Brutal Repression Of Anti-FIFA & World Cup Protests in Brazil – UPDATES


Updates: 1/7:

Pitch invader Mario Ferri had a protest message today:

Upcoming World Cup protests are listed here

Updates 29/6:
Demonstrators in Rio, near the ‘Fun Fest’ in Copacabana stage a ‘Die In’ during a silent protest against the violent repression and arrests of Anti-FIFA activists.



(4:25 PM) StopMotionSolo is LIVE from Copacabana in a march against censorship and against deaths from the violent military police. Link


Updates 28/6: Video of the police repression and arrests that ended the demonstration yesterday by Coletivo Tatu Military police arrested 15 activists and violently disbanded the demonstration that brought together about 300 people in Rio near the area of the Maracana Stadium where a World Cup match was taking place. BrQi20zIIAAEtM6Demonstrators were beaten and journalists who attempted to record the scenes had equipment broken. Activists plan to return on the 13th of July for the final match of the World Cup. (7:15 PM) Photos of arrests and demonstrations from NINJA, the act ended due to police violence:



(6:50 PM) 10 arrests have been reported in Rio:

(6:16 PM) – A march is ongoing in Tijuica, and Tim Eastman has reported that the demonstration was surrounded by police before the march began. Police have begun to release pepper spray: //

Feminists hold a banner against heightened sexual tourism at the Lagoinha Complex overpass in Belo Horizonte during the Brazil vs Chile game today.

Photo: Thiago Stone

Photo: Thiago Stone

(NINJA) – GAY PRIDE in the Act on the street Cup brings together various social movements and has a special block for LGBT rights. Today is honored the Gay pride, recalling the popular uprisings in New York that there are 45 years occurred changes in the treatment of gays in the country.

Rio de Janeiro, Photo: NINJA

Rio de Janeiro, Photo: NINJA

Rio de Janeiro, Photo: NINJA

Rio de Janeiro, Photo: NINJA

Updates 26/6
Tonight in Sao Paulo during a protest against the arrests of two activists on Monday 23rd, the Military Police (MP) formed a cordon across Ave Paulista blocking the march at the Art Museum (MASP) before it ever got underway.  Hundreds of Calvary and Riot MP’s surrounded the protesters for several hours.

More details on the arrests of Rafael Marques and Fabio Hideki Harano on Monday the 23rd below.

Foto: Oliver Kornblihtt / Mídia NINJA

Surrounded by a contingent of more than 500 officers. Foto: Oliver Kornblihtt / Mídia NINJA

  Updates 24/6

Porto Alegre, Brazil "we are on the street again"

Porto Alegre, Brazil “we are on the street again”

Fortaleza Brazil Another day of disproportionate militarization surrounding the Castellan Arena.

Fortaleza Brazil Another day of disproportionate militarization surrounding the Castellan Arena.

Updates 23/6


Sao Paulo – image via Coletivo Carranca – Pablo Trotsky

Monday, 23, the center of Sao Paulo completely empty, except a point of Avenida Paulista, in the height of Consolation Subway, where hundreds of protesters were gathered to march. Even before the arrival of the protesters, a huge state apparatus paraded down the avenue, end-to-end, 5 trucks of Riot Troops, about 40 soldiers and 200 cavalry “robocops”, police comprising the “Military Ninja” SP, besides the distinguished presence of police DEIC – State Criminal Investigations Department.  Even with the climate of war, the protesters were coming to Square Rider, the sound of drums, red and black flags fluttering in the wind. The act toured with 300 people, and we saw very few masked, to the other end of the Paulista, in Paraiso, and returned, ending in front of the MASP. After the action, some protesters marched to the Plaza agante, and opposite the Metro Consolation. Rafael Marques – arrested on 12th – was surrounded by police officers from the DEIC along with Fabio Hideki Harano “Japa”, famous for going to the acts with helmet and plastic bottles symbolizing a “Molotov cocktail”. A police officer made ​​two shots from a firearm up in the air to stop the approaching people, lawyers and legal observers, who wanted to question the arrest. The two were taken to DEIC and charged for “carrying explosives”.


Sao Paulo – image via Coletivo Carranca – Pablo Trotsky

Video: Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Rio de Janeiro Monday evening to protest against the FIFA World Cup. The protest was organised by the residents of Chapeu Mangueira favela (or slum) situated near Copacabana. People cried out against police brutality, while one protester accused the UPP (Pacifying Police Unit) of implementing fascist measures. One demonstrator was arrested during the protest. “This is a protest against the Cup and state violence, especially the UPP favela police. I live in Manguinhos and since the UPP have arrived five people have been murdered by the hands of the state,” said one activist. “My son, Jonathan de Oliveira Lima was killed by the police, shot in the back by the UPP,” said one mother.

10501394_773602475995304_205728675_n (1)

Man being violently arrested in Rio de Janeiro Monday

Video: Riot police opened fire (less lethal) at unarmed protesters and journalists at an anti-FIFA protest in Sao Paulo on Monday evening. A large police presence was deployed close to Praca do Ciclista square to prevent vandalism in reaction to a demonstration on June the 19th where Black Bloc protesters destroyed a luxury car dealership in the neighborhood. As activists demonstrated close to Praca do Ciclista square, a group of security forces armed with riot shields, batons, and guns advanced on protesters, with one officer firing shots in the direction of the activists.


Foto: Fábio Braga / Folha Press

We just received information that the English teacher Rafael Marques Lusvarghi was arrested at the beginning of the protest this Monday (23), by police civilians who were near the Consolação subway station. According to Mães de Maio During the arrest, according to companions who also participated in the demonstration against the World Cup, Rafael was assaulted. When some protesters realized the abuses against the teacher and were on their way to help, one of the three police officers fired shots with live ammunition on avenida Paulista.  Information is still coming in on the incident we will update soon with arrest info and further confirmation of live ammo use.

Rio de Janeiro, 6/23

Rio de Janeiro, 6/23


Image via Lu Ornellas

Rio de Janeiro, Image via Lu Ornellas


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