Argentina: More Dead Animals at Mendoza Zoo of Horrors


The veterinarian staff at the Mendoza zoo in Argentina found a grisly scene on Tuesday. A pack of wild dogs entered the zoo overnight and killed 27 rheas. The property manager, Gustavo Pronotto, said it was an act of indiscriminate killing and reinforced security measures around the zoo saying, “the animals are primed with blood and we do not know if they will strike again.”

A beloved chimpanzee named Charlie was also found dead in his cage on Tuesday. Activists have been circulating a petition with over 19,000 signatures in favor of transferring Charlie to a sanctuary in Brazil. The 39 year old chimpanzee was born in France in 1975 and transferred to Mendoza zoo 2 years later. Medical staff believes he died of a heart attack.

This is the last picture taken of Charlie before he died:

Activists from ECOLógicos UNIDOS held a vigil for Charlie outside the Mendoza government offices and are currently running a campaign to turn the zoo into an ecological park.

Mendoza Zoo is the same zoo where Oso Arturo is losing his mind and waiting to die. We were informed by activists in Argentina that Arturo the polar bear may be too sick to survive the transfer that has been offered by Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Park Zoo.

Activists are still fighting for the polar bear. A tweetstorm is planned on July 3, 2pm EST under hashtags:

#OsoArturo  #FreeArturo #SpeakForArturo  #MendozaZoo


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The Mendoza Zoo has a history of neglect and non-ethical treatment of animals. Animal rights group, Red Animalista Mendoza, recorded this disturbing video in 2009 of animal carcasses (at least 2 dead gorillas and other animals) that appear to have been thrown in the trash.

It is hard to believe this zoo of horrors is still in operation despite its history of animal neglect. What it will take to close this nightmare down for good?

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