Serbia: Large Anti-Fascist Rally In Novi Sad


Stop Fascism antifa Novi Sad

Oct 23 2014 Majority in a country is responsible for the minority

Around 1,500 citizens and NGO activists of Novi Sad and nearby cities participated in today’s large anti-fascist rally announced with the call: “the majority in a country is responsible for the minority.”

The event was organized in response to attacks on the facilities of Albanian citizens since the riots during the Serbia vs Albania game, as well as in response to increased activity of right-wing and fascist organizations in Serbia and Vojvodina. Representative of Vojvodina civic center Zeljko Stanetić, said that fascism in Novi Sad has been easily identifiable every day, thanks to Cultural Center of Novi Sad leader who is “a man who is in dispute with art and culture, because the Roma couple was taken away their child because it was not dark enough, and because young foreigners are evicted from Novi Sad, and windows of the Youth Club CK13 are smashed. ”

Novi Sad #antifa: ‘Do not touch my neighbours’ T-shirt

“Recently fascism was spilled out from the pages of the newspapers, the heads of various politicians, and then spilled over into the violent actions of our neighbors. That’s why I’m wearing a T-shirt ‘Do not touch my neighbor’ and that’s my main message for this rally, “said Stanetić.

Journalist Teofil Pancic said he does not believe that the current government is truly behind the anti-fascist values, because when there is a reason for the massive protest of the citizens which is today held in Novi Sad, government “never does what their duty is.” “I do not believe their declarative and slick anti-fascism  which is not supported by their own biographies. I do not have faith in antifascism of Chetnik duke, nor the man who declared that for one of ours 100 of theirs must be terminated, whoever ‘ours’, and ‘theirs’ suppose to be “, said Pancic. He warned about the alarming situation in the City government of Novi Sad, because part of the ruling majority is political party ‘Third Serbia’ (Treća Srbija), which is “publicly bragging about their links with far right parties across the Europe.” “I cannot have trust in the authorities, because all the time they confirm the opposite, and it’s important to speak out and not to allow them to kidnap the idea of anti-fascism and do with it whatever they want.  Because they will make us look like fools “, said Pancic. Seven non-governmental organizations from another city in Vojvodina, Vrsac, organized a protest walk against the attacks on bakeries owned by Albanians in that municipality. Meeting in Novi Sad was organized by a coalition of non-governmental organization on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Novi Sad from fascism. A wreath at the Monument to the victims of the raid was layed today.

PARTICIPANTS kidnapped flag of Vojvodina Two men hijacked the flag of Vojvodina out of hand of protestors. They then went away with the Nazi salute. At the same time this unfortunate  event has been taking place, radical left activists  from Marks 21  were giving out flyers to people.  Bojan Pajtic, president of Democratic Party, received #antifa  flyer  – just like any other civilian. As AFA Novi Sad stated earlier in their call to rally:  members of political parties are welcome to protest, but only as citizens and anti-fascists, not as activists and promoters of their respective parties. News source:  Photo credits: Radio 021 , Marks 21, AFA Novi Sad  

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