Bosnia: Protest in Banja Luka on anniversary of murder of Milan Vukelic


Photo: RTV BN

Citizens of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, marched on Saturday, marking the eighth anniversary of the murder of Milan Vukelic.

They have protested the failure of the authorities to discover and prosecute those responsible for this crime.

Vukelic was an engineer of the Institute for Urban Development and he was killed on 6th of November 2007 when a bomb exploded in his car in Banja Luka, only 100 meters away from the building of Ministry of internal affairs of Republika Srpska, an administrative entity of BiH.

He was killed after he spoke about criminal activities in the Institute he worked for, involving some of the high profile politicians from the still ruling party SNSD.

Before his death, he said that he was threatened by the highest officials of RS police, but he wasn’t given any protection. A journalist Milan Kovac was supposed to be with Vukelic in the car when the bomb exploded, but he was fortunate to be late for that meeting. Previously, Vukelic was his source in the investigation of criminal activities.

“Vukelic spoke about the criminal activities of government lead by SNSD, which is even today in power. He spoke about organized crime”, said Kovac.

Photo: RTV BN

Photo: RTV BN

He is an author of a book about murder of Vukelic and 15 days ago he sent a letter to the President of Republika Milorad Dodik asking him about this case.

“Dodik didn’t dignify himself to answer these questions, meaning – he is afraid of the truth. Several months after Vukelic was killed he said that no member or sympathizers of SNSD participated in this murder. I asked him how does he know that, on the basis of which investigation”, said Kovac.

He added that he doesn’t expect this case to be solved “until SNSD and its satellites aren’t in power”.

Tomislav Dobrnjac

Tomislav Dobrinjac at Saturdays march

Two others weren’t that lucky. Slava Pepinovic, a waitress at the bar Vukelic owned, and a bouncer Tomislav Dobirnjac were present in the car when the bomb exploded. They were both heavily injured, and Dobrnjac had his both legs amputated. At Saturday, he was marching with crunches.

Vukelic’s sister Ljiljana Todorovic was also present on the march.

“Same thing can happen to anyone (who publicly speaks about crime) tomorrow. If police wanted to do its work, my brother would be alive today. I don’t expect from those who failed to protect him to solve this murder. They know who did it and I’m waiting for a day when that will become publicly known”, said Ljiljana.

She added that her brother used to say to her that he expects “them” to kill him.


Photo: RTV BN

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