16-yr-old Beaten by Stockton Police for Jaywalking


Video emerged Thursday of an officer striking a 16-year-old boy in the face with a baton over the minor offense of walking into the bus lane. Emilio Mayfield was downtown trying to catch a bus to go to School on Tuesday morning when he stepped into the bus lane.

The voice of a woman witnessing the arrest asks: “Can you get off of him?” Then she repeatedly screams: “It’s a kid! He’s Just a kid!”

According to Edgar Avendaño who took the video, the victim had barely stepped off of the bus and was just two feet away from the sidewalk when a Stockton officer began to harass him.

The Stockton officer ordered him to sit down as the teen was walking back to the bus, and grabbed his arm. Naturally, the young boy tried to defend himself by pulling the cops arm off of him, and that’s when things got very ugly. As the Stockton cop took out his baton, Edgar began to film the incident reported USuncut.

“I felt traumatized,” Mayfield told CBS Sacramento. “I was beaten and slammed on the floor.”

According to police, Mayfield began walking in a bus lane when an officer assigned to the bus stop spotted him.

“An Officer asked him to use the crosswalk for his own safety but the suspect ignored the officer,” according to a Stockton Police Department report. “Due to the continued safety hazard, the officer attempted to detain the suspect by telling him to stop.”

Police spokesman Joseph Silva said the teenager was taken to the police department, where he was later released to his mother after being cited for resisting arrest and violating municipal code for trespassing.

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