Main Action: Siege and final release of the Congress of Deputies.

Secondary Actions: Actions affecting dispersion free to established power (always within the framework of human rights).

Objective: The fall of the regime (government resignation, dissolution of the Parliament and the Head of State), and the opening of a transition to a new model of political, economic and social justice and solidarity truly.

As announced last December [ ], from the Platform In Pie!, original organizers of the action ” Ranked Congress “and therefore 25S initiators of the movement, we again appeal to society to a call for popular rebellion, which will continue the movement began last 25S.


A small group of ordinary people can propose an action like this, and one person can create the event from a computer, but this proposal can only be realized if each and all we want to. When last June we expose the call “Occupy Congress,” the proposal was met with unprecedented support. We hope that the fighting spirit fade away, has grown stronger, and that this time we are still more to involve us in it. For our part, believing that this time the action can be a definitive turning point in the history of this country, and with the commitment and a firm commitment to do everything in our power to make this happen, we call people from all over the Spanish territory to move en masse to Madrid on April 25 , and surround the perimeter of the Congress of Deputies conducted a major action of * constant siege, to force the resignation of the government, the dissolution of the Cortes and the Head of State, and the beginning of a transition to a new model of political, economic and social justice and solidarity truly led by the people.

Simultaneously, we invite those who wish it, to organize in small affinity groups and confidence to perform both in Madrid, and the rest of the State, scattering and secondary action complaint, affecting power control centers established as occupations , roadblocks … thus supporting the main action in the scope of Congress and hindering the work of the oppressive forces of the regime, Creativity to power!



In support of this action challenging the regime, we urge the union ranks to pressure domes, getting them coincide with the date of the action (April 25), the call for a general strike.

From the Platform In Pie! invite all people to join this action, either from organized groups or individually, because it can join all claims for which at this time is fighting in the streets (referred to in the Base Document Platform [ ]), and because we believe that through this call can channel all the anger and all the pain you are experiencing as a society, and to transform that suffering in dignity and in victory for the people. This is a call with a definite character, a spirit clearly disruptive, which can freely join who feels an affinity towards it. Not trying to unite under a direction of no affiliation, do not seek to recruit, replace, direct, subordinate or use. Our intention is to converge on respect for difference, heterogeneity and autonomy of the gaits of different groups and individuals, so we demand the same respect to the Platform In Pie! and the spirit of the call.



We want within this make a special appeal to the female community, with which the system has been and is especially pernicious. We consider it essential that the female people step up and exercise leadership for this revolutionary process is given as equals, women and men side by side, fighting for a common goal.

So we encourage all people and groups to organize from individual responsibility and respect for the different forms of struggle, always within the framework of human rights, taking into account the consequences of each decision on the rest of people there present.



For our part, we are positioned for the legitimate defense of persons before the regime’s brutality, and promote solidarity among protesters, resisting the power handling maneuvers, with its repressive laws is building a police state in order to intimidate, control and halt the protests. We lose the naivety, the enemy to beat is strong and unscrupulous, but now accumulated an experience you did not have before, we have seen how they act, have suffered their blows, get ready, learn to defend ourselves.

Recall that the goal of this movement is not protest or to pity, or arouse compassion … The goal is to achieve real change, the people’s liberation, ultimately, take control of our destiny. And this company requires give all out. In this sense, as we have said on more than one occasion, we will not force anything to it that as a society we are not prepared, but we will not stop anything that the people gathered there decided, since we do not intend to feed a controlled dissent.



In any case, whatever the personal choice of each person in this regard, we are clear that this fight is a place for everyone, from which we can help to break the vicious current regime, and build something that as a society we can be proud.

Beyond the borders of our country, we want to take this call, to send a message of support and a proposal of marriage to the sister nations of the EU, which, like ours, is experiencing very difficult times. It is essential to make a common front of resistance against capitalist dictatorship, the struggle only win together.



For security and operational reasons, the Platform In Pie! it is an open group, but a group that works affinity and confidence, but anyone who wants to work in the organization can do it in multiple ways, designing posters, videos, spreading the event both inside and outside the networks, organizing … Creating small affinity groups and confidence to perform secondary actions, sharing ideas in our distribution channels …

The Platform In Pie! set date and time, but the event is for all people who want to take action and put all the strength in final leap towards an organized society fairly.

Will the will, the determination and strength of the people, to decide if this new edition is the definitive date or battle in this war of rich against poor, we are forced to fight, and we are sure that sooner or later win.

Find your location, get organized and come!



We believe this we propose is the only way that we as a society to emerge from poverty to which we have been engaged who now occupy Congress and other anti-democratic institutions that make up the rate at which we are subjected.This time we previous experience of the past 25S and social reality has since intensified, that drives us as a society to fight a lot harder for what it always should have been ours.

We will continue to play by their rules, we are not angry, we are ordinary people with little to lose, everything to gain and with dignity in absentia.

Our patience has run out, we have lost our fear and we will change the rules of the game. The rules this time puts the people.

On the right of rebellion! For a people STANDING!





We had the help of experts with whom we are developing an information pack about everything related to the transition process. You can send your questions in this regard, we will send experts and publish their answers later in the section on our blog [ ].

Send also legal questions you have regarding the action, we will send the lawyers who advise us and we will publish on the following link [ ].

And finally, you can also submit your questions about Platform In Pie!, And add it to the list of FAQ’s blog (FAQ) [ -Frequent / ].

In any of the three cases, send your mail to our general information email (you can find a way to contact at the end of this document).

We ask those interested in this movement and action, maximum attention to communication channels Platform In Pie!, They will be the channel through which inform you of the details of the call, such as start time action, names and phone numbers of lawyers and legal information for cases of arrests, etc.. Also, will appeal to neighbors and groups such as lawyers, doctors, nurses … With specific instructions to give their help during the development of the action.

Thank you for all the possible dissemination and urge those channels not give credit to any information on the call or the platform that is not published in them.








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DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE PLATFORM . We note that the emails that are sent to an address that is not adequate, it will be answered (for example, an email from a group sent to the address for media). If in doubt, send the address general information:

Overview: info.plataformaenpie @

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siege. [ ]

(From lat. obsidiāri ).

1. tr. Fencing a fortified place, to keep out those who are in it or receive help from outside.

NOTE: In case of censorship of this event, or any arrests prior to the date policies that affect members of the Platform In Pie!, The action continues and will become more important than ever to the collaboration of all and all to get to the end.



We, ordinary people are sick of suffering the consequences of living under the dictatorship of the capitalist and patriarchal system, which takes shape in a clearly undemocratic regime, in which people are not only buying merchandise serving a minority powerful, and tired of supporting our country an economic, social political and unsustainable, which is dragging us as a society to live in a state of poverty completely unjustified and a degree of suffering and lack of freedom absolutely intolerable, we join to write this manifesto and invited everyone to join the claims we claim him.

We believe that we live under an illegitimate regime from the beginning, which is very far from being called a democracy, that the situation has gone beyond all tolerable limits, and that we are victims of a large-scale scam manifested through an unprecedented attack by the economic power that using the crisis as a pretext is ruining our lives, and whose perpetrators are those who have been configured as an untouchable oligarchy, with the complicity of the political forces represented in parliament, manipulating all the powers of the state to maintain their privileges and excessive profiteering and illegal, and that they have the obedience of the security forces that should be at the service of the people.

There is no way to hide that we live in a gigantic social fraud, with governments routinely betray us doing exactly the opposite of its election commitments, and that there is no justice in the courts for bankers, politicians and businessmen blame for the situation.Just see how this power structure implanted flawed and immoral policies which finishes with our rights and destroys our lives and how we are victims of unjustifiable repression when we demand a change in the situation.



We believe that the problem is of such magnitude and so deep rooted that your solution is not to make reforms based on the current political system mechanisms, if not a complete break with the existing system, we consider it as illegitimate from the outset.

Therefore, we demand:

– The resignation of the entire government and the dissolution of the Parliament and the Head of State, to shape an illegitimate regime and betray the whole premeditated citizenship, leading to disaster.

– The cancellation of the current Constitution (1978), because we do not recognize any of the current democratic Constitution, drafted by a cabal behind the people under the pressure of the previous regime, which enshrined the dominance of the heirs of Franco and who made a pact with them.

– Opening a transparent process and democratic transition, through which the people can determine the pattern of organization where you want to live and the bases remain to be carried into effect, so that the people can feel the result of this process as their own. In this regard, we clarify that in no case will comply with a transition controlled by a government imposed by the Troika, as we have seen recently in a neighboring country.

– The immediate activation of the following measures for the survival of the population during the transition process:

1. The immediate repeal of the laws that have been covered, with the excuse of the crisis, to impose cuts clearly unaffordable because directly affect people’s fundamental rights.Also, to remedy the situation created, we consider necessary to take emergency measures, including the immediate cessation of all evictions, and the provision of the population, social rental price, of homes owned by banks and boxes that have been helped by public funds.

Two. Cessation of payment of the public debt to perform an audit in which adjudicate what items are legitimate, and which items should be considered illegitimate because it was contracted for private benefit, and therefore should not be paid by the population.Also we require the processing of all those who show suspected of involvement in the contraction of these debt items, and to respond with their property if found guilty.

Three. The creation of new jobs, the first premise is sustainability, and whose purpose is the development of humanity and consistent management of jobs available, so that all people can work for a living, but not forced to live to work. It’s a huge fallacy that has to work increasingly fallacy supported by the greed of the big interests and contrary to the common people.

April. Nationalization and public control of strategic sectors and necessities for society: banking, energy, water, health, education, environmental management …

Basically, during the transition process should articulate appropriate measures to enable people to express their views, participate in the decision process on the new model of social organization that you want, and always ensure full transparency of the process .

A village is no less a slave for apparent freedom in choosing their oppressor, therefore the decision of the new model should be subject to principles that guarantee not only freedom of the people to choose this, but the freedom of future generations.

For these reasons, we call on the public April 25, 2013 to surround the Congress indefinitely until the fall of the regime and the institutions that sustain, making it the rallying call of all struggles for a fairer society.

Note: Do not want to close this manifesto not remember the people who are currently imprisoned for their ideas. We demand the immediate release without charge of them all.

Source text: Platform In Pie! – From 25S to freedom

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