9 Dead, 100 Injured by Israeli Gunfire as Violence Increases


The death toll climbs with every new report as violence increases in Jerusalem. At least 9 dead, 100 injured by Israeli gunfire today and at least 11 of the injured are under the age of 18.

Osama al Jaro, Public Relations head at Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza stated that Israeli forces are using exploding bullets, fired at the chest and head.

Ahmed al-Hirbawi, Shadi Dawla, Abed al-Wahidi and Nabil Sharaf, all aged 20, were killed when soldiers opened fire on the youths who had threw stones at them on the Israel side of their common border east of Khan Yunis, Gaza medics said.

The unarmed rally was attacked by Israeli snipers, killing at least four people and injuring more than forty. In some cases, the gun shots were fired directly at the heads of the demonstrators.

Also in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, another rally was brutally repressed, this time two adolescents, Mohammed al-Raqab, 15 and Adnan Abu Alian, 19 years old, were killed and the number of injured is around twelve.

The past few days in Palestine have evoked images of the First Intifada. Burning tyres in the streets, youth wrapped in Palestinian scarves throwing stones, and Israeli military confronting them with tear gas, sound grenades and live ammunition. Entire Palestinian villages are under siege. Clashes are spreading like wildfire across Jerusalem and Palestinian areas on both sides of the Green Line.

Just 5 hours ago the current death toll was at 5.

The root causes for this rebellion are the same as ever: the Israeli regime of occupation, apartheid and colonialism makes Palestinians’ lives unbearable. However, there are fundamental differences between now and then, and the actions of Israel’s new settler militia will determine when, not if, a full-scale Intifada will explode.

The most visible difference between the reality on the ground in the first and second Intifadas is the prominent role of Israeli settlers in the attacks on Palestinians. The settler population has become a well-armed, well-organised and ideologically driven militia. They maraud in Palestinian villages and attack Palestinians in the streets and even in their homes.

A video showing Isra Abid, a 21yr-old Palestinian girl in the central station in Afula being gunned down by Israeli forces today has begun to go viral. The details of what led up to this confrontation are currently unknown, yet we see several heavily armed soldiers surrounding the woman at a safe distance and barking commands before one or two of the soldiers open fire. The Israeli state version of the incident says that she had a knife and that she had planned to attack an Israeli.

Isra Abid did not die from her injuries as we originally reported. She is now out of surgery and stable.

Although settler violence has been getting more media attention since the firebombing that killed three Palestinians this summer, there have been more than 122 Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians in the last week, according to the PLO’s Negotiations Affairs Department. 

Video of right-wing Israeli settlers patrolling the streets in West Jerusalem on Thursday night chanting: “Arabs are sons of whores.” The mob intended to enter the Palestinian old town of Jerusalem. They chanted: “burn them in their villages,” “the nation demands revenge,” “Death to Arabs,” “Muhammad is dead,” “arabs are whores” among other things.



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