5 German Journalists Arrested in Turkey, Army Curfew to Repress Protests Against Support for ISIL – UPDATES


UPDATED: After 31 hours in arrest, 3 of the 5 journalists detained by police were set free; they will not be deported, they were informed that they will be interrogated by a prosecutor soon. This is what one of them posted on his twitter page:

: “After 31 hours and I get out of the arrest. Soon we will have a prosecutor questioning. We will not been deported & stay free. The proceeding continues. Our cameras & phones still at the police. Thanks for all the great support.”
Later their cameras and phones were returned to them.

Earlier: As protests against Turkey’s support for ISIL terrorists are growing in Europe, Turkey has imposed curfew after police shot dead 21 Kurds during protests against Ankara’ support for the Islamic terrorists who are trying to wipe out Kobane. The Turkish state deployed tanks on the streets – the military simply replaced the police –  to repress protests in Diyarbakir, the largest Kurdish city in Turkey, and arrested 5 freelance journalists from Germany for reporting about pro-Kobane protest.  The names of 3 of the journalists are known- see below; about 2 others information is scarce.

After imposing the curfew, the state uniforms made many house raids and arrested unknown number of peope in . the show of force Turkish army put up against Kurdish civilians confirms their lack of action against ISIL terrorists in Kobane, and exposes once more this NATO state’s support for the terrorists who have been attempting for almost a month to exterminate the Kurds in Kobane.


Turkish tanks and soldiers replaced the police to enforce curfew, and repress Kurdish protests. #Diyarbakir


Source: On 11th October 2014 in the late evening/early night hours the three German freelance photojournalists Ruben Martin Neugebauer, Björn Kietzmann and Christian Grodotzki got arrested by the Turkish Police on the streets of Diyarbakir/Turkey. Our colleagues where there to cover the current situation in East-Turkey.

The police claim that our three colleagues (who have German and international Press IDs and work for German and international newspapers and photo-agencies) are “spies” and “provocateurs”.  Currently they are imprisoned in the “Tem Sube Müdürlügü” prison in Diyarbakir and got interrogated. Furthermore the police want to bring them in front of a court – with the worst-case scenario of deportation and a ban from re-entering Turkey.

The German Embassy as well as the German Foreign Office is informed, as are Reporters without Borders (German Section). Colleagues of us are currently trying to get more information on the ground in Diyarbakir on how the arrest happened. All three colleagues ask now the media to report on this incident and put pressure on the Turkish state. Turkey has had a bad reputation on Freedom of the Press since several years, but especially after the Gezi Park Protests the situation got a lot worse, also for the international Press.

We urge the Turkish State to respect the journalistic freedom to report on the situation in East-Turkey and to stop violating the basic rights of Journalists. If you have any inquires or questions feel free to contact Benjamin Hiller – he is himself since 2008 a freelance conflict photographer: info@benjamin-hiller.com

The Support Group for Björn, Ruben and Christian

12th of October, 2:40pm, Berlin/Germany

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@bunsenbeki TV comentator says “Life is back to normal in #Diyarbakir” while a tank passes by in the background

Turkish army and tanks deployed against the civilian population of Diyarbakir.

Images of police repression against Kurds in , from October 8.

These pictures have been taken by one of the arrested journalists, Ruben Neugebauer, in Kobane on October 2.

Battel for Kobane Part II

Photo: Drei deutsche Fotoreporter wurden in der #Türkei von der Polizei festgenommen. Sie hatten über die Kurdenproteste berichtet. Die Namen der Festgenommenen wurden mit Björn Kietzmann, Chris Grodotzki und Ruben Neugebauer angegeben. "Zusammen mit 2 weiteren dt. Journalisten im türkischen #Diyarbakır festgenommen weil wir über kurdische Proteste berichten wollten". Schreib Björn Kietzmann über sein Twitter-Konto. Foto © Twitter

Turkish Army deployed against Kurdish civilian population in Diyarbakir, the main Kurdish city, to repress protests demanding Turkey to stop supporting ISIL terrorists. Diyarbakir under military occupation:



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@JiyanAzadi, Oct 6 Kurds have gathered in the streets of Amed to show solidarity w/ #Kobanê! #TwitterKurds #Diyarbakir #KobaneİcinSokağa

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@syndicalisms, Oct 2: As #Turkey’s Parliament decides on military action, Kurds clash w/ police in #Diyarbakir/#Amed via @Sosyalist_amedl

Police and pro-government thugs’ criminality towards local journalsits has left four four journalists – 2 of them women – stabbed during previous protests in Diyarbakir.

Solidarity with the arrested journalists, Germany.


@syndicalisms Despite Turkish soldier patrols, anti-ISIS anti-TR uprising & clashes continue in #Amed (#Diyarbakir) via @AJANSAMED 

th anonymous: #Turkey #6Oct in #Ankara, #Istanbul, #Diyarbakir & in other Turkish cities, Kurdish & friends are on the streets >>

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Komkujiya Roboskê: Banner in the #Amed/#Diyarbakir city center: “Damn ISIS bastards!”

via ‏@goliammar


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