Statement in Solidarity with the Autodefensas Forces of Michoacan


Statement in solidarity with the Autodefensas forces of Michoacán
January 15, 2014 at 8:45 pm Mexico

To the people of Mexico
To the poor
To the new poor
To the police community CRAC-PC
To the Autodefensas de Michoacán
To the Guerrillas of Mexico and all the forms of struggle
After more than one year of the return of the PRI to power, (although it never left) the situation of insecurity and poverty has intensified steadily overall in each of the states of the country. The repression has not missed even the slightest dissent or disagreement of the people. Indigenous people, peasants, workers, informal workers, students, rural education students, social organizations and people in general have had their hands tied before the arbitrary decisions of all state and federal governments, with the implementation of structural reforms, the criminalization of social protest and the disappearance of human rights at the pleasure of the government of the state.

Due to the situation that exists in some states where conditions of social awareness have been achieved, the population has decided to arm themselves in village community guards. These guards called Autodefense groups are not something new, but rather a constant need of the people living with blatant corruption where the government protects criminals and criminals protect and fund the politicians and big business. This situation is only beneficial and reciprocal to the bourgeois class, the rich.

In Guerrero, the community police with their organization: CRAC-PC, comprised of volunteers from communities including indigenous communities, have decided to put a stop to the entry of drugs or passage of these elements to their territory and in response have been repressed by the state working with the Army and Navy. They have jailed some leaders such as the Commander Nestora Salgado. They have unjustly disarmed some of our members who really protect the people, a thing that soldiers and marines will not do.

At the beginning of 2013, mass media began to report of the emergence of armed groups in Tierra Caliente, Michoacan. Groups that openly declared they would make a stand against the “Caballeros Templarios” and the group that it was before, “La Familia Michoacana“. This organized crime group extorted businesses; both rich and humble families, not compliant with bringing power to the current governor of the state and gave that contribution to political campaigns including that of Enrique Peña Nieto. They began to violate the dignity of the population entering houses and taking the daughters and wives of the Michoacán, returning them already pregnant.

With the example of the people of Cherán, armed groups of the village decided to plead self-defense, to exercise popular justice when the state failed in its territory, Michoacán. The movement of Autodefense groups coordinated originally by Dr. Mireles, began to free the municipality of crime and then deploy others, inviting the villagers to join the defense of the people and dignity. After months of hard work and positive results they identified the place where the leader of the Templarios, “La Tuta” was located. Upon arrival in Nueva Italia and after open fighting, the federal government intervened but not to help finish what the right thing would be for the good of the people (disarm the Templarios and judge them) but to disarm the Autodefense groups, showing clearly that the federal government remembers their ally, who helped them climb to power. That is to say that the Army and Navy arrived to stop the advance and triumph of the Autodefense groups; they came to defend the Templarios and rescue their leader “La Tuta”.

In the days preceding the US consulate visit to Mexico, it was declared that the expansion and growth of the Autodefense groups would be considered a direct threat to U.S. interests (something like Iraq or Syria), and that they should be stopped immediately. Right now this is not fully understood, however with energy reform and the entry of foreign capital, now our country’s internal affairs are at the expense of the opinion of foreign investors. In simple words we are now their workers. Mexico is their factory, their mine and the government represses those whom the foreign employer designates.

On 13 January 2014, the Army, Navy and federal forces raided Nueva Italia, Michoacan to disarm the people. After the people were already disarmed in the community of Antúnez, military patrols detoured to where the weapons were being taken and the army fired on the people of civil society, leaving 11 people injured, four people dead, including a girl of eleven years of age.

This information was not in the news on January 14. Osorio Chong admitted that a soldier was killed by the Autodefense groups, but does not mention the other three killed by federal forces, or the eleven injured. He did not mention that the people do not agree with the disarmament of its Autodefense forces. The national press from January 15 does not mention that the repudiation is unanimous and that on Tuesday January 14 in Mexico City there was solidarity of the people for the people in the House representing the government of Michoacan, where soldiers prevented the free demonstration and so many other things that in the coming days won’t come to light for fear that people become aware of the constitutional Article 39:

The national sovereignty resides essentially and originally in the people. All public power originates in the people and is instituted for their benefit. The people at all times have the inalienable right to alter or modify their form of government.

Take up arms to defend your surroundings when the government is not able to provide guarantees and when the power of the people to establish a new government is completely valid and constitutional.

Right to Insurrection
Article 39, Constitution of 1917

“Cursed is the soldier that raises his weapon against the people.”  – Simon Bolivar

“Be the people, make the people and be with the people.” – Lucio Cabañas B.
Kind regards:

Sociedad Civil del Distrito Federal
Movimiento Estudiantil en Lucha Universidad Pedagógica Nacional.
Organización Lucio Cabañas. OLC
Consejo Estudiantil Benemérita Escuela Nacional de Maestros
Frente Estudiantil de Transformacion Social CCH-NAUCALPAN
Núcleo de Resistencia Juvenil-UNAM
Bloque Rojo CCH-Naucalpan/UNAM
Acampada Revolución 132
Organización Popular, Estudiantil en Resistencia OPER
Coordinadora 1Dmx
Brigada Metro Popular Línea 2 y 3
Colectivo Tierra Lesbik
Periódico Derecho de Réplica-Medio Independiente
Orgullo Punk y Skin
LGBT en alerta Naciona
Asamblea Popular de Naucalpan
Brigada Estudiantil Revolucionaria CCH-Naucalpan
ColectivoRenovador Estudiantil Autónomo. CREA-CCH- Azcapotzalco
Gabino Palomares-Músico
Feo Feo Records-Músico
Leones Negros y Atletas Campesinos-Músicos
Rodrigo Solís-Escritor
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