Thousands March Against Censorship in Mexico


Thousands of people marched throughout Mexico yesterday during the second day of a ‘Global Call for Freedom’ in protest of a new draconian Telecommunications Law.

Photo: @MorenaJovenesMx

Article 145, section III of the telecommunications bill sent by Enrique Peña Nieto to the Senate seeks an end to community media in Mexico. Along with silencing the indigenous radio stations it would also create “quiet zones” which would force telecoms to cut any signal; telephone, internet and radio during demonstrations, rallies and during situations considered threatening to national security.

This is an attack on free speechThis law seems to be directed to what has been the main headache of President Peña Nieto since he began his regime, social networks and how we organize with them.

This law also brings back the Televisa news group, lost for decades, it was the main ally of the PRI, the party that owns Peña Nieto, and now they are back and seem to want to have absolute power again.

The past should stay in the past . This is a new world, a new generation and we like to express ourselves freely . Choose freely, develop freely.

On April 26, many individuals and social organizations are planning a Human Chain from the presidential residence of Los Pinos to the facilities of Televisa Chapultepec, to show who are against this law that violates our human and civil rights.

BlxtMFUCQAAAN0PA Global Call for Freedom From Attacks On Speech went out on April 20th calling for help from the International community and annoucing 3 days of actions to raise awareness, voice concerns and stop this draconian law. Yesterday’s twitter storm saw trend #1 world wide nearly all day long, often accompanied with a viral video titled “What’s Happening in Mexico?

Tuesdays mass march against censorship was the second large protest this month. Many protesters were met with brutal police repression and many were injured. A video has surfaced of police kicking a detained protester and clearly shows a plain-clothed cop joining in on the beating.

Local reports say at least 5 people were arrested near Televisa’s headquarters in Mexico City. Some media sources are reporting only a few hundred people marched but Mexico’s La Journada puts the numbers around 3,000 outside Televisa offices.

Julian Luna was at the front of the protest when they met a police barricade at the Televisa. He and 4 others were arrested and beaten, Julian had his jaw dislocated.

Last night in front of Televisa. Media was not allowed to pass. Photo: Brigada Solidaria

The young man in the above tweet posted photos of his injuries online.

The group #DefenderInternet In defense of Freedom of Speech and Internet Freedom in México released a Letter of International Support, in Defense of Freedom of Expression and Internet Freedom in Mexico.  Addressed to the Congress, the letter is signed by many including Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation and Jacob Applebaum, TOR developer and Internet freedom activist.

The letter state “The Telecommunications and Broadcasting bill presented by President Peña Nieto on March 24 seeks to undermine the constitutional changes approved on June 2013. Those constitutional changes, based on input from unprecedented social and political participation, guarantee several human rights as inalienable except under court order; freedom of expression, privacy and personal data and communications. This would bring Mexico’s digital human rights up to international standards.

Peña Nieto’s bill undermines all of those rights. His “reform initiative” doesn’t respect people’s rights of access to communication and information technologies; quite the contrary, it threatens freedom of expression, net neutrality, as well as the right to access opportune and plural information through the Internet. It imposes real-time surveillance of people’s communications and movements.”


Time Lapse Video of the Marches:

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