Activist Occupy Giant Coal Excavator to Block Inden Mine


Germany – Four activists have occupied a giant bucket wheel excavator in the Inden open-pit mine. They climbed 70m to the top of the excavator. The machine halted is one of the largest in the world that normally destroys 24/7, literally churning the landscape.

In Inden lignite mine is designated for the Rhenish open-pit mining, that is: Everything in the way will be destroyed; homes expropriated and people evicted. Where villages, fields, meadows and woods once stood, inconceivably huge holes now appear in the landscape, an industrial wasteland to the horizon.

Of all of the energy sources, lignite, is ridiculously inefficient, releasing huge loads of CO2 and particulate emissions.

The event is also a solidarity greeting to the resistance against the Rhenish lignite mining area and to the resistance against the meeting of the G7 in Elmau. There is a presumption that this political elite of globalized capitalism wants to define the solutions to the problems that they themselves have created. This meeting of global power elite has no other aim than solidifying their dominance.


G7 summit supports the separation between industrialized countries and those that may be exploited as sources of raw materials and foreign markets. The G7 bear most of the responsibility for the global climate collapse, but the consequences are so far mainly to other parts of the world, and the climate refugees left behind – which unfortunately is terribly often fatal by the inhumane border policies of the industrialized countries. This meeting is nothing more than the most powerful criminal cartel of the world – so stop the G7!

“If four people can paralyze a giant excavator for several hours in such a gentle way …” “… What might happen if only a small part of all the frustrated people of the society were pulled in the same direction?” – From the Action Statement

Resistance in the Rhenish lignite mining are also often trying to stop through the legal and democratic influence on politics, the displacement of people and the destruction of the Hambach forest. These experiences have shown that the decision-makers from the social power elites will always give priority to profit interests – as long as we give them the choice.

Respect existence or expect resistance! This action is an appeal to all those who are ready to assume their responsibilities. Together we can make the capitalist lignite madness put an end! The habitability of the planet is at stake, precisely now. So Let’s do it!

Activist hold similar action on March 16th.

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Posted by Revolution News on Monday, March 16, 2015

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