80 Arrested in Antwerp Belguim March Against Monsanto Protest.


March against Monsanto Antwerp (Belgium) ended getting cough by the police. Mothers with children were excluded but about 80 people (incl. me and my dogs) were taken to the police station.
It was a peaceful protest, with all different people.
There was no license and we were not allowed to go over a street called “de meir” we were told later. Police let us go and escorted us, but back on the start ground we were caught.

March against Monsanto Antwerpen eindigde in het opgepakt worden door de politie. Moeders met kinderen mochten gaan, maar ongeveer 80 mensen (incl ik en mijn hondjes) werden afgevoerd naar het politiebureau.
Het was een vreedzame mars met allerlei mensen.
Er was geen vergunning en we mochten niet over “de Meir” werd ons later verteld. De politie liet ons vertrekken van de Groenplaats en onder begeleiding naar het Centraal Station en terug. Daar werden we opgevangen en gearresteerd.

80 arrests at Green City in protest against Monsanto

The Green Place is Saturday afternoon around 16.30 eighty activists arrested.

The activists were protesting against multinational Monsanto, which according to them the food endangers the production of genetically engineered seeds.

The demonstration was not requested, therefore the administrative activists arrested and they get a penalty GAS” explains Fons Bastiaenssens the local police out.

The demonstration took place on the Green Meir to the Central Station. The approximately 200 protesters later returned back to the Green Place. There was some eighty persons were arrested and taken for identification. The individuals identified by the police will receive a GAS fine.


80 aanhoudingen op Groenplaats bij protestactie tegen Monsanto

Op de Groenplaats zijn zaterdagnamiddag omstreeks 16.30u een tachtigtal actievoerders aangehouden.

De actievoerders protesteerden tegen multinational Monsanto, die volgens hen de voedselketen in gevaar brengt door de productie van genetisch gemanipuleerde zaden.

“De betoging was niet aangevraagd, daarom worden de actievoerders administratief aangehouden en krijgen ze een GAS boete opgelegd”, legt Fons Bastiaenssens van de lokale politie uit.

De betoging trok van de Groenplaats over de Meir naar het Centraal Station. De circa 200 betogers keerden nadien terug naar de Groenplaats. Daar werd een tachtigtal personen aangehouden en meegenomen voor identificatie. De geïdentificeerde personen zullen volgens de politie een GAS-boete ontvangen.


Belgian rise
In Brussels, 1,000 people participated in the march against Monsanto. In 40 countries, today campaigned against genetically modified food Monsanto. In our country came before 1,000 people at the Brussels Stock Exchange, after which they moved in a march through the capital.

According to the activists, the genetically modified food Monsanto cause serious health problems such as cancers or infertility and various genetic disorders. They also complain that the former top bankers Monsanto example reside in the U.S. food agency and as the company benefit.


The influence of Monsanto on politics is taken on the grain. Thus, the U.S. Senate approved a law that the local courts is impossible to ban. Selling genetically engineered seeds from Monsanto That “Monsanto Protection Act came under the opponents also by many lobbying by the company.

“Here in Brussels we want the role of the European institutions and lobby groups to denounce” said Ben Borges of the organization. “And we show our solidarity with organizations such as Field Liberation Movement, of which eleven activists Tuesday in court come because they have committed in Wetteren. Genetically engineered potatoes”

The organizers during the action alternatives, such as community gardens.


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