Baltimore Protests and Solidarity Events


As protests over the in custody death of Freddie Gray enter their 12th day in Baltimore, solidarity events are scheduled to be held in Los Angeles, Washington DC, NYC, Boston, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, Minneapolis, Ferguson and Albuquerque.

For the second night in a row, people in Baltimore appear to have mostly heeded a citywide 10pm curfew. Protests that began around 6pm lasted well past midnight in New York’s Manhattan borough, where people marched peacefully for hours with chants of “Baltimore! We got your back!” and others. About 100 people were arrested, dozens when the march passed an already blocked by police, entrance ramp to the Holland Tunnel, others were snatched up for minor violations such as stepping off the sidewalk during the heavily policed marched.

A call for all Baltimore College & High School students to meet at Penn Station at 5:45 to march to City Hall went out early Wednesday morning.  The resulting turn out was massive. Several thousand people, with estimates between 5 and 10 thousand all marched peacefully on City Hall and held a rally without incident.

Well over a thousand people came out in Minneapolis shutting down the Hennepin bridge and bringing downtown Minneapolis to a halt. In Denver about 100 people gathered to march, shortly following the beginning of the march, they were met with a heavy handed police response that resulted in police using pepper spray and 11 arrests. Two of the Denver arrests were felonies for assault on police and robbery. The rest of the arrests were for misdemeanors of resisting police, disobedience of lawful orders, obstructing roadways, and interference, police said on Twitter.

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Video from Denver

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