2 Israelis Wore Neo Nazi Shirts During Attack on Anti War Protest in Tel Aviv


On July 12th, a violent fascist mob led by ultras attacked an anti war protest in Tel Aviv. Two of the participants could be seen wearing blatant neo nazi t-shirts that read “good night left side.” For those who are not familiar with this slogan, it’s used by neo nazi groups all over Europe and in the US to combat the original “Good Night White Pride” slogan used by antifascists.

North London Anti-Fascists identified one of the ultras as Tom Katz, a leader of the Maccabi Fanatics.

gnwp   Haggai Matar reported on the incident for +972mag

When the sirens wailed in Tel Aviv last night one thing was clear to us: the fascists in front of us were more dangerous than the rapidly approaching rockets. One by one, the police ran to bomb shelters and left us face to face. Only one brave and wise officer remained in the middle and attempted to separate us. Only when the Iron Dome rockets lit up the sky with their golden blazes and intercepted a rocket right over us did the two groups stop their shouts for a moment, mesmerized by the sight, from the boom, and then once again: “Death to Arabs!”, “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies!”

But our fear was justified. By the end of the protest (and a little after it, when they chased us through the streets) one person who had a chair broken over his head was injured and evacuated to hospital, another got punched hard in the head, and one came our with a black eye, someone else had their expensive video camera stolen, and dozens of others hit, pushed, or eggs thrown at them. Some also said that the fascists attacked them with pepper spray. And that’s how it became dangerous to demonstrate in Tel Aviv. Less so because of rockets from Gaza – more because of the fascists and the government’s incitement.

It was clear from the start that it wasn’t going to end well. We came to protest the ongoing killing in Gaza, against both sides’ firing on civilians, against the occupation and to demonstrate for peace talks. We came to say that in Gaza and Sderot children just want to live. And there were some who didn’t want us to say those things.

At timecode 4:45 in this video, you can see the fascist wearing a neo nazi t-shirt.

israelis On July 5th, fascists held a march where they chanted “Death to Arabs,” among other racist and nationalist slogans. It appears that they plan to hold another today, July 14th.

The march was announced on a Facebook event page, and antifascists will use the hashtag #antifa972 to report on it via twitter.

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