Argentina: Hundreds of Factories Paralyzed by Strikes in Greater Buenos Aires


Thousands of workers went on strike today in Argentina for #Paro31M bringing hundreds of businesses and factories to a grinding halt. Roadblocks in various parts of the country are also severely affecting business as usual in Argentina.

Photo: @PTSPrensa

Photo: @PTSPrensa


Buses, trains subways and planes are not working. Distribution is crippled. Banks are closed. Big multinational companies are paralyzed; thousands of workers went on strike at Kraft, Fate, Pepsico, Stani, Lear, Worldcolor, Procter & Gamble, former Donnelley, Ford, Toyota, Metalsa, Gestamp. At the same time, hundreds of workers from smaller companies are also carrying out this strike. The strike is really strong in this area. Teachers, public workers, and transport workers also went on strike”.

Check out a photo gallery via Infobae of the virtual ghost town in Argentina today

“Businesses in zone 11 in #Paro31M #ParoNacional.”

“Schools without students and few teachers due to lack of transportation. Truckers at the edge of RN168.”

“It would be a dream come true, choose the seat you like but the fellow drivers are on strike.”

Jorge Medina, from Madygraf (former Donnelley, printer company) noted, “In many of these factories there is a big influence of militant unionists, rank-and-file delegates and the left, but we need to highlight that the strike turn out is high in most of the unions; in both those who called the strike and those who didn’t. There’s a wide anger and discontent against the workers’ income taxes, but the workers are also striking against the inflation, for a salary rise, against dismissals and layoffs.”

“Bus terminal in Rio Cuarto totally paralyzed.”

“The strike in Rio Cuarto. Without transportation and banks, activity is low.”

Workers from Lear Corporation were joined by Kraft, Procter & Gamble, Alicorp, teachers from SUTEBA Tigre, students’ unions from Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology colleges from Buenos Aires University.

Rubén Matu, Lear workers’ delegate said that at a meeting last Saturday at Madygraf (former Donnelley), “We decided on this action to demand all workers’ rights. Wages are not profits, that is why we reject the workers’ income taxes. Today we are in front of the Lear Corporation factory to demand the reinstallation of dismissed workers; and we are demanding also MadyGraf (former Donnelley) expropriation. These three are the main struggles at the Northern Area today, and these are our demands at the national strike.”

VIDEO: Roadblock on Panamericana for the 31 M Strike

Actions planned for today:

Greater Buenos Aires

Panamericana, Lear factory
5AM: Shop-steward committees from Mondelez Pacheco (former Kraft) and PepsiCo, rank and file delegates from Mondelez Victoria (former Stani), delegates from teachers’ union from Tigre and Escobar districts, workers from SMATA, dismissed workers from Gestamp, workers from Johnson Controls, Volskwagen, Printpack, Fate, WordColor and General Mills.

Pueyrredón Bridge
6 AM: Workers’ Committee from Shell, Honda and Calsa, airport workers from de Ezeiza, delegates from Coca Cola (Alcorta), railroad workers, teachers and university students’ unions.

La Plata
7 AM: Shipyard Rio Santiago, public workers unions, and university students’ federation.

6 AM: Roadblock at Santa Fe Highway, at Liliana factory gates.

11 AM: Roadblock at Cipolletti-Neuquén bridge, Ceramic workers Union, teachers’ unions, and health workers.
There will be roadblocks also in Cordoba, Jujuy, and Tucuman.

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