About 2,000 Bosnian’s Protest Increasing Air Pollution in Lukavac


Almost 2,000 citizens protested against air pollution in Lukavac, northeast Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Protesters held signs that read: ‘we are privileged, we can see the stuff we breathe’, ‘how much are children’s lungs worth?’, ‘can I have some clean air for my grandchildren?’, while some had plastic bags filled with ‘clean air’.

Citizens demand industrial polluters abide by the law and install necessary air filters and from the Ministry of Ecology of Federation of BiH to reexamine their work permits and the levels of pollution they create.

Protests were organized by the Forum for environmental protection whose president Nezir Spona said that it is impossible to breathe with full lungs in Lukavac.

”Breathing with full lungs is impossible here. They keep telling us that we should close the door. Opponents of these protests say that we want to destroy jobs, but that’s not true, or possible. We want to make killers of this city to do something to protect the environment and install all necessary filters.”

Professor Edin Delic, a teacher on the Geology Faculty at the University of Tuzla stated that the general public doesn’t have any data of how much each factory contributes to air pollution.

”It’s impossible to understand how those in power on all levels are dealing with the pollution problem in Lukavac. We’re not for a direct confrontation with polluters, government should do that, but why is it impossible to get exact data and know how much does each factory pollute?”, said Delic, writes Anadolu Agency Balkans.

He added that doctors can conclude that a person is from Lukavac just by looking at their blood analysis.

Another member of the Forum Bajazit Okic said that profit is more important that human life and health.

”One polluter used 110.000 tons of low sulphur coal, but today uses 450.000 tons. However, they still don’t have a device for desulphurization of coal”, said Okic.

After reading demands for authorities and directors of factories, citizens held a protest walk, and the gathering passed without any incidents.

Lukavac is an industrial town in northeast Bosnia, and just like many other cities and towns in the country, during winter it experiences heavy fog and smog.


Photo: rtvslon.ba


Photo: rtvslon.ba


Photo: rtvslon.ba


Photo: rtvslon.ba


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