Chico Officer Uses Force on Elderly Accident Victim


Joseph Rosales, 64, told Chico police that he was heading home from a coffee shop on Cohasset Road at about noon when his dog jumped from the backseat of his 2009 Pontiac Vibe to the front, according to the Chico Police Department. Rosales was startled, pressed the gas and veered off the road.

Rosales’ Vibe struck concrete planters before crashing into a metal awning and rolling onto its right side.

Soon on the scene to help 64yr old Mr Rosales was Chico police officer David Bailey.

Officer Bailey shows no patience or compassion like one might expect from a police officer after being involved in a serious accident. Quite the opposite. Before Chico Fire Department or Emergency services even arrive, showing zero compassion officer Bailey resorts to violence with a brutal arm bending hold that makes 64yr old Rosales scream out in pain. The following moments of the video shows how Mr Rosales is forcefully removed from his car with complete disregard for his well being.


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