Anonymous Op LiftTheBans Successful in Allowing the Feeding of Homeless in Ft Lauderdale Florida


For 30 days, police are not allowed to arrest or issue citations to people feeding homeless in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Arnold Abbott is the founder of Love Thy Neighbor, a local nonprofit that helps the homeless. “I appreciate all of your concern for my safety, but I have faced the Klu Klux Klan on many occasions, and I have no fear of spending the night in a Fort Lauderdale jail,” Abbott wrote on Facebook. “I thank you all, and I pray that we all stay strong. We shall prevail!”

Arnold Abbott, 90yrs old, arrested three times for feeding the homeless

Arnold Abbott, 90yrs old, arrested three times recently for feeding the homeless in Ft Lauderdale

A Broward Country Florida judge issued an order Tuesday that removes a ban that turns people feeding the homeless outdoors in Fort Lauderdale into lawbreakers.

Broward Judge Thomas Lynch ruled that there were to be no arrests or citations for 30 days for violating the new city ordinance, which has been banning feeding the homeless in public places since Oct. 31st.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler was addressed on Monday when Anonymous announced “Op Lift The Bans.” The city of Fort Lauderdale’s website was shut down late Monday, just hours after the promise to do so from Anonymous if their demands to lift the city’s homeless bans were not met.  Anonymous — who engage in worldwide activism — have also been critical of rules that target the homeless by banning panhandling, sleeping in public property and the use of homeless spikes.

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In a video posted to YouTube, Anonymous OpLiftTheBans promised to shut down if the city did not drop the ordinances which have garnered national attention over the last few weeks for the repeated arrest of a 90 yr old WWII veteran Arnold Abbott.

We assume that Broward county Florida has not heard the last from the Anonymous collective and expect more developments as the temporary 30 day lift on the banning of feeding the homeless draws to a close.

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A touching video of Anonymous UK in Nottingham from 2013 where a procession of Anon’s passes a homeless man begging for food money.

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