10’s of Thousands Attend Berkin Elvan’s Funeral are met with Brutal Police Repression


10001405_722427184463995_859491086_nTens of thousands of people came out in several cites across Turkey to show sympathy at the funeral of Berkin Elvan. Berkin Elvan (14) left home to buy a loaf of bread on 16 June 2013, when he was shot in the head by the riot police with a tear gas canister. After fighting in coma for 269 days, he passed away the morning of March 11, weighing only 16 kilograms. 

His family announced via Twitter:

“To our people: We lost our son Berkin Elvan at 7 a.m. in the morning. Condolences to us all,”

  After a night of police repression that began yesterday afternoon which resulted in many injured people, police in Turkey have begun to attack the large crowds of people with TOMA water cannon vehicles and tear gas once again.






Turkish police beating unarmed women for attending funeral of 14yo #BerkinElvan who was killed by police. ) Unbelievable use of force against citizens of Turkey. Video shows people fleeing from clouds of tear gas. Mourners who attended the funeral of Berkin Elvan run as police fire extreme amounts of tear gas at them close to central Taksim square in Istanbul.1911812_295429493943953_481344822_n


İzmir Turkey an older woman cries at shoulders of police officer after violence began. Bread is the symbol of Berkin Elvan. 10000189_10152272582814976_177167827_n  


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