Black Lives Matter Disrupt Status Quo in 6 Cities For #BlackXmas


The MOA protest was a decoy according to Black Lives Matter MLPS, and the real plan was to shut down the light rail and the airport.


Photo: Black Lives matter MLPS

At least six different cities held #BlackXmas actions today, including the planned decoy Mall of America protest in Minneapolis, MN.

In Minneapolis, the biggest mall in the country, the light rail, and both terminals of the airport were shut down after activists used the suppression of the Mall of America protest to achieve multiple goals.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis said in a statement:

Today we shut down the Mall of America, Minneapolis Airport, and light rail as part of a nationally coordinated protest. Actions happened in six U.S. cities, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, the SF Bay Area, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Chattanooga. After a planned diversion at the mall, we moved to the airport 5 minutes before the action was scheduled to begin.

We protest the continued unmitigated state sanctioned violence against Black people and communities of color. We protest the continued denial of justice for Black people and Black communities. We want a complete overhaul of the justice system both locally and nationally. Just days after the non-indictment decision in Sandra Bland’s murder in Texas and two months after the fatal police shooting of Jamar Clark in Minnesota, we continue to demand justice, including the release of the tapes in the Jamar Clark case.

Grand juries do not get justice for Black people when they are murdered by police, this is just one way the system is setup and works against Black people. We also continue to make the following demands:
-Prosecute the police involved without a grand jury and by a special prosecutor
-Federal domestic terrorism charges against white supremacists who shot 5 protestors
-Institute a safety plan to protect our communities from Police violence
-Disinvest from police and reinvest in Black futures

Although the actions were a success, multiple violent and un necessary arrests happened, such as this one:

Random arrests happening at MSP Airport. Like this one – he clearly did NOT touch the policewoman but was instead assaulted. Today, the only danger at the MOA, the light rail & the airports were hundreds of agitated & armed riot cops escalating, arresting & mercilessly punching peaceful protesters.#BlackLivesMatter #Justice4Jamar #BlackXmas(video: bengarvin)

Posted by Jigme Ugen on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Activists shut down the San Francisco 101 highway for ‪#‎MarioWoods‬ who was killed firing-squad style by SFPD cops:

Photo: BLM Bay Area

Photo: BLM Bay Area

In Los Angeles, Black Lives Matter activists shut down the 405 freeway for #EzellFord and others, which is the most major interstate in California, and they shut it down right by LAX.

Chicago BLM stood with Dorthy Holmes at City Hall, mother of Ronald “Ronnieman” Johnson, to demand the city withdraw a motion for sanctions that have been filed against her. The sanctions come from Chicago cop George Hernandez who says her taking a photo of him and putting it on social media threatened him and his family.

“The black aldermen have been consistently silent on the violence that happens in our communities. In October September they stood in the same place we did and said that Supt McCarthy should be fired because he wasn’t doing his job. But what was his job? To serve and protect the community, which he consistently has failed to do…. “The black aldermen who stood here a few months ago are not a reflection of that community either, because they have failed to do their jobs. So when we talk about getting rid of from top to bottom, it also starts with those aldermen. Those aldermen who feel the need to pacify the community, but who do not stand with that community when that community is consistently harmed. We are tired of it and we are no longer standing by, letting it happen.”–Rachel Williams, BYP 100“If I feel like I want to express my feelings about what happened to my son, then I’m going to do that. And if there’s a problem with that, then I don’t know what to tell nobody.”–Dorothy Holmes, mother of Ronnie Man Johnson, shot dead by Chicago police, October 2014

Posted by Andy Thayer on Wednesday, December 23, 2015


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