Bosnia: Large worker protests against the new Labor Law


*All times are Central European Time zone

16:15 – Workers union called for the protesters to disperse so they could rest and come tomorrow again, when Labour Law is suposed to be confirmed at House of Representatives of FBiH. Protests are scheduled for tomorrow at 14 CET.


Sign “NO to now labour Law” in front of the police protecting the FBiH Parliament building

15:50 – Workers union of BiH is at a meeting right now, debating their next steps after the law was passed.

15:40 – Law was passed, 28 yes, 3 no votes.

15:00 – Workers have pierced the police cordon, one worker was injured in the minor clashes. In an attempt to show that they don’t want violence, workers are approaching the building with their hands up.



Meanwhile, more backup for police came.

In the center of the city, police is blocking occupying the main streets.

14:15 – “If you truly believe that this law is good for workers, that go outside and tell them that youself” said workers representative to the lawmakers.

14:00 – Representative of the workers spoke to the lawmakers inside the building. He said that almost 15 000 people are protesting at this moment and that, although organizers have promised protests to be peaceful, they can’t guaranty that situation won’t escalate.

13:50 – One part of the protesters have left the courtyard of the government building and left for the center of the city, where they plan to block the traffic. They are chanting “thieves, thieves!” Worker union from Serbia has stated their support for their colleagues in Bosnia.

13:40 – Upon hearing that the Agenda of the meeting has been passed, workers tried to storm the building, but were stopped by the police, whose special forces are now guarding entrance.

13:30 – Although this law will not affect workers in Republika Srpska (RS), a Serb entity of Bosnia, number of members of worker unions in RS have also come to show solidarity with workers from FBiH.

13:00 – Lawmakers have adopted Agenda of the meeting with 30 votes for, 20 against and one undecided after which opposition lawmakers have left the assembly in protest.

Thousands of workers are protesting in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, against the passing of a new Labor Law in Bosniak-Croat entity Federation of BiH (FBiH).


One of the largest protests in recent history of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Photo:

Protests have started at 10 AM local time and number of protesters is increasing every minute, as workers from all parts of countries are coming to express their dissatisfaction with the new law.

Workers have gathered in front of the government building of Federation of BiH, while lawmakers inside debate the new law.

This law has been supported by the representatives of European Union, but has many points which are limiting of violating workers rights. Worker unions and most opposition parties, mainly those leaning to the left wing, have expressed concern about the proposed Law.










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