Argentina: Activists Arrested & Brutal Police Repression After Monsanto Law is Approved


The legislature of Cordoba approved a controversial Monsanto Law yesterday. Protesters from Malvinas Lucha por la Vida, Madres de Itzuzaingó, and other social organizations held a peaceful protest to contest the law.

VIDEO: Brutal police repression at protest against Monsanto Law:

The police intervened violently repressing the protesters and arbitrarily detaining anyone who looked like a protester. 26 people total were arrested including Sofia Gatica and many were injured. Sofia Gatica told Argentina Independent the law was created so Monsanto can legally move into the province.

The new law has been passed after a 9 month blockade on construction of a new GMO seed processing plant. You can read archives of coverage from Revolution News of this epic battle against the multinational corporation here.

Police kicking Sofia Gatica before she was arrested.

Police kicking Sofia Gatica before she was arrested.

VIDEO: Police repression and arrests:


“Repression & approval of environmental law. 26 arrested and various injured.”

“Massive detention at the protest against the Monsanto Law”

“Several sources denounce that police will not allow defense attorneys access to protesters”

“After the repression, protesters regroup in center city. They are opposing the new environmental law.”

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