Average Fox, CNN & MSNBC News Viewers Over 60



Just like Depends Under Garments, hip replacements and 25 pound bags of bird seed, cable news channels excel in one demographic: the old one.

Citing 2015 Nielsen results the New York Times reports that the number of people tuning in to the top 24-hour cable news channels went up, but don’t give up hope just yet.

While Fox news is leading in the predominately senior cable news market with 1.8 million views during their prime time broadcast, CNN comes in with a measly average of only 490,000 viewers and MSNBC a mere 352,000 viewers per day.

The most interesting tidbit in the new Nielsen report gives the average age for the CNN audience at 61, 63 for MSNBC, and Fox News a shocking average age of 67 yrs old.

We thought it would be interesting to see how the Revolution News 2015 demographics compare.

It turns out that 73% of 936,322 Revolution News Facebook fans are under 34 and only 9% are even over 55. While twitter doesn’t offer age demographics, we feel it’s safe to assume a similar result for our twitter audience.


The 2015 daily average reach of the Revolution News Facebook page alone is 2,521,703, with our most active day of 2015 topping out at 66,941,626 users reached.
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How does Revolution News measure up on Klout, a service that measures your social media impact on a scale of 1 – 100?

Currently the FOX News and MSNBC social media klout scores are both a 95, with CNN a 99. The 3 yr old Revolution News Klout score is currently ranked an 82. For comparison Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, possibly the most well known independent news source is currently ranked a 92. The Intercept’s social media presence comes in at a 79, the Real News Network a 65 and Global Voices an 85.

More good news for those of you who would like to join us in escalating the impending doom of cable news outlets and the effect on modern society they are clinging on too. Everyone of you probably has a few social media profiles that enable you to bring the social media influence of the aging forms of State media to a screeching halt simply by not sharing their links.

Independent news outlets (especially ours) typically do not have the financial and human resources to report on everything they would like to, but you can help us simply by sharing the news we can produce.

Revolution News had a great 2015 and we thank you for that while looking forward to expanding our coverage and audience in the coming years.

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