14 Arrested in Milwaukee Meets Ferguson Rally – 2 Children Taken by CPS


10690271_404925762989642_9165435710234709016_nMilwaukee Wisconsin: With a rally that was planned with solidarity of out of town protesters from the ferguson StLouis area. Interstate 794 was picked as a target and was shutdown.

Milwaukee County sheriffs arrested 14 people including three that were from out of state. Child Protective Services was also called in and they took two young children ages 6 and 10. Local activists that gathered at the Milwaukee County Jail to get more information on the arrests, under the impression that the parents of the two children were arrested and that the State took the children. As of now there is no confirmation of the parents being arrested. The Milwaukee City Police have the building barricaded, it appeared no one is getting out tonight. The police would not provide any details and aren’t letting anyone in or out – including people there for unrelated things such as to pick up property. Charges are disorderly conduct and pedestrian on freeway.

Plans include to keep an eye on CCAP to see when they are processed and to continue raising money especially for the Ferguson folks who will likely need to be bailed out.

Jail support and bail support can be found here.



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