Antifascist Updates 5/22: 7 Swedish Antifa Jailed for Years

Demonstration in solidarity with Joel and other persecuted Antifascists

Demonstration in solidarity with Joel and other persecuted Antifascists

Sweden: Yesterday, on May 21st, 7 swedish anti-fascists were convicted for up to 2 years and 4 months. This comes shortly after Joel Almgren was accused of protecting a rally from a neo-nazi attack that the police knowingly let happen. Antifascist comrade Joel has been sentenced to 6 and 1/2 years for stabbing a neo nazi in self defense during the incident. Please check the Free Joel event page for updates on how to help these comrades, and how to write them.
Photo: Free Joel

Photo: Free Joel

Joel loves to get letters, so mail him! Joel Almgren, Box 1274, 141 25 Huddinge, Sweden. For all you who live in Sweden, you can buy the fantastic Free Joel – tshirt. Mail us and we’ll send it to you! You can also send money at PG-account: 441468-6. Mark it “Fanggruppen” Thanks for all the support.
Japan: Today, May 22nd, Antifascists will confront an anti-Korean event put on by Kawahigashi Dairyo.


Date: May 22, 2014. Time unknown.

***Check #鶴橋安寧 or #ANTIFA on twitter for real time info.

Gather around: Railway underpass at JR Tsuruhashi station, Osaka city
Target: A small hate rally planned by Kawahigashi Dairyo
Counter-protest called by: C.R.A.C. WEST and others
Twitter Hashtag: #鶴橋安寧 #ANTIFA

The anti-Korean hater bastard, who gave up his hate rally in april, is planning another hate campagin in the midst of Tusuhashi, the largest Korean enclave in Japan.

In fear of harsh counter-attack by Osakan hardcore ANTIFAs, he has not yet announced which day nor what time to do it. Be cautious and keep on checking out twitter hashtags, which will immediately tell you whenever he appears there. We are, as usual, ready to counter-attack BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Also, call Tennoji Police Station once more at 06-6773-1234 with burning anger NOT TO AUTHORISE the hate campaign.

PEACE & QUIET for the whole town of Tsuruhashi!

Philadelphia, USA: Philly Antifa released the names, photos, and addresses of the organizers and participants in a yearly neo-nazi gathering.

philAs we’ve written about before, every October for the past 7 years Neo-Nazis have converged on Philadelphia and held a “Leif Ericson Day Celebration” that is in reality an attempt to have a real street presence in Philadelphia for even just one day a year. Opposition to the event has increased pretty much every year, with last year’s being especially embarrassing to the boneheads because they had brought friends from as far as Texas and still could not match the numbers of the Antifascists, who prevented them from marching and drowned out their rally, sending the boneheads home with nothing to show for their efforts.

Shortly after the event we released the names and pictures of almost all the attendees, as well as listed their affiliations to KSS, Blood and Honour, The Vinlanders, and several other White Power organizations. We have also outed the primary organizers of the event and their locations in the city.

Philly Antifa, in conjunction with #Anonymous & #ro0ted #OpAntifa now bring you more attendees of Leif Ericson Day 2013’s real name and most recent known address.

We would like to call on local Antifa in these towns to pick up this fight and use this info to gather more intelligence to better combat your local Nazis. Their movements rely on anonymity; do not allow them to have it.

Philly Antifa would like to make it clear to the people listed below that coming to our city and contributing to KSS’ attempts to gain a foothold here, even for one ineffective day, is a provocation that will be met. Our allies are legion. All your friends do is invite you to get embarrassed and then targeted.

England: Essex Anti-FascistsWorld’s Shortest Ever Far-Right Demo: EDL in Colchester, lasted about 3 minutes:

Today Essex EDL were set to do a wreath laying ‘commemoration’ of Lee Rigby’s death at the Colchester war memorial, hoping to use memories of the killing to boost their own failing movement. Essex Anti-Fascists organised a crowd of 100 locals to oppose the 25-30 EDL who made it, approximately 3 of whom were from Colchester, the rest shipped in from around the region. Lee Rigby’s mother has made it clear what she thinks about the far-right utilising her son’s death for their political gain, but do they listen?


Anti-fascists took the brief opportunity to tell them what they thought of the EDL’s exploitation of the event to spread racism, and that was it. Well done to all who showed up in the middle of the day on a week day to make a stand against racists and fascists. We outnumbered them 3 to 1. Instead of 3 hours, this year they were only there 3 minutes. Vocal and visible opposition has made a difference to their willingness to take to the streets. Hopefully next year they won’t bother at all. Source

On March 17th, in Newcastle, antifascists came out in great numbers to oppose the EDL:


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