Antifascists In Germany, France, UK Battle Neo-Nazi European Reconquista


Bh-pwowCQAAaezDSeveral hundred antifascists protested earlier today in Deggendorf against a rally of the Neo-nazi German National Democrats (NPD). Police deployed numerous troops to protect the Nazis. The Neo-nazi conference attacked the cultural diversity of Europe, referring to it as “schizophrenia.” This is typical populist rhetoric, intended to turn minorities into scapegoats, in order to divert attention from the structural problems caused by capitalism.

On March 15th, in the UK, the EVF – an offshoot of the EDL – plan to march on Parliament with a message of segregation and hate. They will be opposed, as announced by the antifascists in UK. More about this action, here.

In Germany, antifascists are on alert as the Neo-nazi parties from Europe will hold a big reunion in Leipzig on March 22. A call out has been made for an international day against fascism and racism on that same day. New entries among the nazi parties are the supposed “respectable democratic partners” which the West brought to power in the last regime change in Kyiv: the Right Sector. They have confirmed they will participate at the neo-nazi gathering in Leipzig, which will also be attended by: Golden Dawn from Greece, Blocco Studentesco from Italy, Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth) from Swededn, NSV from Netherlands, Danskernes Parti from Denmark, DSSS from Czech Republic, and Svenskarnas parti from Sweden.


Major Neo-nazi parties from Europe met in Rome and pledged to be “the vanguard of European reconquista”.

A couple of days ago, Neo-nazi parties also met in Rome to prepare for the European Parliament elections. Ahead of their meeting, antifascists had pelted the foyer of the hotel with horse manure, and graffiti calling the nazis: “the shit of shits.

The Nazis met in a luxury 4-star hotel in Rome. The reunion was attended by leaders of Italy’s Forza Nuova Roberto Fiore, the President of the Spanish Democracia Nacional (DN), Manuel Canduela , Antionios Gregos, a parliamentarian from Golden Dawn (XA), Nick Griffin, member of the European Parliament and leader of the British National Party (BNP), and Jens Pühse representing the German NPD. The neo-nazi parties announced they were joined in their ranks for further collaboration by the Greek Cypriot ELAM, the sister party of the Golden Dawn. 

The Right sector – who were pushed into the government without elections by Western-backed regime change – refer to their plans to take over the European Parliament as “the great European reconquista.” “The attack on our nations is decided by the Zionists and capitalists” – raged the Italian boss of Forza Nuova, as participants responded with the Nazi salute enthusiastically. Their rants against “zionists” express their antisemitism: they actually mean Jews.

They also try to gain popular support from the impoverished people who had been subjected to austerity – or neo-liberal “structural adjustment”-  in Europe. The Nazis expressed their will to become Europe’s vanguard elite in “resurrecting her.” Neo-nazis’ targets are the same as always. Golden Dawn’s Antonios Gregos wants illegal immigrants to be prosecuted further – building sentiments that result in massacres such as Lampedusa – because of immigrants are allegedly threatening the “purity” of the “white race.”

Neo-nazis also push to authorize the state to totally confiscate women’s bodies by waging a war against abortion. They also attack homosexuality, which they regard as “unproductive sexual activity.” Not surprisingly, Fiore is also a fundamentalist Catholic. He equated education on gender equality with pedophilia – and amid cheers accompanied by a nazi salute from the audience – he pledged to remove it from the curriculum of public schools.


Ahead of the Neo-nazi gathering in Rome, antifascists pelted their 4-star hotel with horse manure and called them „The shit of shits”.

Of course the Nazis never mention the Vatican protecting child rapists, or those members of the Catholic church who are stealing babies from their mothers to traffic them, as they have done in Spain, Ireland and Australia. Nazi DN’s Canduela praised Franco’s dictatorship in Spain.

The far right has been on rise in Europe over the past few years. From France, Front National is one of the most powerful in Europe. On April 5th they have planned demonstrations in the major cities of France – antifascists from GADI have called for an action to block them. On January 26th, fascists organized marches for what they called “The Day of Anger” where they paraded with clearly anti-Semitic slogans and Nazi salutes: “Neo-Nazi groups (such as the Petainists youth) were alongside the National Front (FN) politicians, as well as many representatives of clearly fascist movements: royalists, religious extremists, negationists, anti-Semites, homophobes.”

“Fascist groups are armed, organized and extremely violent, and they have proven this on numerous occasions. Furthermore, fascist groups have links to police and military services, and evident backing from them. In most cases when a few arrests take place they’re nothing but a theatre scene for the good people’s amusement through the means of mass communication. The reality is quite different: while our anarchist comrades are subjected to extreme repression at the hands of capitalist States, fascists are speedily released with no worries… It goes without saying that fascism is a degenerative extension of capitalism, that’s always inclined to protect its best buddies.” SourceThey’ve even brought them to power, as seen in Ukraine.

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