Neo Nazis Attack Union Members and Ukrainian Activists in Kyiv



On the evening of December 4th, on Khreshchatic st. in Kiev, three labor union activists were beaten ferociously by a group of far-right zealots (who are a part of so-called Ukrainian “democratic opposition”). Around 30 hooligans attacked the activists. Denis Levin, who has spent all of his conscious life protecting workers rights, was pepper-sprayed and beaten up. One of his brothers, Alexander, got his nose fractured; the other, Anatoliy, got his ribs injured. The tent, which belonged to the Confederation of Free Labor Unions of Ukraine (CFLU), was cut with knives. Nazis also broke activists’ sound amplifiers and stole their generator.

CFLU is an active participant of “Euromaidan”. Activists who were attacked had been passing around leaflets proposing people join labor unions. Leaflets had the symbols of CFLU on them.

The attack was watched by a deputy of Ukrainian parliament, one of the far right “Svoboda” party media persons Igor Miroshnichenko. The deputy, with his comrades from “Svoboda” on that very day, took over a student’s demonstration in order to advertise their party. There is a video on which Miroshnichenko, after the attack had occurred, says about the activist: “He looks like Lenin on a tank to me. If he protects Lenin there, I’ll beat his mug up myself… Hey, aren’t you a communist?”

The call to rip the tent up was made by a “comedian” and “showman” Antin Mukharskii from a stage on a square where “Euromaidan” is taking place. Mukharskii called the labor union activists “rotten provocateurs”. Far-right militants, who knew Denis Levin as an energetic left activist, shouted “shavka!” while attacking their victims. (“Shavka” is a word used by neo-Nazi to denote people who have anti-fascist views.)

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