Russian Opposition Leader and Activist Nikolai Savinov Murdered



#Russia #Nizhny_Novgorod Opposition Leader, activist and former military pilot, Nikolai Savinov was killed under mysterious circumstances on the night of November 20. According an the activist of the “Other Russia”, Dmitry Isusov, Savinov died of traumatic injuries to his internal organs. No Information has been released from the MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS as of yet.

Savinov-one of the most famous local activists, was nicknamed “the Nizhny Novgorod Hulk.” With great physical strength, he fought back in illegal detention at protest rallies: (Source:


In March 2012, at a protest March, Savinov snatched the banner from under the feet of Andrei Shmonina, Deputy Chief of police for the protection of public order, and he fell to the ground. [ Photos/Video: ]

The video of this incident become very popular on the internet.

Arkady Babchenko, ex military and a famous Russian writer wrote: “Yesterday, In Nizhny Novgorod, the Hulk was killed. The Hulk became known after the March in March 2012 in the Lower of Nizhny. He was trying to reclaim the banner, which had dropped on the ground, when the Colonel Shmonina stepped on and fell when he pulled it up. In the Lower of Nizhny people are beaten up constantly. In June this year, the cops kidnapped drugorossy, Alexander Zaitsev. They beat him, drove him into the forest, tied him up, sealed his mouth with tape, and threw him onto to the anthill. How many times the Office burned and complaints turned into “the Committee against torture” by Stas Dmitrievsky and Igor Kalyapin, I think at least 10. How everything is connected, and if connected, is not clear right now. SMS from Ilya Shamazova half an hour ago: “Yesterday Hulk was killed. No details yet. Yesterday Shmonin, which he dropped to the ground, led the duty only part of the day at the police department. This here is a coincidence. Not detailed yet. ” I’m tired of burying my comrades. Nicholas Savinov is his name.”

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