19th Century Anarchist Bakunin, Investigated By Brazil’s Police As “Suspect”


Brazil’s police state has played a joke on itself: Mikhail Bakunin, an anarchist born in Russia 200 years ago, is being investigated by the Rio de Janeiro police under the suspicion that he is participating in protests against the World Cup and social injustice. Police suspect Bakunin of participating in “vandalism acts during protests.”

Bakunin, considered among the founders of anarchism (which is a theory of organizing the society without the state and without capitalism; horizontally, without hierarchies, without the bourgeois class , oppression, exploitation, wage slavery and private property), has been listed as a potential suspect” because a 34 year old professor, who is enduring state repression, mentioned him in a phone conversation.


Bakunin Suspeito: “Haters will say it is photoshop, but that’s just me fighting for freedom with the @anarchoRevo to … I’m black and I’m not stylish, Black Bloc RJ so…”

Police tapped her phone to spy on her activities, and when they heard her mentioning the name they included it in a 2,000 page report against social activists. In the past cops investigated Marx too; oddly enough Marx and Bakunin are known due to their divergent positions regarding the state’s disappearance. Bakunin’s conflict with Marxists, in his words: “As for me, I do not hesitate to say that all the Marxist flirtations with the Radicalism, whether reformist or revolutionary, of the bourgeois, can have no other result than the demoralization and disorganization of the rising power of the proletariat, and consequently a new consolidation of the established power of the bourgeois.

Bakunin, like all the other anarchist thinkers and revolutionaries, is censored by mainstream curricula, and by mainstream political ideas, because they contest the legitimacy of the capitalist ruling classes, of their capitalist economic arrangements, and of their domination over the majority of the population, which they keep in submission, by silent or violent coercion. So with this, cops help the ones they hate most, the anarchists, propagate their ideas. A page has appeared immediately to denounce more terrorists and vandals to the police. These listed bellow have been fighting against the state and the capital all their lives. They are:

– Mikhail Bakunin, “Power Corrupts the Best“, “The Capitalist System” (“The truth is that the whole life of the worker is simply a continuous and dismaying succession of terms of serfdom — voluntary from the juridical point of view but compulsory in the economic sense — broken up by momentarily brief interludes of freedom accompanied by starvation; in other words, it is real slavery.”), find them all here.

– Louise Michel; “Memories of the Commune” (“One of the future revenges for the murder of Paris will be that of revealing the customary infamous betrayals of military reaction.”)

– Pëtr Kropotkin; “Law and Authority” (“The main supports of crime are idleness, law and authority; laws about property, about government, laws about penalties and misdemeanours; and authority, which takes upon itself to manufacture these laws and to apply them.), “Communism and Anarchy” (“With Anarchy as an aim and as a means, Communism becomes possible. Without it, it necessarily becomes slavery and cannot exist.”); “Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution“, “The Conquest of Bread” and many others, find them all here.

– Errico Malatesta, “The Anarchist Revolution” (By revolution we do not mean jus the insurrection, but we must avoid replacing one state of coercion by another. We must clearly distinguish between the revolutionary act which destroys as much as it can of the old regime and puts in its place new institutions, and government which comes afterwards to halt the revolution and suppress as many of the revolutionary conquests as it can.”), and many others, see here.

– Emma Goldman, find her works here; “True progress is a struggle against the inhumanity of our social existence, against the barbarity of dominant conceptions.”

– Ricardo Flores Magón, find his works here; “Comrades,” exclaimed the man, “the time has come to reflect. Capitalists are thieves. Only by bad tricks can one become a millionaire. The poor drop down, working, and when we cannot work anymore, we are fired by the bourgeoisie, as leaving a tired and old horse from service. Let’s bare arms to conquer our welfare and for our families!”

Emiliano Zapata, who was partly influenced by the anarchist from Oaxaca, Ricardo Flores Magón.  

– Nestor Makhno, find his writings here; “Anarchism therefore is a part of human nature, communism its logical extension.”

Also, Alexander Berkman who explained in such a way what cops do in fact, that even they could understand it: “You see, then, that it is to the interests of capital to keep the workers from understanding that they are wage slaves. The ‘identity of interests’ swindle is one of the means of doing it.”

Of course, cops are mocked now; this says “help the Rio police capture the leader of the vandals”, via Porque en quis.

Thoughts for which Bakunin and others could be prosecuted by the Rio de Janeiro Police:


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