Blackwater Trains Killer Police For FIFA’s War On Brazilians


Military police have a licence to kill in the favelas, in 10 days they shot dead 5 boys and a grandmother.

Blackwater (or “Academi”) mercenaries have trained Brazil‘s killer cops for the World Cup, as the government plans to deploy 170,000 armed troops to crackdown on protests and social movements against FIFA. That would be one killer cop for almost every person they’ve evicted from their land and homes for the World Cup’s stadiums or parking lots.


Brazil’s police during the fascist dictatorship… and nowadays. pic via Black Bloc RJ

This is the most contested Cup ever: in 10 major cities there are 5 protests a day, and they will keep growing as FIFA’s event in June approaches. Strikes by workers, professors, doctors and social employees are relentless all over Brazil. The state of Brazil spends hundreds of millions to repress the protests and has employed the most criminal methods.


In particular, cops target kids and young boys.

The most visible protests in the past days were in a favela near the Copacabana, where cops executed two young men and in the north of Rio where cops also killed another woman. The video linked here documents how the military police kill in Brazil. In the past 10 days, cops assassinated 5 young men and one woman standing up in front of cops’ bullets aimed to kill her 10 year old grandson. Since the beginning of this year, one poor person has been killed almost every day by the military police or the state’s army in the working poor communities in Rio de Janeiro alone.


War on poor: one of the young man killed by police near Copacabana, carried away by friends, the night of April 22, 2014.

Defying the huge military police forces, people keep rioting, erecting barricades and trying to keep the cops away from their homes. Cops attacked people after the funeral of a professional dancer and a young man Edilson, whom they shot dead near Copacabana. Same happened in another favela north of Rio, where helicopters and tanks were sent.

To such unrest, Blackwater training killer cops from Brazil does not come as a surprise. Blackwater call themselves Academi nowadays, in a PR effort to clear their names after their massacres during the Iraqi war, and to take distance from their far right Christian crusaderfounder, who was accused of being involved in the assassinations of people trying to expose his crimes.

These are the police the U.S. government paid Blackwater to train. This video, called “Military Police: Terrorist Organisation,” documents their mentality and behavior. The name of the video is not rhetorical, this documents why the police should be prosecuted by anti-terrorism laws of the state of Brazil.

Polícia Militar: Organização Terrorista. from Coletivo Tatu Morto on Vimeo.

The force the state of Brazil will deploy for FIFA’s World Cup will be largest ever for a “sporting” event, and it shows just how huge the resistance and opposition to FIFA’s capitalist accumulation and to state’s repression is in Brazil. Out of the 170,000 armed uniforms, more than a third – some 57,000 – will be soldiers from the state’s armed forces.  They will all carry loaded guns.


pic via #minahPM

The darkest, bloodiest, almost Rothbardian private terror-army of the ruling classes, the Blackwater mercenaries, are training at least 22 military police and special police from Brazil in “anti-terrorism” over a three week period at Academi’s facility in North Carolina. “The course was paid for the the US government.” Blackwater became known in the 2000s after hundreds of the company’s mercenaries were called in to back the US armed forces in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The firm changed its name to Xe and now Academi to elude their reputation for massacring Iraqi civilians during the Iraq war.

The fact that Brazil’s government sent their cops “to train” with Blackwater means the government of FIFA in Brazil is determined to escalate the violence against defenceless people protesting (or not) during the Cup. “If the Government requested this type of training, it means they already have a structured plan of repression.  They just need to put it into practice,” said Paul Hamus, a journalist who was into one of the training centers of the Academi (Blackwater) in the United States. 


At the same time, the state of Brazil is enforcing new laws that will charge anyone opposing/protesting FIFA’s World Cup with terrorism, and sentence them to prison for 12 to 30 years.

30 years if somebody gets killed during the protests – but this of course does not apply to the cops. This exposes how grotesque the impunity enjoyed by cops in Brazil is, who have killed almost  daily (many of their victims are children) in the communities inhabited by working poor. Worse, 40 days ahead of the World Cup, the president of the country, has requested the Congress’ approval to allow foreign troops “transit and temporary stay” in Brazil.


photo by Paula Kossatz

Brazilian soldiers have been deployed in Salvador too – another city hosting the World Cup – after police went on a two day-strike for higher wages. (In Salvador, police banned a documentary exposing them murdering a kid from being aired.)


12 years appears to be the punishment for damaging private property. Of course this rule does not apply to the cops, who are encouraged to burn down the homes of and destroy personal belongings of the poor people they evict. These laws should lead to the prosecution of the state itself for the thousands and thousands of homes they destroyed for FIFA’s stadiums. But since laws are not meant for the rich and powerful, they will probably be applied just in case of broken windows to please those who mourn broken glass but never police crimes. No money for poor people in Brazil, but plenty for armies, military police and, of course, not so smart undercover cops spying on protestors.


Augusto Lima explained what the deal is with these laws: “These laws – national security law; law of the Cup; law against criminal organization  – give clearance to police forces to use lethal weapons whenever they want. The aim of these laws is to cover up the crimes committed by the State… Yes, we are at war, they want to ensure the profits gained at the expense of our dignity, our indebtedness: the legacy of the World Cup and the Olympics will result in a recession, which will leave Brazil on his knees. The Banks, the contractors, the speculators, the corrupt will not lose, they will take everything. We will be the ones left in the mud. The World Cup is the perfect excuse to instaurate a permanent state of emergency, and to return to the totalitarian State which will last who knows how long. How many will be quiet? How many will be prepared for the rise of this new dictatorship? Will mild-mannered citizens react before or after the recession that will come in 2016? How long they can keep the appearance of Democracy? How long will the mild-mannered citizens will remain dormant? Moral hangovers and pain awakens minds.” Source 

Over 30,000 young people to be killed between 2009 and 2015: a UNICEF study, conducted in 2010, indicates a high number of young people between 12 and 18 years murdered annually in Brazil. The Homicide Index in Adolescence in 2009 was 2.61 per thousand. Is expected that, between 2009 and 2015, the number of young people who are murdered in Brazil to be of 32,941.

This video, via NINJA ES, documents police’s violent war on dissent as well as the resistance they faced from Black Bloc in Espirito Santos.

These laws will be first used to crack down and crush the resistance of the self-organized working communities fighting for social justice in Brazil. To make cops’ criminal intentions seem “moral,” the state of Brazil is systematically criminalizing more the victims of the police – most of them, black kids. Brazil is planning to adopt another fascist law that would lower the age at which children can be locked up in prisons. Its prisons are already overcrowded, but openly attacking poor people’s kids is just another method the state of Brazil is employing to break the dissenting communities. Source

The criminalization of the dissent in Brazil started long ago, and is growing gradually. To justify it, the state of Brazil will sacrifice two young protestors whom they accuse of murder in a case which is mostly political. During the police brutal repression of protests on February 6th, a journalist was hit by a firecracker and died. The state has put two young men on trial, allegedly for throwing the deadly firecracker, though the state has not put on trial any of the cops who terrorized people so badly that one old street vendor got killed by a car while trying to escape their violence. The state of Brazil is using the death of the journalist to pursue its real aims: stopping protests during the World Cup.

Organização Anarquista Terra e Liberdade OATL“One of the accused has been beaten, humiliated and tortured by the police during arrest, but police enjoys impunity in Brazil.”

rio niteroi

Occupation of Ninteroi favela.

Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos – Cebraspo: “This is police. Trained to hunt down anyone, humiliate, disrespect, assault and kill. While they do this, they hide evidence, mess up their crime scenes, fake evidence and blame the crimes they commit on their own victims, the kids they have murdered.

Their aim is to instill terror in the hearts of people.
That’s how the criminal eviction of the Oi public building in Telerj occurred, this is how the military occupation of Mare occurred: there are now 2,500 soldiers and murders are souring in Mare (the largest favela complex inhabited by 130,000 working poor). And you expect people not to protest the World Cup? With all these evictions going on? With all these occupations? With all this arrogance and all these crimes? With FIFA in charge, which is nothing more than an Office of interests of monopolies of Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, and other which are associated to Rede Globo (the state’s mouthpiece media in Brazil, which constantly criminalizes the victims of the police murders).
So many killed by agents of that State. 50,000 deaths in 20 years, more than the wars in many countries. And how were these people killed? Violent deaths by firearms, crimes that “justice” “can’t explain”! But people will revolt, they will not accept this. They will fight for justice!” Source


pic sent by a reader of Revolution News. Children protesting in Rio in the 90s, after systematical slaughters of poor kids.


This is even more visible as, almost every day, the military police or the army are killing kids of the poor black family in the communities inhabited by working people, which stand in the way of FIFA’s World Cup. The killer cops are not investigated for murder and the mainstream media constantly smear their victims – kids – as criminals.

While this trial looks rather fabricated – because the state cannot prove any intent on behalf the protestors to hurt any journalist –, the state has set free the military police who assassinated the mother of 4 and dragged her body in broad daylight on the streets of Rio de Janeiro in a grotesque and shocking attempt to probably get rid of her. 40,000 poor people – mainly from the working poor communities – have gone missing in the past years, their families suspect the police is behind this after a father of 7 children was tortured and murdered by 25 cops from a “Pacification” unit. Every community – called favela – the police took under their control (they call this militarization “pacification” has been engulfed in violence ever since and poor people have been socially and economically cleansed, ending up as homeless on the streets of Rio.



The largest armed force ever deployed for FIFA is an expression of the rich’s hatred towards the population of Brazil and of their totalitarian methods to which the government in Brazil has subscribed to. This was openly encouraged by FIFA, which complained that “too much democracy” in Brazil is hurting their Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

This huge army for FIFA is directly proportional with the astronomical level of capitalist accumulation going on in Brazil, which is home to some of the greatest inequality in the world. Contractors – close to the political class – are enriching themselves from public money. This is the most expensive World Cup ever – with a tab so far of $11 billion to $13 billion– 2 thirds of which are debts which will be also paid by the working people. “These costs promise to catapult even higher as unfinished projects linger long after the soccer fans have returned home, with some estimating the final price tag to rest at $15 billion.” Source


“There will be no Cup”. World Cup’s mascot rioting against the Wolrd Cup. via Movimento de Decoração Anti-Copa

The cost of life is skyrocketing, gentrification and militarization of favelas are increasing the rent of the working poor, who therefore end up homeless in the streets.

They know very well what the militarization of the favelas means: “it’s an euphemism for increasing repression against workers.”


“Cup for the rich. Repression for the poor.”

Other costs of life are also increasing tremendously, as capitalists expect to make huge profits from the tourists coming for the World Cup.

The working poor who were evicted from Telerj are still resisting in front of the Rio City Hall in spite of being relentlessly attacked and terrorized by the cops who made them homeless, and ignored by authorities. They are sleeping under the open sky for a month now and winter is coming, but the state of Brazil is not concerned about that.

telerj resiste

Kids evicted from Telerj still occupying the Prefecture of Rio. foto: Thiago Dezan

Hosting grand events already puts huge pressure on the country’s infrastructure, but this is advantageous for the US government who sees such problems as prime occasions to cash in, as explained here:

“For security mavens, Academi’s involvement training Brazilians … may come as no great surprise. After all, Wikileaks revealed in a 2009 cable from the US Embassy in Brasilia that the US government views the crises brought on by hosting sports mega-events as prime occasions to cash in.”


FIFA’s victims are deprived of their lands, of their homes, of their fathers, mothers, children, friends, communities, their lives.

A presidency official, Gilberto Carvalho, admitted, during a meeting with social activist protesting the Cup, that there will be more evictions.


This is how the state of Rio signals the buildings which are to be forcefully evicted. Remember the Nazis? pic via Molotovers.

Those evicted at gunpoint must comply with the fact that the state is sacrificing them for FIFA’s profits: “Get off your corner a bit and think about the country.”

This is what the Sports Minister told to a woman from ‘Vila Autótromo’, who is being threatened with eviction. The dispossessed, the defenseless and the poor must sacrifice for FIFA and must accept that the police have the right to kill them if they don’t, according to the government supporters of FIFA.


This is how cops patrol on the streets of communities inhabited by working people.

Except that people did get out “of their corners” (some of their humble houses are literally corners) in Brazil and saw the reality in their country for what it is: this video (translated in English), which has been shared by 360,000 people worldwide, explains it pretty well.

This is why they want to stop the cup – popular support for FIFA’s World Cup has collapsed by some 30 percent in the past months, and it’s declining: now 51 percent want FIFA out of their country.

Silent civil war

“There is silent civil war in Brazil,” said a resident rioting in the Alemão complex in the north of Rio.

This is how Wilson Ventura from the Mariachi Collective describes this war: “The gentrification of Rio de Janeiro, under the pretext of the World Cup and the Olympics, is leaving behind a trail destroyed lives of the most needy population of the city: the absurd increase in rents and real estate on account of these events, the numerous evictions (only of the most vulnerable and poor), the “social makeup” by the military police and the constant property speculation. Entire families were thrown to sleep on the streets by cowards and tyrants.


Occupation of Mare, end of March 2014.

This is because of the contractors, associated in “public private partnerships” to reshape the city…
The monster of capitalist greed smashed without mercy the elderly and the children who are left out on the streets of this city.  The bloody legacy of the World Cup and the Olympics leaves its mark on the lives of people who no longer have anything… and who now are left even without at least a place to live. The revolution is on the streets.”

The working poor, who have come under military police tyranny and the occupation of army tanks for 4 years now, say that the drug dealers are actually safer, because at least they don’t invade their homes to teargas their kids in the cradle. They don’t hunt down their kids to execute them. The militarization’s real aim is to crush social movements’ resistance to gentrification, since all the favelas invaded and occupied by the military police and even the state army are located where FIFA and the International Olympics Committee want their stadiums and parking lots built. A clear result of the militarization is the social cleansing of the poorest people, who are unable to pay their increased rents and end up homeless. Drug dealers remain in the favelas and keep up their operations, and many cops and ex-cops join them.


“There will be revolt!” via Olhar Independente

Over 90 percent of the working people in the favelas have nothing to do with drugs, but the capitalist mainstream media are constantly criminalizing them as “drug dealers”, “criminals”, or “vandals”. Before cops kill their kids, the government will try to convince the population in Brazil to hate the black working poor even more.

Last week two more such crimes were committed in Complexo do Alemão: a young boy and an old woman. As states officials were denying cops’ violence against unarmed people, residents in Alemão rioted: several buses were burned, barricades were erected to keep police away. Helicopters were sent in, and even more police, but the riots kept going almost all night.

These riots followed an amazing protest by the mothers of the children killed by the military police. They took it to the streets to tell the pacificiation police to their face that they are murderers. Even though the police violence and brutality are ever more increasing, the state officials are in denial of reality. In an attempt to appease protestors and activists, state officials admitted that last year, police were “excessively” violent towards protestors – see here images of the police violence last year and here pics people from Brazil took of the cops “just doing their jobs”.


Sao Paulo, 1990, photo by Luiz Paulo Lima. pic via #minahPM

The state officials blame the police violence on the training they got during the fascist dictatorship, but said that cops “committed excesses” just during the protests of last year. Now they are not violent, said this official, because they “have changed” their approach. Apparently, killing kids in the favelas is not violence in the eyes this state official. See here photos of police violence both from 2013 and from 2014 and judge for yourself.


Cops targeting civilians in a Rio working community.

While the blood of children is shed on the streets of favelas, what does FIFA care about? The seats of their stadiums be built in time!

While state’s war against working people in Brazil is breaking all records of criminality, what do the sponsors of FIFA care about? That there should be no protests during their Cup.

While working people are evicted and sleep on the ground with the winter coming, what do the media care about? That some of the tourists will have to stay in the favelas, where there is no septic system. There are no schools or hospitals either, just military police, so if tourists are in need for a hospital, may the pope pray for them.


Photo: bdci

UEFA’s boss, Michel Platini, had to open his mouth to insult even more people in Brazil, who are facing skyrocketing prices, endemic corruption, theft for and by the capitalist class, and have no decent urban public services. To people struggling with all this hardship, Platini said: “Brazil, please make an effort for a month. Calm down!

The only answer he deserved came in no time: people in Brazil drawn a graffiti on a high speed modern train, with a very short message for the kings of football: “FUCK FIFA”. It’s all over city walls too.

fuck fifa

via Northe UM

These are just a few of the people who were killed in the name of FIFA in Rio, over the past 10 days:

 Anderson Santos Silva, 21 years old, murdered Niterói on April 18, by a stray bullet by the military police. He was going to an easter vigil.

Emanoel Gomes, 17 years old, murdered on Morro do Céu, Niterói  on 19 April. He was shot hit by an armoured military police car. This murder was registred as a “traffic accident”.

Douglas Rafael da Silva, known as DG, 26 years old, murdered in Pavão-Pavãozinho on April 21. He was shot in the back. Police said he died because he fell, but the shots were visible. His mother received death threats after she accused the cops of murdering her son.

Edílson da Silva dos Santos, 27 years old, assassinated in Pavão-Pavãozinho on April 22, by the military police repressing with live ammo people protesting the murder of DG.

Arlinda Beserra de Assis, a Dalva, 72 years old, murdered in favela Nova Brasilia, Complexo do Alemão, on 27 April by the police who claimed she was caught in a fire with drug dealers. In fact, the woman stepped in front of her 10 year old grandson when she saw the police targeting him and opening fire on him. She saved the kid with her own life.

A 17 year old boy, still unidentified, murdered in Morro do Chapadão, Pavuna on 17 April, during a police raid “to curb a car theft and drug trafficking”. Witnesses say that the young man had no connection with any drugs or car theft.

One resident of the favelas, named Raj, says: “Before we fought not to die at the hands of traffickers, now we are hoping not to die at the hands of the police… A whole generation of young blacks and poor people continues to be decimated by a government that favors only those who have money, the big businessmen.”

There will be no Cup for the workers killed while being pressured to build FIFA’s stadiums. These are there names:

José Afonso Rodrigues de Oliveira

Raimundo Nonato Lima Costa

Fábio Luiz Pereira

Ronaldo Oliveira dos Santos

Marcleudo de Melo Ferreira

José Antonio do Nascimento

José Antonio Pitta

Fabio Martins da Cruz Hamilton

José Antonio’s sister said he was under pressure by bosses because the stadiums’ finalization was overdue: “He worked from Sunday to Sunday,” said his sister, Priscilla. He came from Portugal and was hit in the head by a piece of iron that was dislodged from a crane. Source


“There will be no Cup”, in Paris, France.

Why are FIFA and IOC never investigated for the millions they evicted from their homes, for the people terrorized in the name of their money, and even killed by the states in their name? How about for the theft of public money to enrich their political sponsors, and for the astronomical debts it leaves behind to be paid by working people?

Why is FIFA never contested by “the international community” when it demands “less democracy” in Brazil, on the contrary European Union police help them?

Why is FIFA allowed to set “democratic” standards and control armed forces in any country?


People erect barricades to keep the cops away from their homes.

Eduardo Galeano said FIFA are the world’s invisible dictators: “The power structure of football in the world is monarchical. It’s the secret kingdom of the world: no one knows the secrets of Fifa. The leaders live like a closely guarded castle. (Its) accounts are secret.”

Why is there never any public control over FIFA in any state, since the money used for their games are public money?

Nao Vai Ter Copa. There will be no Cup.


via Movimento de Decoração Anti-Copa


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