Albania: Students throw eggs at PM, police respond with violence

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university students have thrown eggs on Monday in Tirana at a car carrying Prime Minister Edi Rama to protest against the educational reforms that, as they say, favor private universities over those run by the state.

Rama was visiting Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Tirana, where he was supposed to meet small businessmen and give a speech about new educational reforms.

Media report that eight students have been brought into the police station, while reports say that police have also beaten up some of the students.

Mesazhi i studentes që goditi me vezë për kryeministrin: “Nuk …

Mesazhi i studentes për kryeministrin: “Ky eshte thjesht fillimi i rezistences. Nuk keni parë asgjë akoma”

Posted by Ora News on Monday, November 2, 2015

Ombudsman office in Albania said that their member wasn’t allowed inside the police station to see arrested students and verify claims of police brutality.

“Ombudsman office has started legal procedures to investigate why the lawyers weren’t allowed to talk to the students while they were in the police station. The police didn’t allow one of the lawyers to enter the police station and talk to students today”, said the office of Ombudsman.

All eight students were later released, and police said that they will raise charges against students.

Members of students movements For University (Per Universitetin) from Albania and Students Political Club (Klubi Politik i Studenteve) from Kosovo participated in Mondays incidents.

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Students in front of the police station in Tirana

Participation of Kosovo students has prompted media reports that those students belong to the opposition Self-Determination movement from Kosovo, but Alban Pira, one of the founders of “Per Universitetin”, disputes those claims.

“There were students of Per Universitetin movement and three students from Klubi Politik i Studenteve. Students from Kosovo have previously been part of Self-determination but now they aren’t. This news is produced by some media connected to the government in order to create confusions. Self-determination movement isn’t involved”, said Pira for Revolution News.

He added that the incident wasn’t planned and that the reason students from Kosovo were close by was because they had previously arranged to meet with their colleagues from Tirana.

“It was a coincidence that they were there today. We didn’t even know that Prime Minister will come and everything was organized quickly”, said Pira.

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