Bilbao Illuminates the Streets Demanding the Rights of Prisoners



NAIZ – Some 80,000 – 100,000 or more people, according to the count of GARA, took part in the demonstration called by Sare and marched in two columns that have converged on the Zabalburu square, where they celebrated the final demonstration, which has had its peak with illuminating the Square and surrounding avenues to demand repatriation.

The mobilization began about 1750, about twenty minutes later than planned. And it is not easy to coordinate the thousands who have gathered in Bilbo and marched in two columns, one leaving from the City and one from La Casilla, to merge onto Zabalburu square. Relatives of prisoners and the Mirentxin vans, each weekend leading to numerous relatives to prison, have been those who led the demonstration without banners and silent, although no lack of applause and encouragement to step relatives. Bridge City has exercised a funnel that has slowed the output of those waiting in the Arenal. Gradually, the two columns were advancing down the street Autonomy and Hurtado de Amezaga, respectively. The headers have taken half an hour to get to their destination while still thousands of people were unable to even move to the exit points. A stage in the Plaza Zabalburu was erected to celebrate the final act, which started just after 18.30. The first to take the microphone were the improvisers Maialen Lujanbio, Igor Elortza and Amets Arzallus. Subsequently, Rafa Rueda and Agus Barandiaran interpreted the song ‘Zenbat’. Saroi Jauregi and Fermin Muguruza have spoken before the time came to turn signal lights which illuminate the night in Bilbaina to demand the return of the once respected the rights of Basque prisoners. Also, with the lights of the phones has created the word NOW.

Image via @sare_herritarra

Image via @sare_herritarra

Joseba Azkarraga spokesman Sare, expressed his hope that this event “is the latest anti-scatter” and stressed that they were “thousands and thousands of citizens who mobilize for a just cause, citizens of various ideologies that have littleparty affiliations, but they all have a common denominator, silent scream that it’s time to end the violation of rights. ”


Politicians and union

At the rally have been familiar faces, among others of different political formations that make EH BILDU, the ERC spokesman in Congress in Madrid, Joan Tardà next to deputy Amaiur Jon Inarritu; or representatives of trade unions ELA, LAB and CCOO. Sortu President, Hasier Arraiz, was convinced that the end of the dispersion “above the walls imposed by the Spanish and French Governments’ will be achieved and sent “a warm hug to all family, friends and significant others” of prisoners. Joan Tardà noted that “when the civil rights path opens when Basque society is making a great effort for reconciliation, it is outrageous that the Spanish Government maintains a prison policy based on revenge. “Commonwealth Secretary General, Adolfo Muñoz, has indicated that social mobilization is “essential” to end “the absurdity” of the dispersion.”And it remains that the state not only wants to close the rights of prisoners, but also more political agendas, wants to condition the political agenda in Euskal Herria” he assured.”The State has been used at different times of the instruments has had and is now using the hostility and narrow-minded interpretation of prison policy to impede the rights of prisoners and the Basque political agenda,”he added.

The secretary general of LAB, Ainhoa ​​Etxaide, said meanwhile that Madrid “is no excuse” for parties and Basque institutions not to give “more courageous and effective steps” for changing the prison policy, supported by the public.

“The people are fulfilling their role and have taken to the streets to show their solidarity, commitment and support, but above all, to show that they will be on the street and will be with all institutions and parties who want to take initiatives to change prison policy,” he underlined.

The representative of the Executive of CCOO-Euskadi Alfonso Rios has demanded an end to the dispersion of prisoners because “it is a clear violation of human rights” and means “forcing prisoners to a double conviction, to them and their families” .



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Image via @larbelaitz

Image Via @larbelaitz

Image Via @larbelaitz


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