500,000 euro, 1,700 Cops, Helicopter, Tank, Water Cannon: The Eviction of Pizzeria Anarchia in Vienna



1,700 riot police, a helicopter, a tank, and a water canon were deployed by Vienna municipality to evict 15 squatters from the pizzeria Anarchia. It started at 5 a.m. and cops needed some 12 hours to evict 11 squatters and residents, 4 still remained in the building. 9 of the squatters were arrested. This means the city of Vienna paid 500,000 to evict the building which is included in a gentrification plan. This is the only squat in Vienna.

The same brutality we witnessed in Vienna against alternative living spaces, was to be seen in Berlin during the Rote Flora resistance, in Rome just days ago, in Berlin during the refugee strike, in Barcelona when the state destroyed a social center, not to mention the violent and bloody war riot police has waged against activists in Turkey for years, starting with the Gezi revolt.  These states use huge public resources to maintain the dictatorship of capitalism, kill and hurt people and they do this with impunity.

“No pizza, no peace; Pizzeria Anarchia resist,” Benedikt Guschlbauer

“Keep it capricciosa, mate! All the support from Italy,” DjBalli SonicBelligeranza


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In November 2011, to force the tenants to leave the house, the owner invited the punks to stay in the house and instigated them to do all they can to annoy the tenants until they could not take it anymore and left. But he miscalculated, because the punks showed solidarity towards the tenets. They united and decided to resist any eviction. The owner sued and cops were deployed to evict them, in a show of force and violence which cops seem to have really enjoyed, given their brutality.

This is how they explained their solidarity and resistance: The pizzeria Anarchia is an occupied house in Vienna. Our house! For more than 2 years, we have put our hopes and dreams in this pizzeria. Here we have lived together, fought and loved. We have discussions, workshops, kitchens, actions and resistance against the unbearable normal state. For almost two years, we have no contract and also not long after one. This condition is of course unheard of. We have been informed we’ll be evicted. We will not accept to be evicted and call for support in our fight.” Read it all, here.


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Tenants, activists and the punks erected barricades, and cops apparently used chainsaws to break through. Police denied press access and imposed martial law, they checked the belongings of passers-by for no logical reason.

Tenants and activists resisted for 12 hours. Cops used the water cannon against the people in the building, stirring outrage.

In the evening police got scared when they heard that anarchists from Germany were heading towards Vienna to support the squatters.

“Castella GmbH currently owns the building, and has offered the squatters a space in Vienna’s 15th district. They are, however, refusing to move, as they say the owners are only interested in using them to “increase their profits”. “Tactics which were used by Castella GmbH to try and make [residents]leave include: vandalism of the supply systems, damaging the roof to allow rain to enter the flats, refusal to carry out maintenance work, nightly visits of intimidating individuals, financial offers and attacks with Butyric acid, used oil and paint,” Pizzeria Anarchia’s blog post said.” Source, Thelocal.at

Gegen 18.30 Uhr kamen die ersten Besetzer in Begleitung von Polizeibeamten aus dem Gebäude.

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@infopointaudim: Vienna’s new blockbuster: #1700 #pizzableibt

Photo: Eviction of Pizzeria Anarchia in #Vienna, #Austria today.

Photo: Eviction of Pizzeria Anarchia in #Vienna, #Austria today. #PizzaBleibt

It just happened that the cops’ van went on strike. After they arrested the activists, cops had to push the van themselves.

Photo: Das Haus ist noch immer nicht geräumt! Die Polizei hat bisher 12 Festnahmen nach dem Sicherheitspolizeigesetz bestätigt. Kommt vorbei, zeigt euch solidarisch und stay tuned für Soli-Aktionen! Aktuelle Infos unter #pizzableibt und hier: http://derstandard.at/2000003586717/Wien-Vorbereitungen-zur-Raeumung-der-Pizzeria-Anarchia-begonnen

by Christoph Hoppenbrock: In Vienna, 1700 police officers are storming a punk pizzeria. #pizzableibt #wtf

Photo: Eviction of Pizzeria Anarchia in #Vienna, #Austria today. #PizzaBleibt Photo: Eviction of Pizzeria Anarchia in #Vienna, #Austria today.


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