50 Thousand in Moscow March for Peace and Freedom


67acd49cac4b0c94e342be8cca8b03945b932f8650 thousand people in the center of Moscow on Saturday “March for Peace and Freedom” – a consistent anti-war march on the boulevards a day before the Crimean peninsula votes on switching to Kremlin rule. It is a protest against Russian aggression in the Ukraine, forcing hate and stripping free media .

Waving both Ukrainian and Russian flags, the demonstrators urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to pull troops back from a Cold War-style confrontation.

University professor Yelena Orlova, 47, whose sign read “Ukraine is a sovereign state”, said she did not expect the rally would change her government’s position, but believed it was her duty to speak out.

Simultaneously from the Pipe Square marched supporters of the war, headed by Sergei Kurginyanom. They held a rally on Revolution Square.

Marchers carried signs reading “Putin, get out of Ukraine” and called an invasion of the country a “fratricidal war,” referring to the close cultural bonds between the two Slavic countries



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