Again Burundi Police Open Fire On Protest – Killing 3 More & Injuring 45


Burundi, Africa – The Red Cross reports that three more people were killed and 45 wounded on Monday during attacks by police using live ammo on what is now the second week of protests against the president. A week ago today, on Monday the 27th six people were killed in Burundi in two separate incidents – three at the hands of police gunfire on Sunday and three others died of their injuries overnight from attacks by the youth wing of the ruling CNDD-FDD party. Seven more people had been wounded in last weeks attack.

The latest murders take the total killed to at least 11 people, 9 citizens and 2 police. At least 52 people have been wounded though the actual number of wounded may be much higher. Thousands of protesters joined Monday’s protest with some managing to reach the center of the capital, which they had previously failed to access amid heavy police and military presence.

Violence continues to escalate in the country, following President Pierre Nkurunziza’s announcement that he is seeking a third term in June’s election. The demonstrators are angered by the decision, saying it is unconstitutional as the president can only seek two five-year terms according to the Arusha peace agreement. The document, signed in 2000 that was intended to pave the way to democracy and brought an end to the 12 year civil war that started in 1995 and claimed 300,000 lives.      
On April 29th the authorities cut mobile access to several social networks and messaging applications including Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, which have been used to coordinate protests. Private radio station RPA was also shut down last week for broadcasting live about the protests. Cutting the radio broadcast severely limits the ability of locals to communicate about any new developments they might be facing. At least 600 people, including leading rights activist Pierre-Claver Mbonimpa, have been arrested since the demonstrations began.

UNHCR-Rwanda reports that as of 26 April, 20,408 Burundians had sought refuge in Rwanda over the past two weeks. Almost 3,000 individuals arriving daily as of 25 April, up from an average of 500 daily. 

#Burundi so what is th intern community wait for to come to protect civilians against th repression? @WhiteHouse — Louis Marcel Mpundu (@M_niragira) May 4, 2015

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