Violently Arrested Barton Moss Anti-Fracking Female Protester Reports Being Stripped and Left Naked in Cell



Following the violent arrest of Vanda Gillert at 09.42 Monday March 17th at Barton Moss anti-fracking camp, the Northern Police Monitoring Project has been told that Ms Gillet was stripped and left naked for four hours in Swinton Police Station between the hours of 10am and 2pm, at which time she was transferred to Bolton General Hospital.

Vanda, aged 37 from South Manchester, is a mother to three girls aged 9, 10 and 12.

Last night the man who filmed her arrest, Dr Steven Peers, spoke with Ms Gillet for a few minutes.  Speaking from Styal prison where she is currently being held, Ms Gillet described to Dr Peers how her clothes had been confiscated following her arrest. She told him that, after four hours naked, she was given a paper boiler suit to wear. Ms Gillet was transferred to Bolton General Hospital and then taken to Bolton Police Station at about 10pm on Monday night.

At 2am on Tuesday morning, still wearing only the paper boiler suit, she was brought to the custody desk at Bolton Police Station and told that if she accepted conditional bail then she would be released.

“She wasn’t prepared to accept the bail conditions” said Dr Peers.  “They wanted her to agree to not go back to Barton Moss and she refused.  The bail conditions are against articles 10 and 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights.”


Violent arrest of Vanda Gillert

A Crown Court application for bail was lodged this morning by Ms Gillet’s solicitor, Simon Pook of Robert Lizars.

Dr Peers continued:  “GMP are totally out of control there.  They are assaulting people daily and then arresting people on the basis of lies.  There is no accountability to the public whatever.”

The Northern Police Monitoring Project contacted the office of the GMP Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd, the Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Women’s Party, Fiona MacTaggart, and the North West MP who sits on the Home Affairs Committee, Yasmin Kureshi.  They were each sent a link to the video, informed of the allegation of Ms Gillet having been held naked in police cells for four hours, and invited to comment for this press release.

At the time of this release NPMP has received the following comment from the communications office of Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd.

“Tony is not available today, but I will of course bring this to his attention.

“However, Tony, and his deputy Jim Battle, have been very clear in both public and private forums about their views on both the specifics of Barton Moss and protests and demonstrations generally and these comments have been widely reported. As they have said, Tony and Jim take very seriously any allegations of mistreatment by police and believe they must be investigated fully….. The [GMPCC] panel is currently speaking to a range of people about the Barton Moss protest, so if the individual wants to speak to them she could contact me to facilitate…. Tony encourages any allegations of mistreatment to be reported so that they can be investigated. Should the individual concerned wish to contact us about this, then again she can do so by emailing me.”

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