloc’s message is clear though: “Don’t come to Brazil for the World Cup.”


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