After the Odessa Massacre, Nazis Colonize State Armed Forces – Behind Ukraine’s Walls Of Fire (I)



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A mother and her children were among the dozens butchered, shot dead, or burned alive by the Neo-nazis from Right Sector on May 2, 2014 in Odessa. The massacre preceded more horror for the industrial east. The government in Kyiv tried to hide that these three people existed. Images (see them here at time code 1:12:38- 1:12:41) forced them to admit that they were indeed in the building torched by the Neo-nazis: a boy was in the hospital; his mom and brother were among those murdered – officially 46, unofficially lots more. Odessa bears the mark of terror inflicted by the capitalist class in pursue of her criminal interests.

 “So far as I can see, all political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way. People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome… To appreciate the danger of Fascism the Left would have had to admit its own shortcomings, which was too painful; so the whole phenomenon was ignored or misinterpreted, with disastrous results… The most intelligent people seem capable of holding schizophrenic beliefs, or disregarding plain facts, of evading serious questions with debating-society repartees, or swallowing baseless rumours and of looking on indifferently while history is falsified. All these mental vices spring ultimately from the nationalistic habit of mind, which is itself, I suppose, the product of fear and of the ghastly emptiness of machine civilization…. I believe that it is possible to be more objective than most of us are, but that it involves a moral effort. One cannot get away from one’s own subjective feelings, but at least one can know what they are and make allowance for them.” – George Orwell, London Letter in: Partisan Review (Winter, 1945)


A large crowd of young men, looking up at a burning building, suddenly hear the agonizing screams of a woman. The horror in those screams tells them she is in mortal danger. One of them is the aggressor. They are aware of what is going on.
The screams last a minute or so, on and off. While they continue, this is what they are saying to each other:
-“That’s not a woman. She’s a separatist!
– “Beat the shit out of her. Make her shut up!
– “Yeah, women sit at home with their children. This one is an animal!
Seconds later, from the room next to the one where the woman was being murdered, two boys show up waving a flag. The crowd explodes in patriotic cheers of joy. The two boys have been taught to see themselves as “warriors.” This is their moment of glory. “Glory to Ukraine! Death to her enemies!” Here’s a piece of propaganda by Svoboda’s education minister explaining why their neo-fascist ideology is such a wonderful thing.


The enemy of these boys was a woman who was living in Ukraine, where most people speak Ukrainian and Russian, but these days, for living in the industrial East of the country – targeted by the IMF -, they became “terrorists.” For the “national revolutionaries” of Right Sector, who colonize state armed forces now, they are “occupants”.

Neo-nazi Right Sector (UNA-UNSO) are becoming state army and police.


Neo-nazis in Odessa, carrying police shields, two days after the massacre they committed inside the trade union building.

Ruling politicians in Kyiv employ a double language – one for internal use, and one for outside. At home, they are “the holy warriors” and ruthless aggressors; to the external world they play the victims of Russian imperialism. The internal narrative of the new government in Kyiv is built around symbols and names and certain understandings of moments in history which the West cannot see, and does not really care to look at, simply dismissing them as nationalism due to Ukraine being a former colony in the ex-USSR. But there is more to that. The massacre in Odessa was possible because the nazi killers knew they would get away with it. Heck, they even celebrated days later.

Right Sector set the trade union building on fire in Odessa, May 2, to cover up the massacre they committed inside where they butchered dozens of Odessites.


Odessa, May 2, 2014: the massacre was covered up by the government. Right Sector are supported by the Kyiv government to destroy dissenters in Eastern Ukraine.

The new president Petro Poroshenko has ordered that the rebellion in the east against the Kyiv government be done with by 14th of June. The government will enroll young men to the National Guard (Right Sector), not just the army. Military service is mandatory in Ukraine. In Kyiv parents took it to the streets immediately protesting their children be enrolled in the National Guard and be deployed in eastern Ukraine – also demanding that the increase of cost of life be stopped. They promise to make a real revolution to get rid of the “junta”, this is how they call the current government of Ukraine. Other protests erupted in Kyiv when the government, which came to power using the EuroMaidan, attempted to dismantle the tents a few hundred people have kept there – the new EuroMaidan government used violence against them, but failed.

Right Sector incorporated into a para-statal National Guard, sent to occupy industrial cities in eastern Ukraine. They are shelling schools, hospitals, and homes.  It is not known how many civilians they’ve murdered.

Right Sector making law and order on the streets of Dnepropetrovsk, when they attacked an anti-government rally.

Nazis inside the Odessa trade union building before they set it on fire to cover up the massacre.

Pic from a propaganda clip of Right Sector (UNA-UNSO) explaining their “national revolution” and promising “European reconquista.”

 “Bandera will come and clean up the mess”, see here a compilation of the Nazis marching in the cities of Ukraine- what is dismissed by their supporters in the West as “Russian propaganda.”

Right Sector and the army killed dozens of residents in Mariupol who refused to let them occupy the city. Residents forced the Kyiv forces out of the city.

Dmitry Yarosh, now Parubiy’s deputy, on the scene at EuroMaidan, pursuing the “national revolution.”

There are more groups forming Right Sector, which is actually the stage-name of UNA-UNSO, a die hard nazi organization, active in exile and in Ukraine for decades. This one was one of the oldest collaborators of Yarosh; he was killed in March in a conflict with some policemen, after the change of power in Kyiv.

Funeral of a UNA-UNSO. among the first killed at EuroMaidan in the battles with the police. All the groups forming Right Sector share the ideology of the nazi Stepan Bandera, who was whitewashed and turned into a national hero. His organisation has massacred Ukrainians (who did not submit to his ideas), Poles and Jews. Their main enemies today are Russian speaking population in the east.

UNA-UNSO flag next to EU’s at EuroMaidan.

Svoboda’s leader at the funeral of a UNA-UNSO. All political parties in the government back the ideology of Stepan Bandera, whom they whitewashed into “a nationalist.” Here are some of his crimes (graphic).

EuroMaidan fighter, carrying nazi symbols on his shield.


Neocon Victoria Nuland, from the U.S. State Department, said they invested 5 billion dollars for “the democracy” in Ukraine. People she supported see the Russian population in the east as “occupants.” They are bombing civilians in their homes and shelling hospitals and schools, they execute women, children and men on the streets in the East. Miners on strike are called “Russian agents,” “Anti-oligarchs,” EuroMaidan made way for a new president – a filthy rich oligarch, 6th richest capitalist in Ukraine. Nuland plotted that “Yats” be named Prime-Minister. Yats worked for the IMF 10 years ago. He’s implementing IMF’s “free markets” now in Ukraine.

They killed in Odessa for the “purity” of their “nation” – the nazi propaganda tells them those who don’t live for “their” “ancestors” will commit “suicide.” This is their national revolution they have been preparing for many years. The boys who murdered inside the Odessa trade union building were indoctrinated by ruthless propagandists into believing that the Russian population in the East are “occupants.” EuroMaidan, which brought a coalition dominated by the fascist Svoboda to power by avoiding elections, could unite so many different people on common ground, because it started decades ago and it grew in time. The majority of the people at the EuroMaidan were and still are against the interests of the minority which came to hack it, but the most powerful weapon in the hands of this minority was a past they already controlled and used to the point in which they turned it into a reality – this is one factor which made it possible for them to paralyze any potential opposition to their agenda.

RS exterminate

Right Sector (Pravyi Sektor) propaganda – posted on their pages after the Odessa massacre, which they committed couple of months after they were pushed to power. They mean what the poster says: “Transgress! Oppress! Depopulate! Restrain! Suppress! Exterminate!”

They prepared for it, trained for it, marched for it, made propaganda for it, manipulated and rewrote and cleansed history of what challenged their propaganda (one of their sickest manipulations ever is that they have turned Nestor Makhno, who was everything they are not — an anarcho-communist and an anti-capitalist revolutionary — into a nationalist to serve their fascist propaganda); they revived and used a messianic past up to the point in which history became exclusively a political ideology program; they recruited school kids and students and turned them into their soldiers. It grew in schools and universities, in the church, in the training camps, on the streets and on the stadiums.

Stepan Bandera displayed by Lvov ultras. Football fans, mostly from Dynamo Kyiv, were recruited as fighters at the EuroMaidan.

“Angola is not England,

Russia is not Rus” –

A slogan on a poster the Russian police confiscated from Ukrainian football fansSource

Beyond the fact that Russian and Ukrainian chauvinism feed each other, those who came to power at the end of February in Kyiv have unleashed a stigmatization campaign, the likes of which have not been seen in Europe for a while. There are politicians in Kyiv who call for the ethnic cleansing of a part of the civilian population – because speaking Russian makes them “occupants.” There are supporters of the government who call them “bugs.” There are supporters of the government who shot them dead, butchered them and burned them alive under the eyes of the entire world, and, because the Western leaders’ mentality is quite totalitarian, the massacre of these people became “law enforcement,” or some unavoidable “tragedy.” In fact, Odessa was a massacre, planned, staged and executed with the intent to instill terror in the minds and hearts of the people living in the East. It was praised by politicians in Kyiv, who called for more killings. It’s how nazis work: they create mayhem, they terrorize so then later they can come and make “law and order” – which never apply to them. 

The Kyiv government claimed they don’t know what started the fire. This photo shows them it was their supporters – Right Sector nazis and political army ultras – who set the building on fire — you can see at least 7 Molotovs being thrown at the building.

On May 2, as people were watching the Trade Union building in Odessa engulfed in flames, in the East, tanks and helicopters were invading cities and villages to quell a rebellion – get this: a legitimate rebellion – against the government in Kyiv. There is an uprising in the East against the new government in Kyiv. It broke out not because Yanukovych was ousted or because they want to split the country.

Unarmed residents of Marioupol stop with their bare hands a tank sent by the Kyiv government to invade them. Dozens were killed days later – shot on the streets by Kyiv’s “peace” messengers.

It erupted after Kyiv forcefully appointed some of the richest oligarchs in Ukraine as their local governors, and a propaganda machine has been started to stigmatize and terrorize the Russian speaking population. After the verbal violence, they deployed the tanks and bombs. Never mind the hypocrisy of the new rulers in Kyiv who forgot that Lvov indeed voted for separation from Ukraine, and that they themselves occupied public buildings to pressure their rivals in Kyiv out of power. Their behavior has helped anti-Kyiv sentiments in Crimea explode, which were speculated by Moscow’s machinations, and resulted into a controversial referendum through which Crimea broke away from Ukraine and joined Russia. Putin’s arrogant let-me-show-you-my-muscles‘ statements towards eastern Ukraine certainly helped Kyiv’s propaganda against the Russian-speaking population in the industrial East of the country. [See here, Noam Chomsky:  “Russia’s annexation of Crimea was an illegal act. One comparable example comes to mind: U.S. control of Guantanamo Bay in southeastern Cuba.”] 
10256161_848807221802719_2239043989096897556_n (1)

In the east, villagers erected barricades to stop Kyiv’s tanks from invading them.

[On May 11th, in the industrial East, they held local referendums demanding autonomy from Kyiv, and, in the east, the Kyiv government did send armed thugs and tanks to terrorize, murder and scare people off from the polling stations. Unarmed civilians defied the threat of the Kyiv government officials, who said that their military terror operation will continue, whatever people in the East do. Putin also demanded they postpone the referendum, but they kept it going. To break their resistance, the government in Kyiv also punished them and announced they would not pay people’s pensions and salaries. Because civilians voting are “terrorists” for Neo-nazis like Parubiy (see note at the end about why we call them Neo-nazis*). He said, “If [the date of the referendum]is going to be postponed or they announce the results of the referendum it does not make any difference. The anti-terrorist operation will continue.” Source]

Hundreds were killed when Kyiv’s air force bombed Donetsk where miners have been striking to demand economic autonomy.

On March 2, 2014 (one week after the power reshuffle) the Unites States cut their first slice of the prey when the new government revised their contract with Chevron so that the company enjoys absolute privileges and the ability to sell this gas to Ukraine itself with higher prices. “Ukraine has Europe’s third-largest shale gas reserves at 42 trillion cubic feet, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.”
“On March 2d, 2014 Interim president of Ukraine, Turchinov in presence of the U.S., German and Polish ambassadors in Ukraine signed a preliminary agreement with the IMF on financial help to Ukraine, according to which:
– all gas transportation systems of Ukraine upon signing of the final agreement go under the company Chevron (the U.S. company).
– Owners of Mariupol, Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical plants must transfer 50% of their companies shares to the German Ruhr.
Donbass coal production is to be transmitted to Finnish subsidiary of the Ruhr company. Among some political demands in the signed document is an annex, according to which NATO will place on territories near Kharkov the U.S. missile defense systems, the U.S fighter aircraft for anti-missile shield!” Source: First Deputy Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Poland.
RS anti-russian propaganda

Neo-nazi Right Sector consider Russian speakers in Ukraine “occupants.” This is probably why they say they are “Europeans.” Some Europeans don’t like to be reminded the role of slavery, racism in their history, the true engines of capitalism.

On April 12, CIA’s boss John Brennan visited Kyiv in secret, which he later had to admit publicly. On April 13, the interim president of Ukraine, Olexander Turchinov, announced that a military “anti-terrorist” operation would be launched. “Anti-terrorist” is newspeak for military occupation: residents in towns, cities and villages oppose it by erecting barricades, literally stopping tanks with their bare hands. Out of some 8 million, some 1,000 have got their hands on arms. There are also Chechens in the East and Cossacks from Russia; as there are Italians, Canadians, Swedish, Germans and Americans in support of Kyiv’s armed forces.
On April 24, the Right Sector Rambo wannabe boss Dmitry Yarosh announced “he moved his HQs” to the east (in Dnepropetrovsk) so he can “keep a better eye on Russia.”
On April 29 Parubiy was in Odessa meeting Mykola, one of Right Sector’ public executioners. (see images and photos in the part II of this blog)

Parubiy and Yarosh, the bosses of the armed forces at the EuroMaidan; later came to control the armed forces of Ukraine. Both are fanatical Neo-nazis.

On April 29, the country’s interim president claimed they lost control over the east. The German foreign minister also said the civilians in the east are not controlled by anyone. “Control” means people must accept whatever will be done to them – it is also telling of the mentality of these individuals who imagine that people cannot do anything on their own unless they are put to it.
On May 1st, the IMF boss told Kyiv that if they don’t suppress the disobedient population in the industrial east, the IMF would “re-design” “its agreement” with Ukraine (blackmail): “Should the central government lose effective control over the east, the program will need to be re-designed,” the IMF threatened. The next day, on May 2nd, tanks and helicopters and the Right Sector – aka National Guard – invaded the industrial cities in the east. Almost everyday since the occupation people have been killed in the east. On May 25, as there were presidential elections, the bombing got only worse as hospitals and schools are targeted in Slaviansk.
Photo: Ukraina codziennie giną niewinni ludzie, panie Kaczynski, Tusk, Sikorski czy wam nie wstyd teraz?

Kyiv’s military have killed hundreds of civilians in the east – they call them “terrorists”. Here’s how the National Guard have opened fire on civilians in the city of Mariupol, on May 9.

The Right Sector Neo-nazis are leading the military occupation of civilians in the industrial East of Ukraine, which has been urged by the IMF. Just hours after the power reshuffle in Kyiv on February 22, UK’s foreign secretary did not even have the decency to let their new guys in Kyiv announce the IMF invasion, he rushed to urge that things get done fast (before people in Ukraine can realize what it will be done to them). Right Sector are needed because soldiers are fired if they refuse to kill civilians (they have to pass tests checking their willingness to open fire and kill civilians, see here such a test, questions 17 and 18); there are reports that some soldiers are killed when they disobey the Kyiv government. Those willing to kill women and children for the IMF are deployed in the east, but it seems there are not too many, because Right Sector is really desperate to recruit anyone willing to kill for money. Tymoshenko also announced that “all military action will be deployed in nearest future against any mass meeting of people,” – such are in fact the real European values. (In this video, she also thanked the nazi thugs who massacred people in Odessa for “fighting for Ukraine’s future.”)
On May 7, even Yatsenyuk visited the camps where their killers are trained in eastern Ukraine. The Kyiv government demanded “help” from the the United States. Already, German papers reported that U.S.’s Blackwater mercenaries have been sent in the East (Monsanto aims big in Ukraine too). This is why the U.S. state department said that killing civilians and repressing their resistance with such brutality is “proportionate and reasonable.”
They have to protect all sorts of daddy’s sons and corporations, like Chevron and Monsanto: “Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that Russia saw no conflict of interest in Joe Biden working to wean Ukraine off Russian gas – which makes up about 60 percent of the country’s energy supply – while his son worked in the Ukrainian gas industry.”
Of course, the European Commission urged Ukraine to use the money they get from the EU to pay off its debt for Russia’s Gazprom. “This is support for the Ukrainian budget with a view [to enabling Ukraine]to make the necessary payments in the energy sector,” Simon O’Connor said. And, Total SA (FP) agreed to seek shale oil in Western Siberia with OAO Lukoil (LKOD), “brushing off U.S. and European sanctions against Russia over its annexation of Crimea.” On May 28, EurAsia – a trade replica of the European Union in Asia – was signed, most likely not appreciated in Washington.   
[“War is the product of the capitalist system as a whole. Tomorrow’s war will not find the democracies opposing the dictatorships. Behind ideological pretexts, imperialist realities are concealed. …For many people, anti-fascism has become synonymous with chauvinism. Fascism must be fought not from the outside by imperialist war but from within by proletarian class struggle.D.Guerin’s Fascism and Big Business ]
However, Yulia Tymoshenko later said they “set up a trap for Putin” in Crimea. The same Tymoshenko who said that the 8 million ethnic Russian people in the East must be “nuked.” The same Tymoshenko who cut the gas deal to the benefits of Gazprom, EU and Russia (Putin opposed her jail sentence). The same one for whose release out of jail (where she was sentenced for the Gazprom deal), the European Unionsupported by the United States — conditioned the signing of a trade agreement with Ukraine back in December. Yanukovych – who already agreed to increase gas tariffs and cut benefits for the IMF loan – said no, and refused to let Tymoshenko escape jail. The deal failed. (So, in reality, it’s not really Ukraine who rejected the deal with EU, it was the other way around: the EU refused to sign a deal with Ukraine). Russia, on the other hand, seems to have used her “offer” for Ukraine only to help EU put more pressure on Ukraine to meet their conditions, while insisting they were not infringing Russia’s interests (EU was not concerned that Ukraine was signing trade agreements with Russia). Kyiv was trying to get itself in a better position towards Gazprom while apparently managed to cut a deal to pay for gas what the EU was paying (after Tymoshenko’s deal with Gazprom, Ukraine was paying 50% more to Gazprom than EU).  Protests erupted when Yanukovych “backed off” (as the mainstream media narrative was) from signing the deal with the EU, but “despite what he claims, it wasn’t the Kremlin that made him do that.” The more Yanukovych resisted West’s condition to release Tymoshenko, the more Putin was insisting with “his offer” of lowering gas prices “only for 2014”, “conveniently forgetting that it was Russia’s refusal to trade with Ukraine that brought the country’s economy to its knees.” Putin’s offer was also “potentially hazardous for Russia. Under that scheme, Moscow would have need(ed) to pump a lot more money into Ukraine and give it a large say in joint bodies such as the Eurasian Economic Commission, with little guarantee that Ukraine wouldn’t break away again once it recovered from its current financial crunch.” Putin was not into “charity“, especially when that meant 7 billion dollars.
pic 50

After Crimea split and joined Russia, Moscow let the Kyiv government take its weaponry back, which they later deployed to massacre residents in Eastern Ukraine. Kyiv admitted only after two months that they moved their weapons from Crimea to invade the East. Source

Now, after Crimea, the Kyiv government is accusing anyone not recognizing them — “they’re legitimate” just because former Gazprom employee, authoritarian Carl Buildt says so, and Obama called them “duly elected” before any elections took place – of being “separatists,” which is a lie they use to justify sending tanks and armed thugs against them. However, the real separatists are the Western experts who demanded that Ukraine be split because it would be “just the best thing” that it could happen to her (see part II of this blog).
This is how the IMF works, they have done it before in Yugoslavia (see links at the end of the blog). Only now it will be worse, if they are not stopped. And nobody in the ruling classes in Kyiv, in the West or in Russia want to stop them. Moscow backs IMF’s “structural adjustments” and “reforms” for Ukraine (read, capitalist accumulation). Putin is not communist, he is a capitalist plutocrat, and a conservative bordering fascism, just like most of the ruling classes in the West are, too. For one simple reason: the autonomy of the working people is bad for capitalists, and it’s systematically destroyed in the United States, in the European Union, in Russia and in Ukraine, too.
Reuters Marko Djurica near Kramatorsk april 16

Locals in the east armed themselves after Kyiv started to kill them – shooting at cars, apartments, people on the streets.

The Neo-nazis from the Right Sector are the vanguard of “an anti-terrorist” operation in the industrial East where people have been protesting the oligarchs (read, capitalist class), imposed on them by Kyiv since early March. Why is this “an anti-terrorist” campaign? Well, because these Neo-nazis call whoever does not accept them terrorists. The people in the East have every right to reject the insults and the stigmatization by the Kyiv government and their supporters. They are called “Colorado beetle,” “Moskali,” “separatists” and “terrorists” or “pro-Russian” (because they happen to speak Russian.)
When these experts say “Ukraine is a country divided between a Ukranian speaking population and a Russian speaking population” where exactly are their own values? Both populations live in the same cities, they are next door neighbors – in the west some are more, in the east others are more. Why should cultural diversity be considered “a divide”? Sadly it is, because the nationalists in the western Ukraine see it as a threat to their own legitimacy, and because: “the culture, language, and political thinking of western Ukraine have been imposed upon the rest of Ukraine. Ostensibly this is for the sake of “unifying the country,” but in fact the objective has been to put down and humiliate Ukraine’s Russian-speaking population. The radical nationalists of western Ukraine, for whom the rejection of Russia and its culture is an article of faith, intend to force the rest of the country to fit their narrow vision. Western and eastern Ukraine do not understand each other’s preoccupations, just as Cubans in Miami and Cubans in Havana would not understand each other. Ukrainian conflict is not the conflict between the “pro-Russian separatists” and “pro-Ukrainians,” but rather between two Ukrainian groups who do not share each other’s vision of an independent Ukraine. … Easterners are angry that pro-Bandera banners, posters and graffiti are popping up all over Ukraine and with the rewriting of history in general, where violent nationalists who fought alongside the Nazis are treated as heroes while Russians, who suffered under Stalin no less than the Ukrainians, are denigrated. Following the exile of President Victor Yanukovich and Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Ukrainian nationalist rhetoric has become downright offensive and hysterical, ostracizing further the people in the east.” (This is an excerpt from an article by Vladimir Golstein, a professor of Slavic studies at Brown University. He was born in Moscow and emigrated to the United States in 1979. It’s among the few worth reading published by the capitalist media in the West.)
right sector euromaidan 14 88

Notice on the back wall the nazi symbols 14/88, meaning “Hail Hitler” and white supremacy propaganda. But you are delusional, these are not nazis: it’s just “Russian propaganda,” as their apologists keep saying.

Before we go further this must be said: we use the term Neo-nazis to describe those who participate and belong to the organisations under the umbrella of Right Sector (the last link is their propaganda channel, they are UNA-UNSO rebranded and expanded). On their website they publish announcements on behalf of Yarosh, announce training camps – with the ministry of defense, too.  (see Boot training UNSD in Kiev _Ukrainian National Assembly (UNA-UNSD) / Right Sector _Ukrainian National Assembly (UNA-UNSD)  / Statement ZHOO UNSD activities on _the right sector_ in _UNA-UNSO Zhitomir  / Right Sector _Ukrainian National Assembly (UNA-UNSD)

Nazis from UNA-UNSO training with the defense ministry in Ukraine in April.

We don’t call them Neo-nazis because Russia says so, we already explained that EurAsia promotes a fascist ideology (see here, one of their magazine, and here more about its ideologue, Dugin). We call them such simply because they are, and such is the ideology they impose. They and their armed thugs are the worst enemies of the working people. We call Svoboda Neo-fascists because they mirror the ideology of EurAsia and other fascists in the West too, who are tolerated and supported by the Western governments.
svoboda N

First published by Les Crises who also publish lots of documented reports on the Neo-nazis in Ukraine.

In a documentary called “Neo-nazi threat in Ukraine“, BBC interviewed some of them, revealing how deep the indoctrination of these boys is:
“- National- socialism themes are popular amongst some of us. The idea of one nation. Not everyone in our organisation shares this idea, but some people do believe in it.
– What about you?
– I personally do.
– Please, explain.
– I like the idea of one nation.
– I want there to be one nation, one people, one country.
– What does that mean?
A clean nation. Not like under Hitler. But in our own way a little bit like that.
Those who like Russia – let them move to Russia.”
There are 13 ethnic minorities living in Ukraine. Here’s another one, a C14 (presented as Svoboda‘s armed group) leader, showing up a swastika carved out on a military hat, while he says he does not consider himself a nazi, but “a nationalist.” You know, “Ukraine’s only hope“- only somebody hating them deeply can mock them like that.
download (8)

Cops and Right Sector having a laugh next to the building were residents of Odessa were butchered and burned alive. Women are trying to escape the fire at the 1st floor window.

It’s utterly dishonest to see authoritarian laws in Russia, or in Ukraine (like those on January 16th, and probably lots more to come), but endorse similar ones in Spain, Turkey, the United States, Germany, UK. It is utterly dishonest to say Putin is the only threat when the states in the West jail anti-fascists for defending people attacked by Nazis under the noses of the police (Joel’s case, Sweden), not to mention the political police on full display in the United States and Europe. It is not a contradiction that the West has supported Svobodabanks in the United States have demanded fascism in Europe. It is dishonest to talk about fascism and not mention capitalism- fascism is a violent ultra-reactionary phase of capitalism, meant to crush any resistance or potential resistance by the working class. It is just dishonest to pretend there are no oligarchs in Europe or in the United States, that they are just in Russia and Ukraine – it is mystifying to call them oligarchs, the correct term should be: capitalist class not interested in saving appearances.
It is not honest to pretend – like the West does – that they care about “saving Ukraine” – and use the country’s dire situation to sink her into more debts. Why does Ukraine have such huge debts in the first place? Why are these not investigated? What independence is that when the IMF is creating more poor, desperate and vulnerable proletarians by destroying the autonomy of the working people, by raising the gas prices to intolerable levels, and literally stealing food from kids? How many tanks are necessary for politicians to avoid talking about what capitalism really is? Why must people in Russia be guilty for the state capitalism imposed on them in the past centurywhen the West have joined the dictators‘ propaganda and lies about it being “communism”? Why must people in Russia be hated because they suffered under state capitalism, and then endured even more horrors from the IMF? Who created “the oligarchs” in Russia, which now has the greatest inequality in the world? Was it not the IMF by privatization (read, destroying the unions and abusively appropriating the vital resources from the majority)? These oligarchs are the same as everywhere in Eastern Europe: the former ruling class of the state capitalism, before the Iron Curtain collapsed. Private capitalism of today is an extension of the state capitalism of yesterday. “More nationalism” needed in Ukraine, they say (ignoring the massacre in Odessa)? How about no more lies. Oligarchs in Russia or Ukraine are those who in the the West are called the 1%. They are the same as Koch brothers or ALEC. Oligarchs in Russia are bad, but TPP is good? What sort of “logic” is this?
Here’s what people in Odessa, and many in the rest of the east, were saying before the massacre:
“- The situation in the country is awful. First they drove a wedge between us and our Russian brothers. As for me, I’m neither going to travel to Russia, nor to anywhere else. I want to live in Odessa. I want everything to be fine. I want us to be friends with Russia. The West is not for us, you know. What’s happening in our country is a nightmare. How will we survive? For instance, my salary is 92 dollars per month. Can I get by? Gas prices are now about to spike by 73%. The prices for medicine have already been raised by 60%. It’s terrible. Really, terrible.”
People living in the West of Ukraine certainly can say the same thing. It’s just the IMF doing their best.
5 mai odessa

Right Sector are colonizing and replacing the police and the army, to pursue their “national revolution”. Nazis could not care less about elections.

We don’t call the Right Sector (and their para-statal, semi-official, private funded National Guard avatars) Neo-nazis to smear the legitimate protests of the people in Kyiv who hoped to get rid of the social and economic grievances, even if they can’t decode them as class struggle. (To expect class conscience in Eastern Europe is showing how little the West does know about Stalinism – which was not communism). There are 46 million people in Ukraine – anyone pretending to speak their mind is lying. They are not nazis – why are they all assumed to be like some minister in their government? – the nazis are the minority who control state power.
People who took it to the streets and protested their government and battled the police had the right to do so (by the way, is that Yarosh still riding Yanukovych’s luxury limo?). They also have every right not to be fooled and lied that what is happening to them now is “freedom” or “democracy”. What is happening to them now is the result of one of the most brutal capitalist accumulations by the ruling classes. The prey is Ukraine’s resources and its working people, (Ukrainian speakers and Russian speakers), who are the real producers of the wealth, appropriated by capitalists. 
The fact that the protests in Kyiv were used to bring to power whoever the ruling classes wanted is the responsibility of the ruling classes, not of the people they used and lied to. The responsibility for bringing fascist Svoboda to state power is the responsibility of the ruling classes – these are people who control economic, political, and military decisions. These ruling bastards are those who have told cosmic lies in the past months. In the industrial East of the country, people who reject the government in Kyiv and who cannot see Bandera, because they are right to consider him a Nazi, are not trying to break up the country – the largest majority of people in Ukraine want their country to stick together. There are some who openly want to break away and join Russia, inciting more violence against the local population, but they don’t enjoy a large support. If opinions are quite different towards Russia, the opposition and rejection of the government in Kyiv seems to be  quite widespread, especially among the Russian speakers, and this was clear during the referendum they held. This is not irrational – the government in Kyiv bears full responsibility for alienating the Russian speaking population in Ukraine. 

U.S.’s Republican and Democrat politicians on the stage of EuroMaidan next to Svoboda’s “You’ll all kneel at the grave of Bandera soon.”

When it comes to bread and work, there is no real divide between the people who speak Russian or Ukrainian, or both. But there is a lot of hatred taught to them, so that working people in Kyiv do not protest in mass when working people in Marioupol are butchered by the new military of the Kyiv government, or when residents of Balashikha are bombed by the planes of the Kyiv government. So that those living in the West consider themselves “superior” to those living in the East – they are not. So they do not protest when a woman is killed in the Trade Union building in Odessa – just like that. So they don’t see that this woman does not even exist for those who record the history these days. So they don’t see that Odessa is slipping into the City of Shadows of the past. So they don’t see the people in Kyiv who cried for this woman and the others massacred in Odessa. So they don’t know that they cried in Moscow too. They did not cry in the offices and palaces of the civilized cruel politicians in the Western world. The scene is here, be warned that it’s traumatic, like the rest of the videos linked in this blog.

When the woman’s killer appeared at the window of the crime scene, in the Trade Union building, to savor his victory, the men cheered enthusiastically. This crime happened while riot police were present among the crowd, behaving invisible, and at the same time when firefighters were just taking somebody out of the 5-story burning building. It’s surreal. This documentary in Russian shows how the Right Sector are recruited among the criminals in prisons, rapists and even serial killers. The more terror they can inflict upon the civilian population, the better suited they are. You can translate subtitles, and see here at minute 5 how they are recruited from prisons, at 1:52 how a Right Sector raped an old woman, at 11:52 – 12:32 what happens to one of their “enemies”, how they train singing U.S. marines songs, at minute 9 a mutiny inside the Ukrainian army. Two weeks after Odessa, Right Sector and the EuroMaidan interior ministry were deeply shocked to learn that 17,000 police in the east have refused to work for them and “deserted.” We discuss below how Right Sector are colonizing the police and the army — just like their OUN-B ancestors and UPA have terrorized local populations in the past – and you can evaluate for yourself the intellectual honesty of elites claiming to be terribly disturbed that the Neo-nazis have not been whitewashed enough; this is what they say after the massacre in Odessa: “These exaggerations about the role of the far right are so over-present, and they have to be counteracted.” Funny, these people never seem concerned to counter-attack the propaganda done by the “far right” (they don’t to call them Neo-nazis to make them look more acceptable).

See below how, while people were burning and were being massacred in the Trade Union building, the nazis were leaving their signatures on the wall. But, again, you are delusional, this is Russian propaganda, as their apologists say even today.

As for historians who minimalise the Right Sector’s presence because they did poorly in presidential elections, they are twice as irresponsible: precisely because Nazis get to be hated by the local population they dominate, they will spill the blood of those who contest them, precisely because they know they will never be elected, they have other means to be in power (with the help of the state, always).


Some people are so caught up in the hatred for Putin that are willing to just ignore the massacre in Odessa, or justify it. But the more people are killed in Ukraine by their government, the more the life of every person in Ukraine is devalued. The more they slip into the civil war fatalistic mentality where killing “the other” is just what thugs like the IMF need. The real aggressors always manage to pose as saviors, when in fact they deliver death. This is why some call for more “nationalism,” so they cannot see what is being done to people like them – workers. More nationalism will make worker kill worker. Father kill father. Brother kill somebody else’s brother. Every person killed these days in Ukraine is devaluing the life of everyone else living in Ukraine. It’s the downward spiral towards the mind-set of civil war
fb right sector

This is the person who is indoctrinating the kids whom the Neo-nazis recruit to kill people for “the purity of the nation.” She is also a fanatical Neo-nazi, and she is the spokesperson of the Right Sector. Facebook removed our post about her.

Later in the evening, the woman’s killer appeared in a picture threatening a man on the ground. They still won’t look for him, because they won’t admit that he committed any murder. They won’t admit any murders happened. They call them “a tragedy.” There are many who justify the massacre at Kulikovo as “understandable” or ”unavoidable” (the gunshots he talks in the last blog linked were shot at the people inside the trade union building) – so that the aggressors can present themselves as victims. There are too many details which point to the fact that there was nothing unavoidable about it. Quite the contrary.

Screenshot from a propanda clip of the neo-nazi Right Sector, announcing a great “European Reconquista”.

The Odessa massacre happened two months after ”the promoters of the European dream” have been pushed to power in Kyiv, to “reboot the system” (capitalism) and get rid of a guy who, among other things, risked to compromise their system too much (Viktor Yanukovych is a product of capitalism). Since December, pro- and anti- Yanukovych, Russian, and EuroMaidan people demonstrated in the city: except that on April 10, 2014, Right Sector attempted to spoil the anniversary of the city’s liberation from the Nazis: violence broke out, and Right Sector barely made it out of Odessa.

The government claimed that only people from the “peaceful” Right Sector ultras were hit by unidentified red armband snipers in Odessa, 3 from the side of the anti-Kyiv protestors were also killed. Snipers were firing from behind the police lines, 3 days after Parubiy visited a battalion of Right Sector stationed in Odessa.

On May 2, snipers suddenly appeared. Snipers were a big propaganda win in Kyiv, and they are still not investigated, in spite of all legitimate questions (the person caught with weapons for snipers is Tymoshenko’s ex-prime-minister, he is a hotshot in the presidential administration in Kyiv). Snipers were a big propaganda win in other “revolutions” in Eastern Europe – those who came to power exploiting the bloodshed promised that they will be caught. They never were.

Red arm bands were those who provoked the violence at a Ultras march in Odessa, they were called “Russia’s instigators.” The police this one talks to later conveniently disappeared.

However, the civilized elites in the West ignore the Odessa massacre, or, worse, rationalize it, justify it and even endorse it. It’s hardly surprising: they know very well who are those with a past in the Neo-nazi organisation UNA-UNSO and her avatars. Andrei Parubiy, boss over defence, security and police forces, co-founder of a nazi party together with Oleh Tyanbok in 1991, coordinator of para-military nazi squads, Tetiana Chornovol (lustration, getting rid of political dissenters), Dmytro Bulatov (sports, former auto-maidan strongly supported from the United States), and many others. Dmitry Yarosh is the deputy head of the National Security Council (Parubiy’s deputy), and is colonizing the state power position in the country. Together with Parubiy they recruit “volunteers” for the army and the police. One of Parubiy’s “promises” was the creation of a 20,000 strong National Guard (Natsgvardii, which will integrate the Neo-nazi organisations from the EuroMaidan), to replace the police, the first squads were unleashed in the industrial east – “on the front” – in April.

Yarosh and the current boss of the secret service SBU training one of the group of armed fighters deployed at the EuroMaidan a year later (Trident, Yarosh was their trainer for at least for a decade). See video below; notice there are kids too at this training.

The armed “self-defence” groups are to be dismantled, but Yarosh will keep his, and anyway by then his nazis are in the police and in the army. It’s tragic to hear historians blind themselves that they are not “a majority” (the main argument to appease the criticism towards these Nazi thugs): they never were until they got into positions from where they could eliminate opponents and control everything.


They rebranded today as Right Sector, which did not appear magically out of the fog of history at the end of November in Kyiv’s Independence Square, they just stayed low until they were needed for the “national revolution.” Right Sector is just the stage name, so they can create the impression of spontaneity, which is completely false: they have been at it for many years, and certainly they have been training in public at least since 2006, and started processions carrying nazi flags and portraits of their nazi heroes for many years now. They mean it when they say they want to drive the Russian population – they call them “the occupants” – out of “their” land which they dream to take back. They start to say it publicly – posting maps of their old empire.
pravi sector una unso

That flag is UNA-UNSO‘s , a neo-nazi organization, deployed at the EuroMaidan – they are considered heroes of the revolution -, they are now colonizing the police and armed forces of Ukraine. They have been marching on the streets of Ukraine with real guns for many years now. They have been in Chechnya against Russian troops, as well as other wars.

They are split into more groups – Trident, UNA-UNSO, soccer fans, C14, Ukrainian Patriots -, but they work together and probably are financed by people the Ukrainian Congress of America would certainly know. Right Sector themselves say they trained people back in early December at EuroMaidan, Yarosh said they trained for two years – of course, he lies, they’ve been at it for many more years.

This happened while gradually, the political wing of the Neo-nazis, with support from the United States and Germany, have rehabilitated Stepan Bandera – erecting statues and marching and banning historians who told the truth about him being a nazi, and of course being supported by the media, by university professors etc. Svoboda is largely supported by university graduates, that should give a hint about how powerful the propaganda is to “denazify” (normalize Nazism) in the western Ukraine. (Both Ukrainian Congress of America and Right Sector – which have become a political party meanwhile – monitored and “guarded” elections on May 25.) Ukrainian Congress of America has met with the current prime-minister of Ukraine.

This is Dmitry Yarosh at one of their trainings, he was the boss of “Trident” group. He says that Trident is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary and that throughout these years they were constantly fighting for Ukrainian nationhood: “Without national revolution freedom is impossible.” “In Ancient Rome,” he says, “there was a senator, Marcus Porcius Cato. Whenever he held a speech, he always ended it up saying “Carthage must be destroyed.” As long as our eternal enemy – Russian Empire – exists, Ukrainian statehood is impossible to achieve.” Later he speaks on the importance of Youth fighters. “We were never afraid to speak the truth aloud and we will never relinquish it,” he sums it up:


[UNA-UNSO supported the fascist dictator from Chile, Pinochet, it’s not really surprising the United States backed them and still do: there are at least 35 countries from A to Z, where the United States has supported fascists, drug lords and terrorists.


images (2)

“In Washington, the OUN-B reconstituted under the banner of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), an umbrella organization comprised of “complete OUN-B fronts,” according to Bellant. By the mid-1980’s, the Reagan administration was honeycombed with UCCA members, with the group’s chairman Lev Dobriansky, serving as ambassador to the Bahamas, and his daughter, Paula, sitting on the National Security Council. Reagan personally welcomed Stetsko, the Banderist leader who oversaw the massacre of 7000 Jews in Lviv, into the White House in 1983.“Your struggle is our struggle,” Reagan told the former Nazi collaborator. “Your dream is our dream.” Source]



The people inside the trade union building were shot and clubbed to death before and during the burning of the building set on fire by the Right Sector, to cover up the massacre they committed intentionally.

The Odessa massacre is ignored because the United States and European Union fake humanity, only if they can exploit it to benefit their propaganda or imperialism. When they can be damaging – because they reveal the reality –  they get some damnatio memoriae. Even today, Western politicians visit the place in Kyiv where people were killed in February, but they deny the truth about who really killed them. They fake human feelings, while they sadistically brought the IMF in Ukraine to steal the food from children’s mouths and the books from their hands, and impoverish even more the working classes in Ukraine. Because – don’t laugh – the most corrupt and criminal institution in the world has descended to Kyiv “to fight corruption” – that is, to create even more oligarchs (capitalist class). Is this what people were killed for in Kyiv? So that the IMF can pursue their capitalist accumulation, called “structural adjustment” or “reform” – or whatever wooden language they use – while they pretend to save Ukraine from debts by creating more debts? Putin, is a capitalist, Russia backs the IMF, and the Kremlin has no problem with Biden’s son getting a new toy in Ukraine. It’s just stuff the ruling classes do.

 Continues on part II, see here, and also check the video blog where we post images recorded at Odessa.

* The use of this term has been turned into a political ping-pong, zero sum-game propaganda between the Western media and the Russian media, in a fight to control the narrative over Ukraine. The UNA-UNSO, from which key rulers in the Kyiv state power have sprung, is a die hard Neo-nazi organisation. Of course, they call themselves ”nationalists,” but they could call themselves martians too, the ideology they promote is still nazism. There is an army of academia, historians, and journalists who are very concerned with hiding who these people are and what they stand for, and what they are used for – to prevent working class resistance to capitalism – for reasons only they can know and understand. There are some who keep saying that we should not call them nazis because this helps Russia, but at the same time they don’t explain why the Russians called them so, because that would be self-defeating. The fact that RT, the most watched Russian media in the western world, called them nazi at some point, has to do with the historical understanding of the meaning of this word in the collective memory of the Russians. It’s the same as it was during the World War II. Hitler planned to make them slaves because they considered them “an inferior race.” (Europe’s history is no stranger to the fact that the word ”slave” could be traced back to slav.) The Russians are not guilty for remembering what the nazis did to them, unlike the neo-nazis in Ukraine and their supporters in the United States who whitewashed them to such a degree that a nazi mass murderer, fuhrer wannabe has been turned into ”a national hero” and nazi symbols have been turned into public shrines. We’ll discuss in upcoming blogs why this understanding of the word Nazism in Russia does not exclude anti-Semitism, which is rampant in Ukraine and Russia (as well as in the rest of Eastern Europe and quite widespread in Western Europe too), under all sorts of disguised forms, and why Putin’s EurAsia project basically promotes the same fascism as Svoboda’s and other far right parties in Europe. However, neo-Nazi Right Sector traces its roots to the hard-core Nazism and, together with Svoboda and other organizations they are one big family. Just because Svoboda has an office in Brussels and just because U.S.’s neocon Nuland, German officials and former Gazprom employee Carl Buildt love them, it does not change who they are: it just sheds more light on what capitalist elites (whatever political color they wear) really are.

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How the IMF Dismantled Yugoslavia: ”But what happened to Yugoslavia — and now continues in its weak successor states — should resonate beyond the Balkans. Yugoslavia is a mirror for similar economic restructuring programs in not only the developing world but also in the US, Canada and Western Europe. The Yugoslav reforms are the cruel reflection of a destructive economic model pushed to the extreme.”

Yugoslavia: Imperialist war against the world proletariat, 1990s – ICG: ”The reality of the war, the sinister development of bombardments, of massacres, of persecutions, of internments, show clearly that this war is a war against the proletariat, against its interests and against its movement of struggle… Consequences:

– Indiscriminate massacres of proletarians, as is shown, for example, by the discovery of mass graves where the bodies of “Serbs”, “Croats”, “Bosnians”… are mixed together.

– The material disarmament of proletarians who refuse to fight on the fronts of this war which they recognise as not being theirs and which they flee from… The always sovereign HCR rejected the request of a Serb deserter who affirmed his “refusal to fight the Croats who are compatriots”. In disarming the trouble-makers, in sending them back to “their” country, the bourgeoisie delivers them tied hand and foot, like peaceful and inoffensive lambs, to their executioners. … ”As long as we remain passive consumers and spectators of our miserable lives, as long as we remain “useful idiots” for Capital, anything can be done to us and we should not be surprised if tomorrow good citizens start to kill each other for one reason or another!! Neighbour against neighbour, workmate against workmate, proletarian against proletarian.”

The IMF in Yugoslavia: “Milosevic was an economic liberal (and political conservative). He was director of a major Belgrade bank in 1978-82 and an economic reformer even as Belgrade party boss in 1984-86. The policy proposals commissioned by the ‘Milosevic Commission’ in May 1988 were written by liberal economists and could have been a leaf straight out of the IMF book.” ”They were fully aware of their disastrous social consequences and increasingly sought to divert the struggles of the working class which these measures produced into bloody nationalist conflicts.

WHY IS THE U.S. BOMBING YUGOSLAVIA?: ”The working class movement brought together Yugoslavs of every ethnic background. The movement was at least implicitly revolutionary, and it terrified the international elite, for if successful it might easily spread beyond Yugoslavia and spell the end of the smoothly-managed transition from Communist to capitalist forms of elite rule in Eastern Europe. As the elite are aware, successful revolution and true democracy anywhere could well lead to revolution everywhere. As the working class movement grew, the Yugoslav ruling elite increasingly faced a stark choice: either smash the growing movement or go under. Rather than lose their grip on power, they decided to dismember the working class movement by dismembering the country. The dissolution of the former Yugoslavia in 1991 and the ethnic fighting and atrocities are parts of a carefully orchestrated elite strategy to divide and destroy the working class movement.”

The Empire’s new clothes: ”Milosevic once “a man we can do business with” (19), in the words of Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. envoy to the Bosnian peace talks in 1995, became, after the Serbian government refusal to go long with N.A.T.O. , the “new Hitler”.”

Morality or Western Interests: NATO in Yugoslavia: “…To encourage the transition toward a so-called free market economy, but ultimately, in practice; what that meant was the dismantling of the system of self-managed enterprises. … In other words, it’s a country that had been literally impoverished as the result of macroeconomic reforms. At the same time, that has created conditions that fueled ethnic conflicts. Yugoslavia has been subjected to very major macroeconomic reforms going back to the 1980s, but the climax was reached in 1990, under the pro-US government of Prime Minister Ante Markovic, where the IMF-sponsored reform was implemented. And it virtually contributed to fracturing the Yugoslav Federation.”

A Fool’s Account: Diana Johnstone, Yugoslavia and Her Delusion: ”The aggressive “liberalization” policies of the West, however, were merely half of the equation. The internal fragmentation of the country along nationalist lines, while to a certain key extent sponsored and exacerbated by the West, was a largely independent phenomenon and a function of the internal dynamics of the Yugoslav space that had its roots in the late 19th century.”


Residents in Mariupol burned down a tank when they chased away the Right Sector and the Kyiv army. They wrote on it: “This is for Odessa, you bastards”. It is not known how many people the new government in Kyiv has murdered since they confiscated power on 22 February, 2014.


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